Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick story!

Yesterday my FIL had Leland all day. He put him down for nap about the time the Cowboys game came on (yes that cracked me up) and went to check on him at half time. He opened the door just a crack and was staring at the crib, he couldn't see anything but he could hear some movement. So he opened the door a little wider. He found Leland on the queen bed right next to his crib with a bike helmet on and playing with toys Mimi had bought for Christmas. He told him to get back in his bed and stay there, and so he did. But we are pretty sure he didn't get any sleep. I think by 2 1/2 it will be impossible to keep him in the crib, although if there is nothing close to it he may not try to escape. I can only hope... :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Bebob....

Ok so I know I am missing the post every day for something I am thankful for but today I am thankful for my little boy! He is amazing! His laugh can cure any bad days and I am just glad I have him to keep me company! Last night was a rough night, he was having a hard time breathing laying down (we were sharing a room at Amy's) and so I got him up and propped myself up with pillows so that if I held him he would be almost sitting up but still comfortable enough to sleep.... I was surprised by how much I didn't resent him for lost sleep (we all know how I NEED my sleep) instead I just cherished the fact that I had a baby that could sleep cuddled into my chest. Also last Sunday the youth choir preformed and he was sitting and playing and as soon as the boys joined in he turned around and grabbed the bench in front of him so he could listen to them. It tells much better in person... but yeah I am thankful for my bebob.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We are so blessed to have such great friends and our very supportive families close. I have two friends that are just wonderful and are always making sure I am taken care of when Brian is at school. Tonight I got the treat of being able to cook with them ( I LOVE to cook for groups.... I hate to cook for 2:D) and I feel a little bad cause I totally took over... but they let me be bossy and I came home (well they brought me home) feeling blessed that i have two adopted sisters down here in Dallas. I am also blessed to be so close to Amy who lets me crash her house when Brian needs to study(or any other time really:D)... She is the best ya'll Leland gets into everything and she just smiles and loves on him, it makes me feel so welcome and loved I just want her to know it. I adore her kids who always seem excited to see me, even if I am grumpy they are there with hugs... I hope they know how much I love them. Seriously some of the best kids around.

I am even more blessed because shortly I will be living so close to them I will be able to see them more, and hang out more, and get to be a part of their growing up. I am hoping I can be a good example to those kids and let them know I love them even when I am hard on them... Poor Zeke probably gets it the worst, but its just cause I love him too darn much... Talk about a ray of sunshine... Zeke is that!

I am also finding myself very grateful for my wonderful in laws, who love me regardless of how messy my house is or how whiny I am. They are great and I am thankful for all they do for us. They have been very supportive and helpful with this whole home buying business and I love that. I feel like I can call them up and ask questions and they will spend whatever time they have answering them.

So as Thanksgiving approaches I just wanted to be thankful a little in advance for the wonderful family that I have surrounding me. Even the ones that are far away and i miss daily... I love them all and am grateful for the support and love we get from them!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our House!

Our House inspection went so WELL! We only have some minor things to fix and they are totally doable by ourselves! WHICH IS AWESOME... and by ourselves I do mean with the help of my Father in law:D But we are so excited there is a radiant barrier in our attic and while it is not a weight bearing attic (meaning we can maybe store one or two light things, we can't store much up there) that will significantly help in reducing the cooling bill or so we were told. Our garage also has some insulation on the actual garage door... but that is probably because there are windows into the garage. Almost every window has blinds already on it, except of course in the garage and in the kitchen, so we only need to buy a few of those which will be really nice! The Hamilton's gave us $100 dollar gift card to Home Depot for our anniversary, so we will be buying some of our stuff there! Thanks Mom and Dad Hamilton for the gift! Anyway we used an inspector named Ted Menelly, he was wonderfully helpful and took us through how to fix each thing that he found was wrong with the house. He let us ask him a million questions and was more than happy to to walk us through how to fix it more than once. He is on the cheaper end of the spectrum but in no way would you know it. He is helpful and very much a good sport. He finished telling us all about our homes issues then waited patiently while Brian went around and got all the pictures for ya'll. We had a nice conversation..... while we were waiting for him to finish up and I would highly recommend him if you need an inspection done any time soon!

Before you scroll through the pictures you should know we bought a foreclosure... which is why there is all sorts of random and its NOT clean....

This is our side yard

Me looking large in front of the garage

Front of our house

The lovely owner also installed the garage door opener wrong... and they tore it half way down when they left.... I suppose it could have been worse....
Our closet runs the whole back side of our room... ITS HUGE!

Our lamely stunted bathroom vanity, we will eventually put some new cabinets in and extend the vanity but for now its perfect.

Our tub... YAY

Master bedroom the door on the back wall is the closet, and the door on the side wall is the master bathroom

these are the lovely parting holes the last owners did. Should be easy to fix, I hear they have classes at Home Depot and Lowes for this sort of thing... Looks like I will be learning some new things!
Back side of the house

This is our backyard... from the patio (one of the problems is it is sloped towards the house so we will have to make a drainage way for it so we don't end up with all our soil washed up to the house)

My incredibly small pantry (but on the flip side I have more cabinets than I ever had before... so we can make it work!

This is our kitchen (to those I talked to and said it had a fridge I very much got the two houses we saw that day mixed up... we are getting a fridge from the Hamilton's... its a lovely :D I am just thankful we don't have to buy one! Mom H if this information comes as a shock to you talk to Brian he is the one that told me we were getting the fridge from your garage:D)

This is the closet of the bedroom Leland will be in,... Just have to get some new hinges...

Guest bathroom/ Leland's bathroom yes that is some random t shirt just hangin out there

This is the sink for the above bathroom, Brian must have found it amusing that they left the soap...

This is our living room going into the kitchen

the walk way me and our inspector are standing by leads into the master bedroom

This is supposed to be a formal dinning room, but Brian and I are going to use it as a computer space.... and if we keep our fish tank it will go in here probably.

The two doors that are straight to the back are the two bedrooms, the door off to the left is the laundry room which leads off to the garage and the door on the right is the bathroom....
Laundry room

Spare bedroom....

Spare bedroom closet... if we can ever afford "dish network" we have a box for it...

Let me know what ya think.... We are super excited about it, and we are less the 10 minutes from my sister Amy, and with that said we will be in her ward for a little while as I suspect they will be splitting her ward sooner rather than later! I am SO SO thankful for your prayers and thoughts cause we got an amazing deal. This house new sells for 146,000 and we got ours for 120,000 and with minimal problems to fix that is a HUGE blessing!