Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Oh yes it needs to be in all CAPS! It was a blast! Thank you so very much Amber and Amanda for planning such a wonderful birthday surprise for me... and for knowing me well enough to give me a little warning even if it seemed lame at the time. It really helped my anxiety I was sure everyone was talking behind my back!

My faves of this trip were
one being on the Beach... You know how much I miss it! It was so wonderful to be back and feel a little connection to home... even if the scary homeless guy did ask me for Coke... and clarified that he wanted Coca Cola when I looked at him like he was a nut job.
Second.. The long wait at Rain Forrest Cafe... that allowed us to watch all the girls trying to dress up way too old for their age for prom... and of course the Icees YUM and of course all the pictures!
third... almost dying by seagulls and spotting dolphins... ok we didn't really almost die but it was a close call! And of course me swearing that if we saw any dolphins I would be quiet so as not to draw attention to ourselves so we could enjoy them all by ourselves... then of course when I saw one totally freaking out and swating at Amanda to turn around she was missing it!
fourth... our late night talks in the hot tub. Its so nice to know you aren't alone on certain things. And to break the rules a bit. We certainly checked into the right hotel... and the front desk guy was great to tell us hey the pool isn't open but keep it down... SO FUN
fifth the drive down... I mean who wouldn't enjoy that. Lots of time to talk.. Jam out to songs we would all like to admit we don't know... and of course Buck-ees.
sixth... Souvenir shopping.... nuff said!
Seventh... the whole trip rocked! Thanks so much! Words cannot express how wonderful it was for me to take a little break for me, and to have such good company was wonderful! Thanks Ladies! I can't wait to see the pictures!

This is the only picture I have that relates~ this is the souvenir I brought home for Leland. Its a 6T... can't tell can you... yeah he isn't even 3 yet.... YIPES!


We have had one a month for a while... Mike comes in May too... Plus Brian's little sister turned 13 on the 10th of May! We had a little celebration with her the other day, and with the celebration we celebrated me and Mothers Day for Mom Green and Myself as well as my birthday! We had some fun and some good laughs.
Caleb started off the birthdays He is a DOLL!

And Michael turned 12 which is a big mile stone in our church! He was ordained a Deacon last Sunday and sadly I missed it since I was out of town (more on that later) but Brian was able to stand in so that was a good experience!

And finally I turned 28 today! Brian likes to remind me how close to 30 I am getting... must seem funny to him being only 23 but let me say this... his time will come and much like his Dad he hates aging... I will have my revenge yet! Muahhhhhh. I had a VERY pleasant day today! I was surprised around 8 or was it 9 either way I was surprised to find Amy on my door step asking to take Leland for the morning so I could have it to myself. Then she offered me the use of the car... Sweet! I got to go to Target all by myself! I win! Then I picked up Which Wich for me and Amy (sorry Ame lame mothers day present I know) and we got to steal a quick lunch together. Brian got off work early and we put Leland and Eli down for nap and Amy picked both up around 3 so Brian and I could spend some time just me and him. We went to Wal-Mart and picked up my swing that the Hamilton's and Brian got me. SO FUN! When I get it set up I will post pictures... Then we went to dinner and frozen yogurt. Brian got his hair cut and tomorrow I get to look forward to the Zoo! YAY! Overall its been a wonderful day! I am excited to see what this next year holds... even if it takes me one year closer to being 30. I wouldn't trade my life for anything!

And finally.... I can finally get my hair into pigtails! SO EXCITING!

Its always fun when Grandma and Grandpa Come!

My Parents came in April! I LOVE it when they come. It is always so fun. Gramps made sure his laptop had lots of fun cartoons for the boys to enjoy! They often swarmed him when he brought it down even if he needed to get some work done :D
We went to the movies and saw How to Tame Your Dragon with all the kids, I LOVED that and then we also did Gatti Town, they have a train that goes around the parking lot and we rode it with the two littlest a least a million times.

They loved it! The best part since I hurt my back was the trampoline getting put together. YAY! It has been so much fun! Its starting to get real warm here so this last week we have used it less but believe me we usually jump once or twice a day! Its pure joy for Leland! I absolutely love spending time with lots of my family! Thanks so much for coming out mom and dad! I love you to bits!
Z and I barely workin :D

Leland loved getting some one on one time with his Gramps while I visited with my Mom and Brian they watched Monsters Inc on his Iphone...
We also did a girls night out, where Amy and Mom surprised me with an early birthday celebration. There was so much laughter shared and a lot of delicious desserts shared. I am so glad to know you ladies! We need to do that again! This time in June when Emma comes. That will be a good time! I loved laughing so hard I cried multiple times! Amazing! Thanks to Amy and Hope for orchestrating it and Mom for paying for the treats! Loves to all!

Life Happens

It happens too fast for me to keep up with. I keep reconnecting with people from my past and finding out hurtful things. Things that make me cry and want to confront the offenders. Maybe I need to stop reconnecting. Although some of it has been healing. My friend Mark has been an amazing help in all of that. I never thought that it may help to first forgive myself for being in whatever situation and then work on forgiving the offenders. I realized the other day that so much of Idaho is a blur... I spent like 3 1/2 years there or something and can't remember much of it. I have blocked it out, tried to erase it. Sure I have several fond memories but many more that hurt. Its not a fun process but I am getting there ever so slowly and my out look on life is changing. Its refreshing. I miss looking for the good instead of the bad. I think so often when the crap starts piling on I just give up. Its evident in my housework and my mothering abilities. I know I can be an amazing mom because the examples I have from my mom and sisters are just that amazing. They are inspiring, so with that I will continue and hope my metamorphosis ends somewhere happy! I often get tagged as having depression and guess what... ever since that day back in 2001 in the therapy office at Ricks I have used it as a crutch as an excuse. Yes I have depression but not the debilitating kind I get what everyone else suffers from that whole seasonal issue as well as when I get in tough situations. In other words I handle it quite well most of the time. And I have sweet people around me like Brian and Amy who know when I need to be encouraged to be in the sun... even if its cold outside, or to forgo dieting for the night and have a night out with my girls. I have some friends here who are irreplaceable they consider me family and I consider them family. I am blessed and as of today I want to work towards becoming happy again... I can do that. With my God and Husband and family who support me endlessly I can do it... and after all who couldn't smile when they looked in the face of this little boy...
he is absolutely my pride and joy. I want to make sure he knows how to be positive and he knows that when hard times come and things seem impossible there is a place to turn to and He will help carry the burden.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Catch Up

I have so much to post about I thought I would make a little list... I promise to work on it within this next week:D

My parents trip out
Michael turns 12
Caleb turns 10
Leland is just dang cute...
My mothers day/ birthday trip :D
and thats all I can think of but I know when I upload the pictures I will have more!
Thanks to Amanda and Amber I adore this song. I probably would have never stumbled across it... Such a beautiful story. And she is amazing. I love her voice... This is live... and she does beautifully! Not like some singers we listen to these days....