Monday, July 28, 2008

Memory Tag

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tender Mercies

Rocking a teething baby to sleep..... and realizing you love him more than you ever thought possible....

Zekies Party

So we had a birthday party the other day that was a blast! We celebrated Zeke turning foy...aka four. He had quite a list of friends come, and we had a good time just hanging out with everyone. There was of course Zeke!And this is Ginger playing the fishing gameAnd this is Kayden (I think...sp???) he was a little shy of being with the kids so we spent most of the party together so he would stay at the party, I can't say if he enjoyed it.:)This is most of the gang... (from left to right)Caleb, Matthew, Claire, Eli, Zack,Chloe, Ginger, Zeke, Michael, Kayden and Avin.. and yes that is me looking ever so rolly...

This is right before we played pin the fish on the fish hook. Amy draws all of her own pins the whatever on, this isn't a great picture of it but she did an excellent job!
Then we played hot potatoes with fish and sang the happy birthday song like 12 times! You can see Leland wanted to play.... more or less just to chew on them, you can kind of see how big he is next Eli and why everyone thinks they are twins:)

This was Eli's favorite!Hope gave Leland a sucker and when I suggested that Brian take him into the tub so it didn't get sticky everywhere Hope said NO then he won't associate it with me:) You can see we kept them busy, (I say we but really it was Amy) They decorated hats

Fished for frogs and ocean animalsopened presents, I think Amy was surprised too!:)and had dirt and worms... apparently most everyone else there had never seen it done in cups! I have because back in the day where you could bring your "homemade" snack for your birthdays I always chose this one! Thanks mom for being so willing to always make them all! Yet another way you are the best! Chloe wouldn't get close to anyone unless they were Amy or someone close to her Nanny Lauren (hopes little sister) so while she was holding Leland, Chloe felt it safe to give kisses! She is only 2 can you believe how tall she is! Her dad is apparently 6'2... Impressive!
Leland is sitting behind me fake coughing I think he is ready for mom to feed him......:)

Trying out REAL Peaches!

So I decided to buy some fruit cups and just see if Leland liked peaches... well for those of you that don't see him when he doesn't like something this is pretty much his faceWhich goes into the sqinchy nose....but wait I might like it with coco puffs....winning combinationand I just thougth I would get his feet... I love this!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mimic Me

So its pretty cute to hear Leland as he gets older to talk, he is SUCH a talker and the other day when I was changing his clothes I said where did Leland go.. then I said TA DA as it came over his head, he smiled big and said ta ta! SO cute! His mimicking is cute now but I know that as some point it will get old. He also said I think his first real word the other day, Brian came to get him out of the shower, and when he opened the curtain, Leland said Dada, and went right to him, which isn't exactly normal because he does LOVE the shower! Anyway he is growing up too fast!


Leland for the longest time I think has been jealous of Eli for being able to walk... or it could just be the desire to chase after him quickly after he gets wacked by Eli on the run! Its quite fun to watch the pecking order! Anyway he has been trying to stand on everything but has not once been able to stand in his crib that is until today....
We had just put him down for a nap when he piped up again, and I had Brian go and check on him because he is known for getting those chubby thighs stuck in the bars, but this is what we found....
This one turned out all old fashioned so while it is the same one that I took earlier I decided to post it too:)

Monday, July 21, 2008

MK Makeover....

Okay so I couldn't find a picture of ME per say and I thought this might be fun to do since I actually am wasting time on the computer:) so here it is... I gave some mascara to make his eyes pop and the hair style that I thought was funny:) There are too many Texas hair styles by the by, the poof could kill! Anyway Noah look forward to having a curly haired cousin! Well I hope!

Poor Leland... I promise by the time he makes it to high school this blog will be obsolete... Anyway I am heading to bed now! Loves to all!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swimming with Hope and Amy

We went swimming over at Hope's apartment yesterday with Amy and her boys and the kids Hope watches! We had a blast! We did Pizza for lunch,... Thanks Amy! and Hope and her kids Matthew and Claire made us all water bottles ( we were supposed to go to the zoo, but it didn't work out and since last time it was SO hot they thought ahead!) so we had cool drinks as well!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July

We had some family come in from West Virginia (Danielle Brian's Step sister) and so we spent the 4th with our in laws, the morning was spent at their home around the pool, just hanging out and having a good time. Oh and we did go to a friends and family lunch at Burger King, Dad Hamilton works for Burger King and supervises the franchisees to make sure they are in line and continue to up hold the standards that Burger King has set. As such he has to be very hands on at the openings of new Burger Kings and this one just happened to open on the 4th, so we all went and had a free lunch that was delicious. Oh and Robert tagged along for this part of our day! Then was off to the boat, sadly I had forgotten I had my camera so these pictures are all taken after a long day in the sun I think you can tell that it had taken its toll. Oh the Hamiltons bought a boat that had been under water for 5 weeks after hurricane Katrina so its looking fantastic for the two years of work that have been put into it! Here is Mom Hamilton steering the boat....And Poppy and Leland (who refused to go to sleep until the very last minute on the boat) and of course Brianand then a very scary picture of me! It was a long tiring day, and you can tell, we showered with Leland when we got home as he had gotten over heated and just been yucky feeling in general all day, and he stayed asleep the whole time... I diapered him and stuck him in his crib because he was starting to get frustrated with me! Looks like he had fun!

Brutal Tag:D

This is a Picture Tag, you have to answer 10 items with pictures. The only rule is that there is NO CLEANING before the pictures are taken. Mean, huh? Not that I would drop everything to clean for a post. =) See below to see whose been tagged!

1) Dream Vacation>>With kids....Probably a disney cruiseWith brian probably here in Tahiti...or alone:) 2)Self Portrait>>Uhmmm don't know when this was taken:)Ok I do know when it was taken 4th of July... ain't it pretty?
3)What are the kids/pets doing right now>>...Uhmm he was doing this....but then I woke him up and put him in his giant play pen... he loves it can you tell! Ok well he was screaming till the camera came out then he was a little bit of a posing maniac
4) CLOSET>>Welcome to my closet! I am just glad that it wasn't a picture of my room! That would have been scary! Oh and Brian and I don't seperate our clothes currently but don't have the room.
5) FAVORITE ROOM>> Is the one that is clean, right now that would be the baby's bedroom/ play pen! Thanks to hope for helping make is so fun!

6) FAVORITE SHOES >> I have 3 pair that are my favorite but many that would fit that, however since no one really wants to see them all, I will stick with my 3 favorite!

7)LAUNDRY ROOM>>...Ours isn't a room its across from the bathroom in a little well large closet. Its messy:)
8) BATHROOM>> Uhm yes this is horrible,and I did clean it after I took the picture, the zip lock bags are left from our vacation that ended a month ago! YIKES!
9) SINK>>... I had just done the dishes when I found out I had been tagged! I was more than glad to take this picture!
10) FRIDGE>>...Its way hot here. and I really need to clean out my fridge... guess I should have done it sooner!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Visiting the Greens

Leland and I made a special trip up to visit the Green's as we thought we may get to go and visit my friends from Ricks down in Houston, so we wanted to make sure we got a visit in! Libby can't yet lift Leland unless she is sitting and even then she can't seem to maneuver him into a good position so its pretty fun to watch! She does enjoy holding him though!

We got her in a few different pictures!