Thursday, August 28, 2008

Me Crafty?? Not so much!

I decided to make the invites for Leland's open house style birthday party, meaning we don't necessarily want people to stay the whole time:) but we want it to be long enough that people can come and see him and then go again! That way if out of the 15 invites we send out they come and go instead of stay all 3 hours our tiny apartment will be less crowded, and it will be more enjoyable! Anywho Brian and I decided since it was over dinner time we would grab some veggie trays from Costco, since we only spent like $15 so far that would be doable! Anywho it should be a pretty good little get together!


I am now a firm believer in dates! We went out yesterday and had a great time! Thanks to Amy who was so willing to take Leland in. We had originally planned to go to a movie but decided on lunch instead because we had a bunch to talk about, and some big decisions to make about our current situation:) So we headed to Pei Wei. Now we don't go out much but I think both of us had forgotten how expensive it is to eat for two and not share, and since I like sweet and Brian likes spicy our meal ended up somewhere in the 20$ range! YIKES! But it turned out OK because Brian's food came out like 10 minutes before mine and so they gave us a gift card for $10 dollars. So now we can have a cheaper date night and eat at a place we enjoy. Anyway we got back from that and Amy apparently thought that we didn't spend enough time together so she sent us off again to see a movie, this activity was free, as we still have some gift cards from last Christmas. So that was fun! We saw the Mummy and I was irritated that it wasn't the same girl until I found out why (she apparently did want to be known as the wife of the mummy guy) so she opted out, so I didn't care much after that. But it was funny because we were supposed to get out early enough to go and get the kids from school and our movie went longer than we thought it would and so they had to walk home. So the first thing Michael says to me is is Allie its okay you didn't make it to pick us up. Don't worry. Thanks for the reassurance! I have some pretty awesome little nephews!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 things....

First Mom and Dad come on Saturday! I AM SO EXCITED!

Second, Leland is finally better, although last night was a HARD night and we were up for most of it, mind you had I gone to bed at 7 like he did I might have actually gotten more than 3 hours, so maybe he still feels crappy but just no fever, I guess I will keep an eye on him. I am a little snappy when I don't get enough sleep and poor Robert felt it this morning... Sorry Robert....

Third we sent some pictures in to a some agency's because I figure he is a cute kid and we could use the help paying of some bills and to get some money in savings.... well we got one call back already! However they said he was two old at almost 1 and so they gave me an email address and said they would defiantly want my to email around 2 1/2 well if I remember I will, but we shall see. Wish I would have thought of this earlier:) Oh well! We used a picture that one of the Hamiltons friends took and it is absolutely adorable! See below.....
and I wrote the "cover/introduction" letter as if it was Leland writing it. She said that was "clever" not sure if that is a bad thing or not. Sadly I included a "note from mom" saying he had his parents permission to send out the letters. Oh well, I thought they might get bored reading letters from potential models so I thought I would try something different. We still have 12 more we are hoping to hear back from!:)

Sharing is Fun to do to do to do.......

Leland and I just finished off a pint of ice cream together, and if I ever took too many bites in between his he would bite my finger to remind me that he was there! Just like his momma:) We have a Jaws 2 on our hands!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kinda Sad

So here is another little post in connection with Grandma Majel, I don't know who else had one but one of the girls did the little bunnies that were stuffed and had the soft ears (I will have to add a picture because my description fails miserably) anyway mine is pink and I had a conversation with Brian before Leland came that he would get to play with this bunny regardless of the color, Brian was smart not to fight me on it. But a few days ago as I sat in his room and watched him play Brian came in right as Leland picked up the bunny and started to pull on the ears which have softy material on them... I was trying to restrain myself from ripping it out of Leland's hands so he wouldn't rip it when Brian gently worked it out of his grasp and said I don't think Mom is ready to let you have that yet. I looked at him kind of confused and realized that my eyes had welled up with tears.... Yes its true... i am not ready to watch my bunny get torn apart by my sweet baby just yet, but maybe in a few years I will be ready to pass it on, and maybe not, perhaps it will sit on a shelf and collect dust. Although I am sure it is meant to be played with so maybe once my hormones even out I will be able to enjoy watching him discover it again!

Bed Time Again

Tonight as I rocked Leland back to sleep, the fever woke him up again, I was singing him songs that had a meaning and telling him why I liked them, some had no other explanation other than I like them so thats that, but others lead to some great memories for me, and some brought me to tears sad I know, like singing I wonder when He comes again, brought back memories of being a little girl with dad kneeling by my bed to tuck me in, that lead to wishing I could sing to him A your adorable B your so beautiful, because that was what mom used to sing along with skita marinki dinky dink... yeah I am sure the spelling on those aren't right but you get my drift, then I sang a verse of I know my Redeemer lives because Boss my voice teacher at Ricks used to make us warm up with that one, because as she claims she is old and may die soon and that is what she wants to be on her lips so she is practicing:) I sang brightly beams and wished I had mom and dad here to help fill it out. Then I changed up Walk Tall, mainly changed the daughter to son part, I don't want him confused, but that was a song that Grandma Majel asked me to sing to her while she was in the hospital for the last time, that one pretty much did me in, but Leland liked it enough to actually fall asleep to it, so that made me wonder if she was here enjoying it because this time I actually got through it without leaving the room in tears. Anyway I have to admit that I love rocking Leland to sleep, and while I don't want it to become an every day thing, (not because I am mean but because I want him to go down smoothly if I ever need a sitter) but when we need some down time together its an excellent way to get it. And thanks Grandma for calming him to sleep! I miss you terribly!

Long Day

Yesterday Leland and I started our day by sharing a chocolate muffin! YUM he LOVES them, whats funny though is he won't eat the chocolate chips in them unless I give them to him, he doesn't like the way they feel... He does like to drag them across his tray and smash them though. Go figure!
This is his pose after he finished.
Then it was off to the doctor for mom to confirm the issues we are having here! Well it only took like 2 1/2 hours to get blood work and some sonograms done and to meet with the doctor. It took forever but I think he actually cares about how I feel so that is nice. The good news is my blood work came back normal, the bad news then why am I feeling this way, Brian and I joke that it is a tumor:) But we both know its nothing big, so I probably will see if the iron helps at all and then go to the doctor sometime in September for it. As an interesting turn in things the bruise left by the blood drawing is not as bad as the bruise left from ripping off the adhesive strip see the bruise on the left is where the blood was drawn and all the other red is from the adhesive. sweet!
We ended the day with Leland getting a 101.5 fever and just being cuddly. With only one diarrhea last night we are hoping its not a stomach bug and just a common cold but he woke up this morning with a 102.3 fever so we decided to take him in. He checked out alright no ear infection or throat infection, so now we wait to see what develops! The nice thing was when I woke up this morning I apparently looked more tired that normal as Robert told me to go back to bed and he would keep an eye on him ( I mean the kid is a morning person which i find a cruel joke) anyway when I woke up and came out this is what I found out the couch....

apparently I wasn't the only one tired, he woke up when I took the picture and said he had a bottle and then wanted to be held, he said he would have put him down but he never stays asleep when he does, I told him it was fine, and shortly there after the baby woke up and we started our day!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I went with Amy to the Zoo and luckily I got dropped off before the drama mentioned in her blog happened but I would like to say I have had another wonderful mom moment! I put a sticker on Lelands chest from the sting ray bay exhibit they have because Amy gave it to me, because I really did touch one, they are so slimy its kinda cool though, I digress... I kept thinking that Michael had to be sharing candy with Leland because he was so so quite on the way home, either that or he fell asleep right??? Well Michael was not sharing which was a good thing, (he was sharing with his brothers) and he wasn't asleep...NO he was eating a sticker.....You can see here (kinda) what remains of the sticker is left.... Not much:) Well at least he was happy.... Its the orange circley thing on his chest.

Goose Egg...

So the other day I was trying to fix my hair so I would look halfway decent when I went to Costco, now I make fun of women who fix themselves up to go out, but when your husband works there, you kinda want to look nice, and not run down like I do most days, so I shut the baby out of the bathroom, he seemed to be interested enough in what he was playing with so I started the process, and then I hear his little pats on the door, now for those of you who don't know he has been pulling himself up to standing positions for a long time now, he just normally has to have something with a ledge or something he can get his fingers on, this did not include the flat walls in the hallway:) So he is patting on it and getting all excited because I start talking to him, the he gets ticked, because he can't see me and I am NOT letting him in (note he usually heads straight for the toilet which is why he gets shut out, because that is disgusting!). So I am almost done and figure I can put him on the other side of me while I finish, so I open the door without much thought and I watched him fall from the standing up position to face flat position.
needless to say he was ticked (and yes he is playing with a deodorant bottle, never been opened though:)) Its hard to see in this picture so I used one from another post that you can see it more clearly. And apparently it is VERY vi sable as everyone in church came up to me and said oh looks like someone has a bump, and that must of hurt, and don't worry bruises just seem to move around, and look at that goose egg! Wow thanks guys! You have officially made me feel like a wonderful mother! I guess I can claim to be toughing him up! Eh it happens and at least there was no blood!

Cute Jammies

Momba sent us a package and sent us some CUTE jammies, now he is wearing a size 18 months and some 24 month stuff works, others are just a little to big still, but we got the Jammies in 18-24 months, so I figured they would work, I wish I would have gotten a picture of him trying to get out of them! It has been a long time since he has worn long sleeves, but since he sleeps in our room right now and we sleep with a fan on he has been waking up chilly so since we got some jammies I figured we would try them out. He managed to forget that he hated them for a minute and fell right asleep! Maybe we will be able to get him to sleep in them for a while:) They are still really long in the legs, not sure if you can tell here, but so cute on him! I think it might just be how snug they fit around his wrists because once I folded them up above his wrists he stopped biting his arm.... so he has a little of his Mom and his Dad in him. Brian hates tight fitting clothes (so do I really but that is the curse right now, as I have gained weight!) and I tend to use my teeth to get things taken care of.... and of course my old nickname from J.D. was Jaws......


It took a lot of work and some tears and some smiles but we got 2 pictures of the teethies:)this is the one where things got ugly....He did not want me to open his mouth for him!thus resulting in the cry smile:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So this morning I fell off the bed... I keep telling mom not to leave me alone, but every morning she puts me in the middle of the bed with a bottle, where I usually stay while she figures out where I threw my binky but today I decided to show her and I crawled right off the edge!

Scared her to bits! She is sad cause I have some bruises that she has no clue how they got there because I tumbled off the bed and landed on my back so how I got them by my eye is a mystery! She feels bad so I guess I forgive her, and she gave me chocolate graham cookies to make up for well really she gave them to me because I ate my chicken:) But still she is kinda a kiss up!

So cute

I LOVE this picture so I thought I would share!

Teething bites:)

So Leland would like everyone to know that he has 8 teeth nowfour on the top
and four on the bottom, and he isn't even one yet, although next month is the big day! Hard to believe! Some day he might actually let me get a picture of them... i have tried in vain!

Whats My Deal

So Amy and I were talking last night about my issues and she commented that she thought I could be doing the anemic thing again because I stopped taking my pills and what not I assured her that it was probably not the case. But thanks to Wed MD I have been proved wrong yet again. The leg cramps the sick stomach the headaches are all by products of being anemic, so I guess that's a cheaper fix but if I have to buy the stuff forever it might not be! So I am off to Sprouts today to buy some floradix, its a German brand of an herbal mix that has a ton of iron in it, not my favorite but it helps quicker than say iron pills would, then its back to my iron pills when that's gone, then we shall see how I am doing:) Glad to finally have some piece of mind and a more immediate fix to a problem than say waiting to start a new birth control which I will do anyway! So Amy get ready to say "I told you so!" I promise I will still love you!:) Thanks for your prayers!

Monday, August 4, 2008

or possibly......

So lately I have not been myself, I have been overly tired, and almost anytime i have down time I wish I could sleep, I feel sick to my stomach and a little more raw emotionally than usual, then my headaches started and I went into a little bit of a panic.... this is how it went down last time... but I can't be because I am on the Depo shot, the test confirmed no pregnancy! Good to know, because I don't know if that would hurt the baby, but also because i have been taking way too many pain killers! But really I was a huge fan of the Depo shot the first three months, even with the weight gain, because it was so much easier, but this time around I am having more of the side effects and it is MISERABLE! At least when you suffer through a headache when you are pregnant and you know its for a better reason, but I can't seem to shake this headache its been with me since Saturday morning. Doesn't help that sleeping isn't the best option for me right now, every time I lay down I feel like I might toss my cookies... Oh well life moves on but I could use some prayers and some thoughts on some birth controls that might not be so drastic! Thanks my loves!