Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Mother of all TMI posts.

No seriously this is a TMI post so you may not want to read... its about labor stuff..... so be warned.

So last night, or really this morning at the unholy hour of like 2 or 3 whenever I was using the bathroom I noticed that I had lost my mucus plug. This is important to note because one I thought holy heck that is disgusting and two I just wanted to get back to bed as quick as possible, hence the reason I could have cared less about what had occurred. I waited till around noonish to discuss this with anyone that would actually know what the heck that is. I talked it over with Brian in the morning and just told him how gross it was etc but still it hadn't occurred to me that this could be the mucus plug, the thing my doctor doesn't put a lot of faith in it to mean labor will be coming within the next few days. So I wasn't too concerned with it. Only then I started noticing everything around the house that needed to be done and started to feel overwhelmed and then the panic kicked in. SO I will say this now. Sorry Mom... if you come and the house is a mess and in need of TLC I promise I have been working on it... but slowly. I was blessed tonight to not focus on that part of it but to focus on the blessing it is to have a baby SO I am working on that. Anywho the doctor did say that the baby could come anywhere between tonight and 3 weeks now that that's happened. I will keep ya'll posted I am hoping to get a few more things tackled and done before but what I really wanted to remember is that 1. Leland was super needy today. I think that was more of him just needing to know that I still loved him and I failed at the miserably for the first part of the day... Lots of yelling and not taking time for him. But by the end of the day I just sat with him on the couch and hung out. 2. My Dad was super proud of the fact that he knew what a mucus plug was, and what it meant (I for the record am super proud of him for that too... since when I talked to Brian about it he made all sorts of faces) and 3. That I have a wonderful sister who is keeping close tabs on me, and making me promise to take it seriously, while still offering any help I could need. She is pretty amazing.