Monday, July 26, 2010

Zoo Again

We went to the Zoo again but this time Brian got to go with us so we took many of the same pictures but this time we stayed an watched the elephants longer Jenny and Gypsy seem to be more comfortable in their habitat and were out and about today. Brian held Leland up so he could watch them eat and Leland just kept saying "she's eating, she's eating" over and over again. Brian I think tried to explain how an elephant uses her trunk to get food and water to her mouth and Gypsy or Jenny then walked over to their pool and helped herself to some water. We fed the giraffes again today because Brian really likes that kinda stuff, but I think my favorite part was watching Leland "play" with the Lioness. I would tell him not to pound on the glass to which Brian would respond they aren't fish. So whatever a zoo employee was there and would have told us if we were doing something they didn't approve of. I don't know if you can hear it but I tell Leland that the big kitty is playing with him... to which another more stodgy mom informs her kids that the Lion is NOT HAPPY and He shouldn't be doing that. When the girl pressed her mom more she said the Lion was angry. So whatever I guess we all think we know what is best for wild animals.... I am personally just glad there is glass between the Lioness and my son... because as Brian comments she wouldn't be playing without the glass. You can see more pics on facebook... or I will post them here eventually:D

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I know half of my friends absolutely despise that I call them Binkies... because they are pacifiers but whatever you know you still love me. Lately everyone and their dog have been telling me its time to cut the use of these for good. Those of you that know us know he only gets them at church on Sundays (this greatly helps with the noise level during sacrament) and naps/bedtime. Now while I totally agree and he will be 3 here in September there is part of me that just can't let go of his last bit of baby. I have shaved his head so he will be cool and got him learning to drink out of cups (which he is pretty handy at till he starts playing.... this one will take a LOT longer I am afraid) and we have been starting the talks for the potty training. That last one he isn't ready for so we just "talk" about it for now. But still we are moving in the direction of big boy faster than I wanted to. And since we are struggling to get another baby here its even harder to give up the binkies. As someone stated on their blog, its the last shred of baby. Sure Leland still uses diapers but man nothing says baby like needing a pacifier. I think though that once Amy gets home from her vacation and things return to a semi normal happenings we will try to back down the use one thing at a time. That way he doesn't have total withdraw. I guess this post is just to inform those of you who are wondering why it hasn't disappeared yet. All in good time.....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Exhibit at the Zoo...

Dallas Zoo has a new Wilds of Africa exhibit. It is fairly similar to San Fransisco's set up but on a much smaller scale... and you can feed giraffes and get right up close to them... as well as getting fairly close to cheetahs and lions. It is pretty awesome. Leland and I braved the heat and went today... and boy was it hot! Leland got to feed some giraffes (his first and probably last time since it is $5 dollars for 3 lettuce leaves, but you gotta let them do it at least once right Amy?) I probably should have waited to feed the giraffes till we went with Brian, but maybe he will get to do it twice that way.
These are the 4 new elephants
This is Leland trying to get in with the elephants he is pretty fond of them.

You can barely see them but Jenny and Gypsy are back in that little cove. I don't think they are yet comfortable in their new exhibit.
Right at the beginning of the trail...

This truck is half in the Cheetah exhibit... so they can actually jump up into the bed of it if they want... but its too hot for them to do much of anything:D

See how close you can get!

Leland was sure the benches were there to help him see:D

I love the way her paws are
Leland likes to talk to strangers and follow them and ask them for drinks....
The cheetahs... I think there were 3
Feeding the giraffes
And of course to round out the event we rode the Merry go round 3 times... He Loves the merry go round... but not as much as fries... all I had to do was mention the fry word and he was ready to go.
With the membership we have we can ride it as much as we want. However now you have to get a ticket printed out at guest services or whatever its called... its not far from the merry go round but having to drag your screaming child in 98 degree heat to get a dumb ticket is not my idea of fun and I may have thrown a little fit of my own. Had Amy been there I could have left him there and run over and gotten all of our tickets but sadly I did and he screamed the whole way. I got a form to tell them how irritated I was about it. If they change policy (granted it really wouldn't have been difficult if I had been made aware) they really need to let their members know!
This last picture Leland is asking for Amy. He knows she is usually there with us and it was a little sad for him when he realized she was really not there. Also when we pulled into the zoo he started saying where's Amy... he has been trained well:D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A littles laughter is the best medicine out there for the blues!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is my deal!

People I need some ideas of other ways you cheer yourself up instead of ice cream and chocolate! My sister and her family are leaving for 3 weeks to go on a fun road trip and I am stuck all alone in Texas for those long 3 weeks with no chance of a vacation or break for us. See we are saving up for a big Lamoreaux family to-do next year, where ever that may be, and we are also trying to save for a new car SO that leaves no funds for anything exciting like a vacation! (sorry to all those English whizzes that are cringing at my use of the comma.... I hope you can forgive me!)

I suppose I should look on the bright side. I can go to the lake and go sailing with my Father in law, who has a super nice sail boat. That means we can swim in the lake and other fun things. Although I am a huge wimp about lakes and my baby and it super stresses me out. So maybe we will just go to their pool:D I can borrow Amy's van and go to the zoo, just me and Leland, that means if we over heat we can head out and not have too many people disappointed in the short trip. I think I will also have Brian take a few days off for while Amy is gone so we can do some fun things as a family. Maybe take in some kid movies and other fun things.

But I have been in this funk for so long its hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Guess I just need to keep pluggin along. As for my son he is a natural born sailor. These last pictures are from our 4th that we spent out on the lake. Mimi is so good to take him to the front of the boat where he kept her busy by pointing to all the doggies that were on the other boats.

The above picture is the epic battle of all three of us trying to get his shirt off to keep him cooler because he has to wear a life jacket and those suckers are hot! As you can see below we only succeeded in getting his shorts off... That shirt was NOT coming off.
I super love this picture!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remember that nest? and other randomness...

It held 3 babies! They were so cute and fluffy! All of them grew up and flew away with in a matter of weeks I think it was 3 or 4 weeks (I imagine its because they no longer fit in the tiny nest their parents built:D)

Leland has acquired a pair of real boots thanks to a family friend who is so kind to us to share their hand me downs! :D
Our fun back yard complete with my wonderful swing. Its nice if the evening cools off enough or there is a storm rolling in. Its a good place to meditate... and of course when Leland is splashing its a good way to stay cool.
I bought this cheap sprinkler head at wal-mart for like 2 dollars and Leland loves it. I have to admit that I am just confused as to why he doesn't like being out in the rain if he can handle a sprinkler. The other day we were leaving him with Amy and he was standing out by our car and her van waiting to get in and it started raining Leland promptly shoved Amy out of the way and climbed into the car. We all had a good laugh... well except for Leland.
I bought it to put under the trampoline... I know all you other moms out there are gasping right now. How could she do that its going to make jumping so much more dangerous yadda yadda yadda... Truth be told its safer than him getting heat stroke... But guess what he doesn't like being on the trampoline when its wet so we just run in the sprinkler. I am sure you are all jealous of me weed boarder its pretty awesome if I do say so myself. And its the reason that Brian got a weed eater for fathers day!

I guess I will just have to deal if I want the storms though huh?

This is my friends kiddo... We swap babysitting because Q is only 3 months younger than Leland and we are both poor so it helps to have someone willing to do it for free:D He never takes a pacifier but Leland had one so he helped himself and I thought it was darling. He is also wearing my glasses again too cute! Q is super petite so Leland scares the pie out of him, so when I watch him it mostly consists of Q following me around... I have the cutest shadow ever!

We Love the Zoo

I love this kids smile... its infectious and he really does look awesome! I am so glad that Z loves me. I love him! He told me on Sunday as he cuddled in and asked me to scratch his hair (rub his head) that he was sure I was his aunt because he loved me so much. He can always make me smile.
These two girlies had a good time together....
Which forced poor E to hang with Leland... Someday they will be best of friends and Amy and I will be in trouble!
We have funky bugs in Texas
I can never get these to upload right but the above picture happened after Amy realized I was letting him cry it out on the ground that could be dirty:D
Leland often has little melt downs when he is tired and or too hot... I believe we could file this one away under both of those titles:D Amy had to get him out of it as I was too frustrated to even deal. Its a good thing I live so close to my sweet sister who Leland lovingly refers to as Mom most of the time. She swears its because he hears all his cousins calling her mom and I swear its cause he loves her more:D
Z needed to cool off... this seemed like a good way!
Yes I rode a Camel. They are not comfortable. I would much rather ride a horse and I am scared of horses... they are beautiful and lovely from a distance but up close they make me nervous... I suppose I am not so much afraid of them since I have ridden them but I have a healthy respect for them!
I asked the guy if it would hold me... he looked nervous... hey I mean I wanted to not give the poor camel back issues forever. He assured me it would be fine.
This is a hit... too bad it costs $5 dollars a pop. Too much to do every time but cheap enough to do once:D
They moved the Elephants inside to their new exhibit...
We really like the Elephants... we just wish the exhibit was already open!
We sure have some darling children!

Poster Child

For Mt. Dew... admit it, its cute... No I don't let him drink it. but he loves my hat:D

So Behind

Do you ever feel like blogging has become a chore? Yeah I am there I am so behind that its right up there with cleaning out the garage and guest room, hanging curtains and decluttering:D! So much has happened these last few months most of them not super important but I will take what I have pictures of and blog about it some day. We went sailing for the 4th of July, Leland mind you had a 102.9 fever (yeah I win the good mom award) he loved every minute of being on that boat even though it lasted till 10:45p.m. and he didn't nap at all that day. Turns out he could have fifths disease. YAY but its common and should go quickly we are on day 3 of the rash and it usually hangs around for 5 or 6 days so hopefully his cute little face will be looking beautiful again soon. Brian had a birthday and in two months our littlest will have his birthday. He is going to be 3. I cannot believe it. The one thing I really want to remember is his love of his yegos (legos) catalog that he "reads" while he gets his diaper changed or is just laying on the floor. I will try to get a picture of this as it is darling. I think for him it is as good as owning all those things in there because when he sees it he says My Yegos! and runs over to it. I will get to posting today. Our summer is getting hotter so I will have more time indoors to post. Mainly and sadly because lil Leland got his mama's genes and he over heats at the drop of a hat.... and since the last two summers I have nearly given my baby full blown heat stroke I think this summer we will take it easy.... and figure out fun indoor activities... any mom's have any advice?