Wednesday, April 7, 2010

That silly Bear...

This little bear was purchased a while back I believe I picked it up at a good discount at Target for Valentines day for the kidlet. He took to it like no one would believe (the only thing to be this loved is his softy) He has needed it every night since to sleep and he naps SO much better with it. Not that it always works but if he is having a hard time I can usually find his bear outside of his crib. (his dad hasn't gotten that idea yet) Recently Brian and I became more aware of this by watching him pull it out of his crib every time and carry it with him. We often have to take it in the car... and I usually even make him leave it there so we won't lose it. As a back up plan we decided we needed two of the same bear. I went to Target and looked at all their shelves of sales to find no bear. Went online to their website (because some lady at Target told me they usually keep stalk of it there for MUCH longer than they do in the store...) she was wrong by the way. I called multiple Targets in our area hoping one had one hiding away somewhere and then I gave up. I remembered Ebay and went on and looked for this little bear. The only 3 listed were pretty much not an option. Two of them by the same seller were marked at $27.00 + $7.50 shipping... uhmm I got this bear for like nine something... it was originally $20 I think. The other one you ask... was USED.... uhmmm even more no. I was about to swallow my pride and buy the really expensive one when I decided I would wait a day and call a few more Targets just to make sure. Well no luck... when I got back online much to my disbelief I couldn't find ANY. Someone must have actually bought those overpriced bears apparently they are "rare," so I tried a few alternate searches and the last one revealed this little beauty he was priced at $14.99 + $7.50 for shipping. I bought him that instant. It was a little bit of a tender mercy. When we pulled up tonight the package was on the door step. I got it and opened it while Leland was napping. When he woke up and came out I had forgotten I had left him on the rocking chair and Leland got this silly grin on his face... looked at me then ran back into his room... came back out and shot towards his new bear... he picked it up and loved it for a minute and then ... you guessed it he left it. Guess we need to break this duplicate lovey in before he will love it as much as the original;)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Lots of pictures in this one guys sorry! We spent Saturday morning with Amy's family.(Since her blog is private I will refer to her boys by their first initial only.) I love love love being so close to such an amazing sister, and all the fun we have and the friendship that we have. She is great with my Leland and patient with me... always a plus! I told her I didn't really get anything for Leland and when we got to her house there was a basket ready for him. As you can see below he LOVED it...
He has one half eaten cadbury egg in his mouth and two (one big and one small) cradled in one hand while he is deciding what to do with a candy bracelet.
M made this cool "camo egg" Amy and I realized on Thursday that we didn't get any pictures of the egg dying... I think Amy at least got one of the eggs and dye on the table to prove that we had done it:D
We emptied out the baskets into the white bags to use the baskets for egg hunting
E came to ask Brian for some assistance with a glider that he got in his basket
The 4 older boys with their baskets
Leland showing his candy off
All six of them together
Z is always happy!
Mike helped E find eggs. Each boy could find 15 plastic eggs and 10 hard boiled... that should tell you how many we dyed and filled. Amy and I had filled the plastic ones with loose change rather than "filler candy" this year because it never gets eaten anyway.
Z may be happy but he isn't the most observant little guy:D
The older boys were told they had to look higher first and C shows off the monkey in him... The two littlest got to scour the ground first to see what they could find.
I so wonderfully cut out the egg that was perched on the fence but Z is reaching for it...
N counted his eggs numerous times since they had a limit. This is totally him... wanted to make sure he followed the rules.
Michael had just discovered that the plastic eggs held loose change
I adore these pictures of Leland... so there are a few of them
C decided to check the slide with his bum:D
Leland started out on the trampoline... Amy was a little dismayed as the backyard wasn't the best place to have an egg hunt... but I think it worked out swimmingly!
So cute Brian and Leland working together
Finally found one on his own
E climbed with the assistance of Mike to retrieve the eggs from the climbing wall!
Brian couldn't resist helping
Amy's cute new cut... She and I took pictures of the whole thing
Counting the loot... I think all the boys got at least $10 dollars from this maybe less... but still a good deal of change adds up....

We had a blast being together as a family and Uncle Mike reminded us of the true reason for Easter. Christs resurrection and his love for us, He died so that we may live again. How grateful I am for that knowledge.