Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just For Mom:D

I talked to my mom today and she told me I didn't have enough pictures on here, well I have been saving them up on my camera, but I don't really know what to post them with so I will post a few anyway with some random stories that have nothing to do with the pictures:D

This right here is we got a new garbage can, that locks (because he was throwing everything away, and then pulling the things he wanted back out) so when he is determined to put something away he goes over to the garbage can grabs the lid and whines until I come over to help him. He is just too dang cute... You can see our hand mixer on the carpet in the back ground, that is because Leland likes to mimic his dad when his dad irons his shirt. He has tried to use the real iron, but I got it from him and gave him this substitute, which he is perfectly happy with:D

This is what Leland wore to church the other day, he was super happy to be at church and we met his nursery leader patsy, we couldn't stay for all of church because Brian had to get to work, and by the time I took him and dropped him off and came back there would only be about 20 minutes of church left. However Patsy did offer to give me a ride to church or home so that takes a burden off the shoulders, I hate asking for rides!

I LOVE it when he sits like this! it is so cute, I bet he has a kink in his neck though! He watches the shorts video from Pixar and loves each little skit:D Its very cute to watch, granted he only sits through the first two or three, then wanders around till another one catches his eye.

Today Leland figured out how to open doors, now normally this wouldn't be a big deal, you put some of the horrible child proof door knobs on and vola your problem is fixed... Not so much, you see Leland pulls on them when he wants to get into a room badly enough and off they pop... Mom suggested that I duct tape them on, which if it happens again, I may just try

Second first for today, Leland brought me his bowl for more chips, I told him they were all gone and to go play (He likes the sun chips salsa flavor... odd for a kid, but I digress) He wondered off while mumbling some form of language I am sure, and the next thing I heard was a clunk... he had put his empty bowl in the sink! How cute is that. Neither Brian or I have ever taught him that, and I am sure this is one place that we FAIL in the example part!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A scare...

Last night we were at the Hamiltons, they have a lovely pool out back, and I am sure you all know where this is going. Leland went out back with Poppy who was putting the car seat in the car, Dad Hamilton had his eye on Leland the whole time and he said Leland was very carefully walking around the pool when he all the sudden he decided to jump in. Thats right my friends my child didn't fall into the pool he dove in head first. Pebbles (their dog) started barking which is what Mom Hamilton and I heard, we didn't hear a splash or anything so we just continued talking in the kitchen, when Dad Hamilton came in wet, with Leland stripped down to his diaper, and crying. Dad Hamilton said Leland didn't want to get out. Now I know Leland was all right because there was someone right there to help him, but this freaks me out a bit. Ok a lot.... I am going to have to have hawk eyes this summer, so my littlest water baby stays safe.

Michaels Party...

We went to the Zoo on Saturday, I thought it was going to be cool but oh was I wrong.... I was so hot that my temper got the best of me:D And we discovered that Leland is more like his mama than we knew before.. When that kid gets hot the fat lady has sung and we better be high tailing it out of there, so he can cool off. Luckily I had some change of clothes and so Amy suggested we let the little boys get wet. Fabulous idea and it saved me too. I was able to calm down, and so was Leland, he was however ticked when we had to continue to wait and he couldn't be in the water.... You see Leland LOVES water... This is sometimes a worrisome fact, but at the Zoo its cute. Anyway Leland loves to spend time with his aunt and cousins, although he picks up that they all call me Allie and thinks he should try it... not cool... Anywho we spent some time at the big yellow house they have there, and Leland and I stayed outside for a while, because the boys were hoping to pet a snake, and since I had a run in with a LARGE lizard at the reptile house, I decided I would wait outside, and the fact that Leland wasn't ready to go in yet. He wanted to push the Chairs around... anywho we were glad we got to go and it was worth it to celebrate with the kiddos.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crafty I am not..

But I did post the craft blog and I also posted it on Facebook... so I sat down tonight to make my "craft" for those that signed up... I think it turned out pretty decent, I only burned myself like 17 times with the glue gun so thats pretty amazing... I figured I would send them along once I get the M&M's to go in them... they are candy holders... at least thats what I intend them to be. I figure I will send them along with a note that says thinking of you and hoping you get a good smile... I am posting pictures of them because really I am quite attached to them, and if they are going to different homes I may need a memory that I made them:D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is Fabulous!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-KiGva9dV4 I don't know how to get the actual video so you will have to follow the link!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

1st Hair Cut....

Leland got his first hair cut on Friday. At first I didn't think it changed him too much but every time I look at him I feel that little tug... he looks so growed up now!

He is just such a little joy! I love this kid to bits!

I am not the only one tuckered out...

I love my boys!

Easter Dinner....

Was fabulous! We had two this year, one at Amy's it was delicious! Amy and I like to split up the responsibilities for big dinners so that there is less stress, this year I did the ham and two potato dishes (we like our starches ok:D) and she did the rolls and sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole. Amy is so sweet because she made mini ones for me to bring home to cook at a later date. I just left all of mine there (well almost all of them) so she could enjoy the meal again:D! Thanks for hosting Ame! It was as always wonderful to be there with you.
Oh and real fast for those of you who don't get to read her blog, she does a thankful game where we go through each letter of the alphabet for those of us sitting around the table and think of something we are thankful for that starts with that letter. We got to Eli and his letter was U since Eli is only 2 we were all going to help him out, but Michael's answer got us to giggling..
Ame: Ok Eli your letter is U
Michael: Eli is grateful for the Uterus, because otherwise he wouldn't be here...
Ame: Ooooookay... Michael your letter is V
Brian: Oh no....
No one can remember what Michael came up with for his letter but we were all thankful that it wasn't what we were expecting:D

We also got to go to the Hamiltons for dinner and that was a lovely time as well! Lots of fun visiting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuckered out

This last week has been a tough one. Mostly due to the loss of our dear Arlene. She was a most amazing women, and she will be sorely missed. She was the mom of my mom's best friend from college so we have known her for some time. She was a second mom to my mom and a kindred spirit to Amy. Arlene and Amy have been close since Amy was 14. My fondest memories of Arlene are when she would hide her favorite chocolates in their food room, hoping that no one would find them. And of course when Brian and I road tripped before we were even engaged to California we stopped in Bountiful to visit, she took him in the other room and interviewed him, made sure he was good enough, and tried to scare the socks off him... She was a wonderful friend to all and will surely be missed. I am like Amy glad to know about the plan of salvation and that we will get to see Arlene again!

Amy got to go to Utah to the funeral, and I am so thankful she trusted me enough with her kids to go:D I had a fairly uneventful week, but I did get a glimpse of what life holds for me and Amy when our almost twins are teenagers! They had been missing for ten minutes and I was starting to get nervous so I ran upstairs looking for them, couldn't find them, heard some splashing and ran back downstairs to the master bathroom and this is what I found!

they had filled the tub, put everything in it they could and then Eli grabbed soaking wet clothes out of the tub and would throw them at Leland who would then erupt in laughter and throw it back at Eli. The giggle fest was cut short by me yelling I am SO ticked! Both doe eyed boys looked at me like seriously, this is the most fun we have had all morning! Brian came in and started laughing, and so since no one was hurt I suppose I can see the situation in a different light. We got both boys changed out of their wet clothes and I cleaned up the bathroom.
Thankfully that was as exciting as the three days got. We did a lot of outside time and had a LOT of laughs and I found that I am much more productive with multiple children:D But maybe not 6! Amy got home safe and sound and those kids have been so glad to have their mom back! We sure are thankful to live so close to help out when we are needed.

I wish I had written down the quotes through the week... Although the other day I do remember taking Eli and Zeke to a pet store that has dogs, just so we could look at them and be out of the house. Zeke put his head up against the glass and one of the dogs came over and started licking his head through the glass. Zeke looked up at me and said... well lets get him out we got to take him home.. I was like uhmmm no, your mama is allergic. He was insistent and said well than we will send him with you. Uhmmm no uncle Brian would NOT be happy with me. So he got all upset and said "but Allie, he chose me, he needs to come home with us" it was pretty dang sweet, and I feel bad that we had to leave him!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good News

Okay sorry to leave everyone hanging, this week has been a hard one for those of us Lamoreaux's in Texas, but we survived.... Gallbladder if fine as I suspected, it is possibly because i am fat:D YAY thats exciting, the doc also said i could have passed the stone, but there is no real way to tell, so he encouraged me to continue to try and eat healthy and start a work out program of some sorts, and see if the pain lets up, although he said he hasn't heard of someone my size having that kind of pain from being overweight. SO we move on to the OB and we have some good news on that front, although it does mean more waiting I have a healthy follicle... Now mind you I am not 100% sure what this means, but I didn't want to ask cause when I looked at the tech quizzically she said I had ovulated! YAY! And when I told Annie I had a healthy follicle, she was pretty dang excited so this must be good. I am mid- cycle, and although I probably won't shed my lining this time, the next time I should. So really all good news, our money stays in our pockets a little longer! WOOT WOOT!