Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hamiltons

The Hamiltons just got back from Cabo San Lucas, and while they were away I looked after Pebbels and Hercules. When they got back they brought me a treat! I say treat but it is not edible, it is quite possibly the most expensive perfume I have ever owned:D

Granted this picture is of the Men's and mine is for women:D I am excited about it, I do like to wear perfume and Mom Hamilton picked a light scent which I will actually be able to wear! I laughed when we got in the car because I wondered if Mom might think that I smell:D Brian laughed outloud when I told him, and he said she just likes me to feel appreciated! Well it worked! Thanks MOM!

He has the...

Head of a Lamoreaux! We went to the Doctor today for a well check and found he is slowing down in growth, well except his head. Everything else is back on the charts around the 90th% even but the head.... Still greater than 100%th! What can I say it runs in his genes!

Merry Christmas to me:D

Let me preface this with this statement, I left my camera in Anna, its about an hour drive north of where we live, I left it at my Mother in laws, so I will have to upload the pictures later!

With that said, the one fantastic thing that happened last week.... My Elliptical came:D YAY the sad fact though is that it said you needed two people to put it together, I had been asking Brian to help me, and he kept saying that is a you and Hope thing, so finally I got fed up and put it together myself, its a lot longer process when just one person is working on it and you have tiny hands that think they need to help:D So I am still waiting to put it all the way together, but today when Leland goes down for a nap I will finish it up, I just have to put the base on and the place where you put your feets:D I am so excited....

For those of you that don't know, I got on the scale the other day and realized I had hit 250 ish, I am not sharing ALL the details, and I realized its time to take action, not to look hot for Brian, or to make other people happy with my appearance, but if I want to be healthy for my kids, to run and play with them, I have got to drop at least 80 pounds. So I thought of a solution, there was no way I would be able to save the cash fast enough, so I emailed my Pops, and told him all about the payment plan I had worked out. He emailed back with his payment plan, I lose weight and keep it off for six months, so the deal is 50 pounds have to come off and stay off for six months or I pay him back the money in unlost weight! I am first and foremost grateful for a Dad who loves me enough, and can see my desire to get healthy and shed some pounds, and be willing to make it happen. Secondly I am just grateful that the Lord gave me such a wonderful Dad, and the love that he has for me no matter what size or weight I tip the scales at! Thanks Dad for an amazing gift I can tell you it will be well used! I will post pictures of the Elliptical later, granted I will not post them of me using it!:D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This week has been rough

without going into details, we need to find a new bank, Leland has a cold and both Brian and I aren't feeling "great" there are a few things though that have totally perked me up this week/today. One is my fabulous sister Ame, Love you! Another is this song Thanks Em for adding it to your play list so I could find it!

I have been trying to figure out what it was called and who sang it for weeks now, I am not sure why I love this song so much it does not fit with my faves but it makes me smile none the less, and of course this picture that is on our desktop

and of course one of my all time favorite movies that I watched tonight after feeling so tired of everything "Much Ado About Nothing" I LOVE this movie, and it never fails to lift the spirits, with that said I think I am off to bed!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


is just plain hard, I was reading a friends blog about how Christmas isn't her favorite and I can relate, growing up Christmas was great! Wonderful! Fun and most of all enjoyable! Growing up stinks:D Now I have to worry about presents and decorations and making sure I check the lists! But I have to admit, I have a new view of Christmas as I watch Leland stare at the lights while his diaper is getting changed, or as he undecorates the tree. Its fun to watch the childhood wonder he has for it all. And even funner to watch it when he gets together with Eli and the clan! Eli and Leland are going to be great friends when they get a little older, just like Michael and Caleb are:D Its fun to watch as Brian sits by the wrapped presents and tries to guess what is in what, and sneak peaks when he thinks I am not looking (I am way ahead of him, and they all get wrapped in different boxes, so even if he does sneak a peak he will be getting things like goldfish and so forth:)) He is worse than Leland. So while growing up is hard, it can be fun to, you just have to look for it:D Something I am getting a little better at each week, it comes slowly to me! But my friends I have a delivery coming this Wednesday that is going to make life a lot more likable! You will have to come back to see what it is:D! And now Leland is awake and i don't know why, better go check on him!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Brian's Step sister Danielle was in town this last week and yesterday we got to go to the Zoo with her. Both Brian Sr and Cindy had to go to work so we offered to get Danielle out and about for a while. We had a good time, but Brian Jr. was crushed we didn't get to feed the birds, he claims I PROMISED him that it would happen, he is worse than our 1 year old that just likes to get out of the stroller every once and a while to walk!

I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures, I think Danielle might have more but at the moment I am just not too concerned! We had a great time and we did at least get to see the birds.


Has gotten worse! He likes to accost our Christmas tree so I put a box in front of it, I thought that would keep him out of it, only he discovered how to get in it, its a pretty tall box so I would be lying if I said I wasn't impressed!

This my friends....

is the epitome of "the perfect nap" he is still not quite awake, but was awake enough to pull crocodile tears till I went and got him. I love his hair and his stunned look!

He has just enough energy to eat his chicken:D

Mark the Moose

A few years back Sandra (my mom's best friend from college, and my name sake, yes I realize that my name isn't Sandra, but her middle name is also Dee, which is where mine comes from, and her Dads name is Dee) anyway she sent all the married couples with kids this little moose, when I got married and needed some decorations, Amy offered me this noisey guy, he has been loved at our house thus far as you can see, although he was dropped and I am not sure if he is working quite right anymore, this makes Leland sad, and I will have to investigate it more at a later date when I am not singing I'm mark the moose and i'm spreading christmas joy, over and over again in my head!