Thursday, June 4, 2009

TMI... it seems to be my theme lately!

OK so I realized that I had not posted about my women issues since a while back and I just wanted to say that NO i have still not had a period. I have NO idea what that little follicle that made everyone at the doctor's office so happy, is wasting its time doing in there, and NO I am not going back to the doctor just yet, although I was supposed to call if I didn't get a period. So perhaps I will call tomorrow, so I can add a little more stress to my day, and have them tell me to keep waiting, however I have no intention of going back in to hear those words because I can keep waiting for free....

Sweetest Sleeper

My most favorite thing to do is to watch him sleep.... This was the first one and it came out a little blurry but I love it
and this one he is covering his eyes from the flash... so sweet!


must I make dumb decisions! Ok folks... long story short so I can post about the cute baby I have. I hate my legs mainly because they are hairy, and i have the dark coarse hair that you can see before it pops out of the pore. SO I had this ingenious idea, I would go and get a quote for laser hair removal, one part of my leg at a time, and I prepared myself that the price would be way too much and I would be satisfied that I did something to look into a fix for the nasty dark hair... but no, I went in was sweet talked and financed and set up the appointment. Only to keep justifying it, I can go back to work at the bookstore, Reid loves me... right??? I am a favorite employee except when I put the hangers the wrong directions... if I knew how to post a link to an old post I would put it here... and I could pay it off before the financing had interest. Uhmmmm the more I thought about it the more I had to explain it, I was super stoked, cause that means I wouldn't have to shave for my whole vacation (at least my thighs which is what I was going to start with).
Brian seemed ok with it, I mean he wasn't thrilled, but he said if it would make me happy and I was willing to work to pay it off (whether that means I cook more/complain less or work 2 times a month at the bookstore, he doesn't care) but he still thought it was a little frivolous. I noted that but was super excited anyway, then I talked to my sister Amy (who is wise I am sure far beyond her years) and she gently put it out there that if I felt the need to clarify and justify it that maybe just maybe I needed to think about it some more. With that said, and me being irritated by it and selfish thinking I knew myself the best and this was in fact the best decision I could ever make for myself, it hit me... No one cares about your legs... stop being so selfish. I talked it over with the hubby and since I already set it all up it is going to cost us to cancel it, which is only fair, she took her time to meet with us and set it all up. He and I agreed that its ok, he told me that I could work and save my money in my own account just for this treatment, and in a year if I still wanted it I could get it and we would pay what we had up front and then finance the rest. Who knows in a year I may be more willing to deal with the hair, and decide to put it towards a car or something that we actually need more than me feeling ok about my legs. Anyway since I am a super wimp Brian agreed to call (this is why I love him folks, I tend to get over emotional, and lose my cool way to fast, and with the stress of getting ready to go to my mom's my stomach started to churn) and he figured he would ask them first to freeze the account (since they would do that if I became pregnant) and let them know that in a year we would know for sure if this was the right thing for me. If not we pay 10% which is better than paying the whole thing.... So I live and learn, looks like I can't give Brian crap anymore about his Car fiasco:D And I am even more grateful for a sister and husband more grounded than I am, that can help me process my mistakes and grow from them. Ok so that wasn't short... but there you have it, perhaps I will be able to sleep now!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just some catch up!

We spent Memorial day at our home this year, and we even bought a little 15$ grill at Wal Mart. Thanks to my Father in Law Jim I learned that if you marinate the chicken in Italian Dressing then grill it and when its almost done put the BBQ sauce on it, the chicken is MUCH more Yummy! Apparently most everyone else already knows this, I must be behind on the marinating wagon! Anywho the Greens came over to eat with us, and Brian and I didn't realize we needed a connector for the grill to the gas so we ended up broiling the chicken. Dad Green (Jim) still put the grill together for us and he had a little helper along the way. Leland likes to be helpful, which I am hoping he will hold on to for a while at least!We had a great time chatting and cooking together and really enjoyed the day it was a nice day!
Lelands favorite part was getting the chips away from me... chicken.. Nope he likes the chips and Chicken Little the movie , just like his dad.

The rest of the evening we played with Trains, his newest Love. He finds them all at bed time and takes them into sleep with him! Its pretty dang cute if I do say so myself!

Thanks Amy for sharing with us! Leland loves to play and now usually carries some part of his trains with him around the house!