Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bath Time

Most of you know that mom and dad are remodling and so they are sans a tub:) So we clean the sink! He loves it!
I wish I had gotten the picture when he pulled himself up by the sink faucet and was chewing on it!
He really wanted the comet don't worry I moved it!

IS everything really bigger in Texas???

I mean seriously have you seen the size of the Peas, not my thighs.... Please don't look at my thighs!!!!

Plain Tuckered OUT

Gram has kept us running and we are loving it! It adds up to Leland just being plain tuckered out!

My Awesome New Shoes!

These are pretty much awesome! Thanks MOM!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Lelands cousins LOVE him! We were sitting at church yesterday and I passed Leland down to Emily and the horde that was sitting by me all made their way down to Emily to play with Leland. Haven stuck by me she was pretty sad that I didn't give her a chance to hold him! Majel is pretty much a baby kind of girl she gravitates to him wherever he goes, in the pool at church and at Gram's house. Its pretty cute to watch! Porter and Maddy like him as well, so that is fun to watch them play with him, although Maddy was pretty ticked at Gram for giving him her tea set to play with, but other than that she seems to like him a little:) Cienna likes him but is more interested in talking to uncle Brian, and Ethan ACTS like he hates having to play with him but I think he likes it! It has cured him of wanting a little brother though! Quyhn asked if they should take him home and Ethan said NO! So thats a good thing.
Cienna got to hold him, I stayed close by in case he threw his weight around

Emma's kids sat and played with him this morning! They seem to think he is something special and I have to agree!

Great America

Great America is an amusement park out here in California, located in Santa Clara, we went with Gene and Quynh and their three kids Cienna Majel and Ethan,Que Quynh's mom, and Gram and Pops it was a warm day but we had a blast. Gene didn't put sunscreen on and you will see why that is bad when you see his picture:) But Gram, Quyhn and Que took the 3 littlest ones to kiddie land, and Gene Pops Brian and me along with the tallest of the kids Cienna, went off to conquer the bigger coasters! We went on the Vortex, not as fun as I remember:) although it was still fun because Cienna screamed at take off and the lurch to get us back into the loading place. Then we road the Demon, we did this one twice because Cienna thought it was pretty cool! Poor Pops had a black out though on it so we only did it twice.... Then we did Invertigo, I screamed pretty much the whole way and felt pretty dumb cause Gene was facing me cracking up that I was screaming... thankfully he had me to make fun of instead of poor Cienna, I think it scared her more but I could be wrong... She screamed louder. With good reason, this coaster pulls you up to the top and then drops you through a whole bunch of different twists and turns and upside downs up to the other side, and then it drops you back through! Those of you that went to this park back in the day it is a much better version of the Wave. We also did the survivor ride, which was pretty relaxing and it created a nice breeze... Poor Pops gave me his hat, I tend to turn purple when I get to hot, I have since I was a baby, Gram said they used to bring me to her from nursery and say uhmm she is turning purple... Poor Gram always had to have me with her:) Anyway poor Pops bald spot got a sunburn because he gave up his hat to shade his color changing daughter, I have to admit it helped! THANKS POPS! Overall we had a great day! Our last ride was the log ride.... Brian Cienna Que and me all rode in one, Que was scared so she got in the back, and I told her I wouldn't duck... but I did and she got pretty wet... I felt slightly bad... but she seemed all right with it! I only took a picture of Gene and Leland at the park but Quynh actually took him on a ride and got some pictures so I will have to get those from her and add them to the post! We had a blast! Thanks Gene and Quynh!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well a hit at gram's and pop's has long been the pool, and it was for Leland this time around as well! Dad got in with Leland first, and Gram and Mom followed.....
He of course liked to pat the wall, although he got a little too excited and there went his Binky...

A little peek a boo with the pool toy.... Wheres Dad? There he is:) Playing with Gram

And of course some loves from Gram!

Friday, May 16, 2008

More sucker fun

So I let him have the sucker again, he liked to put that whole ball sucker in his mouth, which would have gagged me and I have a much bigger mouth! Anywho he is pretty cute so here are some from after we go home!

I think this is backwards! sticky hands!

I got it! And now....

DANG! Its gone!

On the floor mom won't let me have it back!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Zoo, Zoo, Zoo how about you you you:)

We got a late start today:) Due to my ignorance and stalling on taking care of myself I had to go to urgent care, luckily it was just a bladder infection. But that meant we got a late start to the Zoo... We didn't leave until about 1:30, but the beautiful thing about that was that when we got there we watched the last school group leaving! So we had a Zoo with only like 50 people in it to roam! We had a blast! We started in the African part of it all, and found this bird sunning its wings, it looks awfully painful!
Then we found the giraffe who looked as mom called it a teenager, we took the photo op as a family:) He was having fun riding in the strollerHere is the gorilla that was ignoring us until we got our chips out for a snack then he came over to check us out
And this is the baby giraffe... So cute!we then crossed paths with a peacock who Brian scared and it scared Mom and me with the noise it made....
we watched the penguins being fed, he loved that, he tracked them all over the place! That was fun!
Then we headed to see the baby Tigers. They were so precious! There was one laying right up against the window! How fun to be close! The Mama tiger let them bug her by crawling all over her and she just laid there. Two were particularly playful!

He loves things that are small and furry and I think if he could have he would have squeezed them! But thankfully there was glass involved:) SO no tiger attacks today! He got to ride on dad shoulders which in general made him a happy little camper.

and around 4pm we went and watched the giraffes get some foods, here is the evidence.

Then as is customary, we got him a sucker, he was a sticky little guy when we got home.

and like all the other kids on the other trips, he followed suit and fell asleep, although dad wouldn't let him hold his own sucker:)

Phone Call from Annie

When we got to California Annie called to talk at us! Turns out Leland likes to talk on the phone see below:)

First Flight

SO I am a nervous flyer, Yes hard to believe I know, but I like to be the full 90 minutes early to the airport because I want to KNOW I am not going to cut it too close! I have done that before and it isn't fun! Any who we left a little later and that meant a closer call on getting to the airport! Sadly I left a delicious bag of snacks that mom Hamilton had put together for us, and was really wishing i had that Carmel corn on the flight:) Anyway, it turns out our flight was going to be like 10 minutes late so we made it in time and all was well. However there was a maintenance problem so it kept us waiting for a bit. Around 10:20 our flight was scheduled to leave at 9:50 we were informed that our plane was not safe and they would let us know shortly if they would rebook us or just use a different airplane. Luckily option 2 was the way they went and our new plane would board about 11:20, so we grabbed something to eat, and they boarded early, luckily we didn't miss it though we were the last ones on the plane:) The flight wasn't full and it was one of those planes with the two seats on one side and three on the other, I asked the flight attendant if we would be able to sit on the side with the two seats, but she got us a better deal and moved the 3rd person off our row so Leland got his own seat, but he sat with me most of the time, these pictures are from the times when he was on his own dinner! He slept through take off and for about the first 30 minutes of the flight... Fantasticthen he just sat and babbled at the women behind us on the way down, the pressure didn't seem to bother him even with his cold. He did manage to blow some snot bubbles it was pretty fun!
Anyway he wasn't sure of his gram at first and even tried to bink her once or twice, but today is a new story! HE LOVES his Gram!

This was one of his new toys its one of those shaky ones, Brian kept putting it close to his mouth so he could bite on it and then making it shake

and it tickled his nose....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Long Night

We are in for a long night, I just got Leland down to sleep again after he puked up 8 ozs of milk... i of course bathed him and changed his crib, but it looks like Mom won't get a whole lot of sleep, we don't have a monitor so it makes me nervous to go to bed with him out here and me back in the bed room, so i will likely have a long sleepless night, checking on him every so often, and I still have to figure out what plug to plug the humidifier in so that it will work! UGH!

Mother's Day!

I am insanely grateful for all the mothers who love me! Most of all my own! She is amazing and I can't believe that 26 years ago she was laboring to bring me into the world! As I sat and thought about how tiring my day will be tomorrow (my baby contracted the Hamilton's cold and lijahs and mixed them... and currently at 10:30 he is playing with his empty bottle in his crib, I suppose its my fault since I decided to give him medicine...) but as he has gagged quite a few times on his phlegm and I am grossed out enough by it , I think I will stay home and send Brian to church, and since he took today off to do all the birthday (Libby's birthday was today) and Hopes Grad party with me, he has to work early, so it looks like we will be finding a sub for our CTR class for the next three weeks, I am sure they are glad they asked us to teach! :) Anyway I am amazed that my mom continues and worked so hard her whole life to make sure my days were enjoyable, and that I knew I was loved and here I sit complaining that my baby is sick for my birthday, its not like I have a right to complain either because he is still a good baby when he is hacking up phlegm and can't breath, so I suppose that I should go and set up the humidifier. I just wanted to let my amazing mom know I love her! LOVE YOU MOM! Ps how the heck to you spell phlem? flem? Huh never was a strong speller....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cute Toot

So today I went grocery shopping with Amy, and on the fun side I got lots of fun things:) She made me a mothers day present.... Which I love! I will have to figure out a good way to display it!
and she got me my birthday presents and they came early (while I was there) so I got to open them early! She said the 3rd is on the way! So I am just thrilled! She is too good to me! They are really fun to read out loud! Em do you want me to bring them to read to your kids:) Hee hee get your own:) Just kidding, I think hope wants to borrow them! Anywho they are super fun!
As an added plus Brian let me extend my vacation out to Cali by almost a full week, and mom and dad agreed to have me infringing on their home! I am so excited! Thanks to everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2008


A. Post the Rules
B. Answer all the questions about yourself
C. After you are done posting, tag 5 people.
1) What I was doing ten years ago: I was 16 so I was going to be an aunt (he was supposed to be due on my birthday (my 16th) and I being a dumb self absorbed girl thought this was the worst) I was going to Homestead high school, dating someone I don't care to name, and in general being a teenager. Nothing to be proud of!

2) 5 Things on my 'To Do' list today: Dishes, straighten the living room so I can vacuum, check the mail, get my ticket extended, and childproof one room.

3) Snacks I enjoy: S'mores both the ice cream and the real thing, M&M's (peanut and peanut butter are the best) soda, corn with butter and pepper... oh pretty much anything:)

5) 3 Bad Habits: Too much computer time, not motivated to do much, eat to comfort myself

6) 5 Places I've Lived: Rexburg Id, Dallas Tx, Richardson Tx, Sunnyvale Ca, Mason Oh

7) 5 Jobs I've Had: MOM, Moons LDS Bookstore, Hallmark, Allen Therapy Center, Stanford Medical records

8) 5 Things People Don't Know About Me: I miss working, but love being with my little tank, I enjoy cleaning other peoples houses but not my own, and most of all I really can be a door mat, I don't like confrontation unless I know how it will go and I do it when I am sure it will go well, if there is no guarantee the person usually has to come to me:)

Tag: Alison, Michael, Caleb, Porter and Haven

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I decided I would try to make some onesies for the baby and then the idea came to do one for Brian and the baby so their shirt and onesie say TREE and APPLE:)

For the baby I made some others among my favorites are No touchy and What is this word No You speak of?