Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jen is Amazing!

Yep Em was right! Jen is amazing! And so willing to help those of us who know NOTHING about HTML junk! Thanks for spiffin my blog out!


I have been asked by a few of you what I would like for my birthday so I created a wish list. I am really not picky but we do really need the speakers for the car:) Loves to all!
My Wish List

We Love Bath TIME!

This is why a bath time was needed. I needed to buy myself some time and I remembered that Amy had given me some biter biscuits! He loved them and was happy as a clam while I changed the laundry and folded it and put it away!

Also when he gets a little excited, he looks a little crazy it made me laugh big time! he must get this face from me! This is what I look like when I see Ben and Jerry's in the freezer!:)

Apparently I need to remember to give him a bottle so he doesn't have to suck on the rag! But it is darn cute, cept when you remember its bum water!

The drying of the hair

and being plain old worn out!

Monday, April 28, 2008


So Hope and I were talking about our online addictions, one of Hopes is playing Canasta, one I also enjoy if I am in the right frame of mind, but my ultimate addiction when I am tired, but can't sleep or just plain irritated so I want to shut down is a game called pop it... I have Hope to thank for the connection to the addiction because she gifted me a year subscription to Pogo... any who she sent me this link so I could share my addictions with everyone:)

I however do not share my Mt. Dew so that "addiction" I will NOT be sharing:) Yes I am currently trying to kick my dependence on Caffeine

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Brian got the gig of supervisor in training, which means that for 20 hours a week he will get supervisor pay... if you are wondering thats 21.00 an hour! YAY! We are so excited! And I am proud of him for exceling in his job in order to be recognized in this way!

Hamilton really is common:)

My Point Proven:)
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.">How many have your name?

Here's for my Maiden Name....
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.">How many have your name?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is what you do:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog.
5. Tag 5 people.

"Saturday was spent in visiting the people on the island who were all looking forward to Sunday
and the dedication"

From the masters touch... I had brian read dad's story in it and he left it at the computer desk:)

And everyone has pretty much been tagged

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I am a total DWEB! I didn't realize until recently that we hadn't been getting out electric bills, I mean I pay so many other bills through out the month that I don't pay to close attention to them ( they are all on payment plans you know:)) Anywho, I realized this afternoon that I kind of like my electricity! I had come home from running errands and found that the apartment was muggy and gross, only to discover that Robert had noticed the power had gone out at 11a.m. and it was now 1 p.m. so he wasn't sure what was going on. So I called Gexa, trying to find out what happened to our bills, but they wouldn't tell me anything my name is not on the account, so I asked how I was supposed to take care of my baby without electricity. They said to have my husband call back, frustrating yes, infuriating is when they told me I was no longer a Gexa customer! WHAT!??!? I had it all set up, I have confirmation I got the first bill to this apartment, as I was complaining to Robert about it I noticed, that instead of transferring our account, they gave a new account number, I decided to call back, and decided I may just say I was Brian... I didn't but I did ask to speak to a manager which she protested about until I told her I had nothing bad to say about her, however if she kept trying to deter me I would have plenty to say, she quickly transfer ed me. He was MUCH more helpful, although he did tell me I would have to wait until tomorrow to get it turned back on. Disappointed but glad to have it somewhat figured out, I relaxed, made plans to stay at the Hamilton's and left for my date with my hubby, which Robert accompanied us on, I felt guilty leaving him at home with no electricity. However what it really comes down to is that someone had changed our provider without us knowing. They say it happens all the time, someone quotes the wrong address and then they don't pay for that address so it gets turned off. Apparently they are not required to tell you that your electricity was switched.... HUMMM... Now I know, if I don't get my bills to call right away! LAME me! Oh well

Sunday, April 20, 2008


So the past few days I have been a little down. Thankfully there are lots of people that love me around! Or at least that I claim love me:) Also as if this wouldn't lift one's spirits I ran some errands with Amy and Marie (amy's mother in law) and we happened to go by JoAnn's I found some cute quilt sets (For Eli and Leland) and an album for a project for a friend and then some fun papers, when we got to the register Marie paid for them all! I couldn't believe it! I am grateful to be loved by those around me and those who aren't "required" to love me! I get emails from Emily's in laws as well and have acquired the name "little sister" from them! How wonderful it is to be loved and supported! And for Leland to have so many gram's and Nana's and Mimi's he will be truly loved throughout his life! Anywho I am also loved by some wonderful friends, Hope upon IM'ing me found out that I was down and most of it had to do with just life, and feeling like a bad mom and wife because I can't keep up, and Hope offered to take the baby tomorrow all day, so that I could just get things done! How blessed I am that a loving Heavenly Father loved me enough when I didn't fully trust him to move me out to Texas and to have such wonderful friends and family to surround me! Amy and I seem to get goofier the later the evening gets and I have to admit that that also lifts the spirits! She and I chatted last night before I left while she held the cranky Leland who just wouldn't sleep... we had some laughs mostly because I told her I used olive of oil lay, instead of oil or olay body wash... I am grateful to a mom and dad who love me and am counting down my days till I get to see them! It would only be a better trip is Amy and Annie were coming along! So I feel loved.... there you have it!


Brian and I got our calling today! We are both called to teach CTR 7-8 interesting that they called us both since our new class consists of ONE kid! I had to laugh when I found that out! Oh well I have never done primary so we will see how this goes!

Friday, April 18, 2008


I hate hate hate dealing with insurance! I did it for a year and now that I am doing it for a personal reason it is even worse! I just got a bill saying we were in collections for $236.00 never did we ever receive a bill for this so that is frustrating in and of itself. But when I went to investigate I found that this bill has already been paid! So I just got off the phone with Aetna, who says the claim was not filled until 4/16/2008 IF when you go to the doctors and they take your insurance card shouldn't they file it! I was never told I needed to file and I was never told to look into it! We paid our copay! They normally will tell you if there is anything else they need you to do like submit your claims on your own! However I never even received a bill for this service that was rendered on 10/14/2007 SO i ask you HOW was I to know that it never went through! I will NEVER got to Centennial Medical Center Emergency room again! Because we didn't receive a bill from them either, because when you go to the ER there are two bills one for the staff and hospital and one for the Doctor. We didn't know that, so we didn't even think to look into it! Grace, I have never been more irritated or angry at a service we have received but when we went in that man Dr. Lee treated us like dumb people who shouldn't have bothered to come in, and I had no clue about what was wrong with my son, even though he threw up enough to cover me and part of the crib it was just "spit up" UGH old frustrations die hard and die even harder when someone says you owe them a bunch of money! We don't owe them more that 47.20 which I will gladly pay! But file with the insurance then 'Remember" to send the bill to the patient so they can actually do something about it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

News Boy:)

Sorry for all the different posts today but he was just too cute for words:)

Could he work at Costco???

I submit that he COULD!

Rubber Ducky VS The Rag!

So today at bath time we only had two toys! It seemed as though he was constantly torn between the Rubber Ducky (yes it is wearing a frog suit, thanks Amber and Amanda!) and the rag. Not a good toy you say! Leland begs to differ! He LOVES rags!
He sucks on them whenever we wash his face and especially in the tub! It is cute for sure! But he seemed torn today between which one he wanted to chew on! Here he is with the Ducky.... and the next minute he lost the ducky and grabbed the rag! So cute!


So contrary to what some may believe I love my husband! I know that I call him a dork and on occasion (ok a lot) irritating or retarded (not the nicest term I know, I need to stop using it) but the truth is I do love him and I am grateful to a Heavenly Father who lead me to Texas, even if it was at first only to keep Amy company or the other way around! He keeps me guessing about what the days will bring and is a wonderful provider! Couldn't ask for better!

Ode to Eli

Amy recently sent me home with all of Eli's 12 month clothes because we need a little extra for our tank and I just thought I would place an Ode to Eli since Amy used to love putting him in his Camo Jammies, So here is Leland in lijah's jams....

Silly Lady

You guys are all fantastic! I feel very validated! But I do realize that some mom's also lack the ability to convey their irritations with germs. I realize that I will be the one that will be just like Amy, totally annoyed when someone brings the green snot bearing child over for me to watch and I won't say anything even when they joyfully say oh its just allergies! Yeah right... green means something is going on even if it is just a common cold! But as I think back on Sunday I realize as Amy said, she is just being silly. She doesn't realize that her child wouldn't get so many cooties if she would keep her close! Also I neglected to comment that a single women in the ward made a comment a few minutes later about trying to defend her briefcase from the little girl before she commented. It was indeed excellent. But I also realized as Emily said that I should have been honest and said hey I realize that germs spread easily between children, but I am not at liberty to rip toys out of your little girls hands, she isn't mine and I wouldn't want to offend. I don't mind if she plays with our toys, but if it bugs you please keep a closer eye on her.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sailor Suit

So I had my first real annoyance with someone in my ward yesterday, granted I would like to think I was annoyed because I hadn't had breakfast and I was really tired, but I think part of it too was I always feel out of place in RS and this just kind of proved it to me. Anywho we were sitting in Relief Society, and this womens little girl (she was walking but not talking yet) came over and stole one of Leland's binkys I wasn't paying attention until the mom caught my eye with the most disgusted look on her face, so I looked down and low and behold her daughter was sucking on a binky he had never used before, so I reached down and she gave it too me then ripped the chew toy (ok teething toy) out of Lelands hands, I grabbed it back, mainly because he had it first and whipped it off my my skirt and then when I went to give it to him he had already found something else so I offered it to the little girl, well she walked with it back over to her mom, who was about to make a comment, and instead of just taking the toy and starting with the comment, she said oh hold on a minute I need to stop my little girl from getting cooties, now normally it wouldn't bug me too much, but the fact that I was the only one with a baby, and everyone looked (okay not "everyone") but a bunch of women looked my direction I just smiled, and then gave the women a look, which I am sure she saw. Any way the frustration came because if she had been paying attention to her little girl instead of letting her wander everywhere and get into everyone elses things she wouldn't get cooties! Anyway I felt totally irritated, afterward she came up to me to return my cootie laden toy and was like "she never takes a binky she always gags on them (thats pleasent) I told her that was one of his new binkies that he never used so not to fear, there weren't any cooties on it. She handed me the toy back and said okay well my little girl just got over streph a few days ago! WHAT! and you are the one worried about cooties! Oh so I am over it, but I wanted to share my irritations!

So this is titled Sailor suit so I better give you some pictures!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A few more pictures from the Zoo...

They have added new things to the Zoo, Such as these little egg shells that look hatched

the nest.. I happen to think my little man is the cutest little bird that nest has ever seen!

Turtle shells
A place for the racoon, Hopes Kids ( the ones she nannies) are with him Claire and Matthew.

We found this big bummed Monkey by the window, great picture! He was fun to watch and kept scratching his chin and Knee... he was cool!

And he took his first ride on the Merry go round! He was asleep or almost asleep when I pulled him out the stroller to try it out! He LOVED it he reached right up to hold onto the pole! yes he did it all on his own!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Zoo Zoo Zoo

Today we went to the Zoo with Auntie Hope and Kids! We had lots of fun! Well Leland Mainly just ate and took cute pictures but Hopie has some great ones that I will post later these are just from my camera!

It was chilly when we started out but it warmed up really fast!

My sad sad attempt!

So Amy supports me if pretty much everything I do... SO i decided I would support her in her calling and help out making something that could be auctioned! I made a few hair clips (with flowers on them) those actually turned out OK but My cookies! UGH Let me know if you can tell what they are! I am embarrassed to even take them to her! After all she is the creative genius not me!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Shoes!

So I have been thinking I have some big shoes to fill! My older sisters are amazing and set a wonderful example for their little sister (yes Amy I am still your LITTLE sister, she hates when I say that:)) But here I sit wallowing because I have a headache!

I just read Amy's blog and she is babysitting and had a poop filled morning, and all I have done is whine about my head hurting and feed my little baby! It truly amazes me that Amy never (well seemingly never) gets overwhelmed, she has centered her life around her family and the church and never seems to fail one bit at being there for whoever needs it. I know for a fact she is an over achiever. She takes meals to everyone and checks up on people and well she never ceases to amaze me! I suppose that by living so close to such a wonderful example I should hope that some rubs off on me!

Then there is Annie, who is a great example of patients and lots of love. She has her share of totally frustrating experiences see one of her blogs ( and she still shows us all a love that has no end! Her patients and trust in the Lord will surely pan out and she is an excellent example of enduring to the end! How grateful I am to her for that wonderful example!

Then Emily of course! Also a fabulous example! She works so hard to provide extra money for her little family and in the process she brings smiles to everyones faces. She like Amy and Annie has total faith in Heavenly Father and a undying love of her family. She has the ability to lift peoples spirits and make them feel a worth they may have forgotten they had! She also has a fantastic wit!

With all these wonderful sisters I am blessed beyond belief and yet I have wonderful examples to me all over the best of the best though reside in my family. My sisters have learned from my wonderful mother and grandmother. They installed values in us at a young age, and I am sure someday I will be the great example that my sisters are to me! I love them and I hope they know it!

Target vs. UPS

So UPS we all know what happened with them. SO I took the package with Brian to Target, and we got an interesting response! They called their manager over, and she said that she couldn't take it or refund it to us, since we didn't have the diaper pail! At that point both Brian and I were getting frustrated, Leland on the other hand was winning everyone's hearts but crackin smiles and giggling when they talked to him! I think this helped us in the long run, because they called and thankfully someone there was willing to help us! She spoke with me and kept apologizing and in the end, we got it all worked out, we will or should receive another diaper pail in the next few days, she sent it free of charge and we left our nasty meals that we would never eat at target, i told the workers they could have it or dump it, they all agreed they would dump it, after all while we were waiting for it all to be worked out we noticed that you could eat one of those meals of something far more appetizing for the same amount of calories! I will post a picture of the problem causing diaper bin when it arrives! but I will stay loyal to target for their willingness to keep the customer happy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Toots and Giggles

Leland and I are up late tonight. Turns out pears give him nasty tummy aches! I can't say I blame him I don't care for them myself:) But I was working his tummy (meaning pushing his littlest legs into his tummy) and he kept tooting and giggling! I have to say I much prefer to be up late if he is going to toot and giggle rather than scream and scratch! It cracked me up so I thought I would share! Wish someone else was up! I would have had them take a video! Oh and another little side thought... I don't know if our pack and play is a "compact version" but when Leland lays down he pretty much fills it. Oh and we have him sleeping in our room (hence sleeping in the pack and play, cause we had to get some poison sprayed in his room and we aren't supposed to wipe down any surfaces until 10-14 days... Thats a long wait! Here is a picture though to help you see what I see when I put him down in the crib:)

Monday, April 7, 2008

UPS aftermath!

So if you couldn't tell whats in the box its Nutrisystem, its like two weeks of food, and it is all in not great condition. When I called UPS because I looked online and target doesn't even sell Nutrisystem, I decided that is who I needed to call. They first told me that I needed to call target, and get a send back sticker (free to me, except the time I take explaining it yet again to someone else) they send it to me then I have to take the box back to a UPS store, I asked if they would come pick it up because it is their mistake, I mean if Target doesn't even stock it in their warehouse, then how the heck did I get it in the mail. Secondly I tried explaining that someone at UPS mess with the package. Because target uses tape that has the target symbol on it. Well the top had no target tape on it, just plain old packing tape. So I kept trying to get them to at least admit fault, so they could stop being so rude to me! Anyway, I asked them if they could come and pick it up when I got the send back sticker and they said no, i said your serious! This is your fault, well not yours directly but someone at UPS messed with the package! Anyway he said I am just telling you the easiest way for you!?!? What did I just hear that right? The easiest way for ME, right so I have to call target, which could take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, then I have to wait a few days for the mail back sticker to come (lets hope not UPS or I might get something completely different) then I have to lug my 6 month old (who is currently almost I am sure 30 pounds, I will weight him at amy's) down the stairs with the package to a UPS store where I will get to do the same thing, unbuckle the baby take him and the package inside, to send it back to Target, who doesn't even sell Nutrisystem. Right... Not so much easy for me as easy for UPS! So I asked to talk to a manager, while I was trying to explain he cut me off, and started talking over me... I sort of lost it at this point I would like to be like Runt from Chicken Little and act like I didn't know what I did, but I did. I talked louder than him and said is this really your costumer service? Seriously, you talk over already aggravated customers??? Fantastic, at this point he had stopped talking, and I said, if you will please not talk over me again I would really appreciate it, it makes me a little crazy and I am much easier to handle when I am semi calm! So he apologized and we went on our merry way, more arguing and finally he decided the best option for me is they would file a missing merchandise report, send someone out (yes thats right, they wouldn't come pick up the package, but they will come to inspect it) to look at it and pick it up and contact target, (which by the way both of them were telling em they couldn't do until I lost it a little) So needless to say today and tomorrow will be spent waiting for someone to come and get the dumb package, so I can get a refund and drive to target and pick up my diaper pail! So far that is the Aftermath!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Here's a little note... I cry all the time now. Is this normal? It usually has to do with stories or touching things or just tired things... but seriously shouldn't I be back to normal yet! this is so embarrassing! Especially since Robert moved in. I sat with my head phones on at the computer and cried through most of the talks. SAD its amazing how much being a mom changes how conference strikes you! I am so thankful for my little guy! What a blessing!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


So today I was folding some laundry and my littlest helper Leland tried to eat the launrdy basket......

and then gave up! He fell over ... so cute!

and then I thought I wonder if he could stand up in the tall one.... so I tried it....
and then it was back to playing with them....

and these are from a few days previous, our carpet is super sensitive to things being on it, so there are lots of indentions, this one is from Leland sitting in the same place for his lunch... 15 minutes and it leaves a bum print....

and this is one of the great steals we got from Hope's Boss... We got a booster seat, double umbrella stroller, 4 bags of clothes and a bag of shoes for 20$ Yay for us! This hat kills me though!


I got a package today that was supposed to be a 10$ diaper pail, just with the closing lid and instead I got a target package that looked as though it had been kicked and opened and reclosed when I opened it I was right. This is what I found
I really dislike UPS right now

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So most of my siblings remember dad telling them that if they would hang their keys on the hooks right inside the garage door they wouldn't loose them. Well I think i might have mastered it, except for when I leave my keys in the door, that isn't so much a hook. Well I made (lets be honest, Hope made) a message center for me (I just bought all the stuff) and we put 4 or 5 hooks on it. So Tuesday night I am returning from wondering Wal-mart and finding all the good deals I can, mainly baby food and a food processor (lets hope it lasts longer than the blender) and some drapes for the living room, so I can just leave the blinds up, and pin up the cords, after all Leland may be crawling soon! So I was returning with my spoils, and I couldn't get the door open, well it turns out I just didn't push hard enough on it, but when I finally did it came open... but what the heck did I do with my keys?!? I have been without them since Tuesday night! I keep looking at the hooks thinking they will magically appear, and as of yet no such luck! I am getting nervous because I can't get the mail either! NOT GOOD! The mail is my staple! Not that I get a lot of good things but I do peruse the ads to find out if Ben and Jerry's is on sale so I can send out the texts ( I like to think of this as a service!) any who when I left this morning I had been looking for two hours with no luck! Its a little unnerving! I keep praying that I didn't leave them in the door! Who knows they may turn up! Robert said he would look for them today and I personally hope he can find them! All this just says hey I haven't mastered it yet! Bummer!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Woot! Woot!

So I was at Wal-Mart purusing the food processors when I decided I should call Hope.... Her mom made all her baby food. So I call poor Hope who willingly puts up with all my dumb questions and finally tells it will work Allie that is what food processors do they make it tiny. Right I am glad I have so many people who know how to talk sense into me!


Okay so I broke my blender today, I mean I am pretty sure it is dead.... the smoke billowing out of it might have been a dead give away:) Brian is not very happy with me, and I managed to not get the green beans totally ready to eat, they are still a little chunky which much to my frustrations he keeps spitting at me! So I have a wonderful friend who is going to let me have hers (thanks Hope) but I also wanted to know if anyone had an opinion on what the best blender is for making baby food or if I should use a food processor or what the difference is. Also if anyone has any knowledge on the kinds of foods that are okay, like squash wise that would be fantastic! Anyway any advice on preparing your own baby food would be welcomed! Thanks bunches!


So Brian and I have talked it over and decided that we needed to help our mutual friend out for a bit. He (Robert or Lee, he goes by both) bought a car that has a HIGH payment plan, and also had his hours cut at work. His lease was up and he needed a place to go, so of course I immediately told him he could stay here, since that reaction I am thankful to say that we (as in Brian and I) have talked about it and decided it was an all right decision. We have also decided that it can't be permeate solution and so of course we know there will be a time limit on it. However I bring this up because it has forced me to clean, yes I know its amazing! But I actually spent from 9 pm last night to 2 am this morning cleaning and organizing and so far the place looks decent! I only have 3 boxes to unpack and 4 loads of laundry soon to be five waiting to be folded.... I just pick out my clothes from the laundry... its such a nice wrinkled look... I don't know why Brian refuses to wear his work shirts that are all wrinkled! Anywho, Its a great little apartment! And its turning out even better. Although there was a shooting in our neighborhood two weeks ago, we have heard nothing about it other than another little family told us about it that lives in our complex and is in our ward. We can also see the missionaries apartment from ours... their picture of Jesus is faded so i am thinking I may pick them up a new copy:) Anyway random thoughts by me!