Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well Well

Here I am sitting with no toddler to interrupt me and drag me off to another part of the house for some other need so I get to write in peace for a bit. Lets see where to start....
My parents flew me out out to California with Leland so we could have a little vacation... We Love visiting and seeing all the familiar faces and catching up with dear friends. The trip was great and full of laughs...
I got to see Leighann multiple times... and it was SO fun to visit with her and catch up. She is one of those friends that you never really fall out with even if you don't do more than facebook stalk for a year in between hang outs. She makes me laugh so hard, and we had a great time chatting it up and enjoying each others company. She truly is a best friend a girl could have and I am so glad she made the time for me to see her since she was moving that had to be rough!
Speaking of Leighann she told my friend Todd I was in town so he dropped in for a visit one night. That was also fun (a little shocking... but fun) we chatted and caught up on his crazy life as a cop in San Jose... lots of stories! He is looking fantastic and we had lots of laughs about how life was when we were both at BYU-I. I have some pretty fun pictures from then that some day I will post...
I didn't make a whole lot of time for people while I was there because it was mostly a family visit but I did get to reconnect with a dear friend Laura from high school. I ran into her briefly in 09 when I was there at Target with Leighann... it had been 9 years since I had seen her so it was fun to actually get to sit down and chat with her this time around. She is doing fantastic, and looks fantastic! So fun to hear of all her adventures!
Other than that it was really just family. We went to the Zoo which is where most of the pictures are from Quynh brought her kids along since we went on her birthday those lucky little rats got out of school and we couldn't have had a more beautiful day... I adore the zoo and its always so much fun to go with my mom who is the one who taught us to love it as well.
We visited Emily which was just so fun, I adore those kids and I adore Emily. She cracks me up and we always have good talks. We took the kids to a splash park and played a while there. I think Leland loved it more than Em's kiddos but they put up with him. And we had fun celebrating Zack's birthday with them... and lots of yummy food.
My dad also made the effort to take me to the beach where I always feel like I am home no matter the weather or time of day we go. We made it an evening trip and it was foggy and beautiful! We only got to stay for an hour but it was so worth it. Dad got Leland in the sand and playing in it. Which is a fabulous step in the right direction! Seeing as he usually just cries when he is put in the sand....

And some funny happenings while we were there... Quynh was the fave last year with Leland but this year I think he preferred his uncle Gene... I am not sure though... but she did mess with his Legos which is a crime. But its good she loves him. She was pestering him one day close to the end of the trip and trying to look in his back back when he ripped it out of her hands and said "this is mine moron..." guess its really time (if it isn't too late) for me to clean up my act.... they really do pick up on everything. Thankfully Quynh didn't take offence and we all had a good laugh.

Another funny bit is that my dad came home from work early one day to take Leland to the park... Leland had just found the sidewalk chalk in the garage and had decided he would rather stay there and color... me being ingenious told him he was going to which he replied in his most angry voice ever "I DON"T WANT TO GO TO THE PARK" followed by screaming and kicking. Instead of just telling him he could take the darn chalk I hauled him to the car and buckled him in kicking and screaming... I got to go back inside but Dad had to drive all the way to the park with him screaming... until he figured out where he was and got excited. They stayed and played for about and hour and seemed to have a good time... they came home best buddies...
I am so thankful that I got to go home. We are so blessed to have such good grands out in California who love us enough to bring us home for a visit. Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful time! Love you both
Sorry I realize the pictures don't match the paragraphs I figured you would be able to forgive me :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So much to post

So little time... so here is my list so I will remember what I want to blog about.

~Quynh and Leland's "friendship"
~Pops taking Leland to the park
~Diving Board
~Zoo in San Fran
~meeting Charlie
~Leland's Party
~Robot Pinata
~Issues with words Tramp instead of Champ, Q tips instead of Toothpicks... Hopes iphone app. Feeling overwhelmed... friendship

There is so much more hopefully these will help jog my memories... when I actually have time to sit down and write more.