Thursday, August 12, 2010

There is really such a thing as two mama's....

Amy and I were chatting today or another day ( my brain is SHOT) about mama's and how she and I tended to act as mama's to all of our 6 boys down here, and she got nervous I think and said well you can't have 2 mama's but I beg to differ (can I say right now how grateful I am that Leland will have a sane mama...aka Amy). Today we took our boys to the aquarium where an accident occurred before we even made it inside. I am a freak... and so I freaked out. Leland's wrist somehow got smashed in the van door. He of course choose his sane mama (Amy) to get comfort from and I panicked (Uhmmm when did that happen? I used to be the one who took care of all blood, bumps and bad bruises and now I can't even function when it happens, its like my brain stops completely, guess its good Amy is so close) I panicked that is until I saw the childs face who felt responsible for the accident and then it clicked almost like a switch and I realized I was making it worse for this boy, not the one who was physically hurt not my little boy but for the other boy. He was crushed and suddenly I realized Leland wasn't the only one that needed consoling. I made sure to tell him that is was an accident it could have happened to any of us and not to worry I wasn't mad at him at all. And so as Amy went on being Leland's second mama I went about getting the car locked up so we could go in and see some animals and fish. And as I was locking the doors this boy came around and got a hug from me, said he was sorry and was glad that Leland wasn't old enough to tell everyone who had done it like Noah had when Amy accidentally got his hand in the door. (which is why he remains nameless in this post) It made me smile. And it made me grateful to have my sister back from vacation. I didn't realize how much I depended on her for support and friendship until she was gone for three weeks. So I guess I just want to say how thankful I am to families, to knowing that Leland will grow up (as long as she stays put here in Texas) with a second Mama, who he adores and who I adore. I am grateful that I have someone who loves me here too and who watches out for me and helps me when I need it. Sisters are the best and I only wish my other sisters were closer so Leland could have lots more mama's. Sorry this post doesn't make much sense its all over I think and I am having trouble focusing... So I will leave it where it is.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Awesomest Parents Ever!

I have the greatest parents on Earth!

I get to go to California at the end of August because they love me!
(or maybe they love Leland the most....)
At any rate I am super excited!

They called me at midnight (Amy assured them I would be up... and she of course was right) to get some info from me. I was pretty stoked and went right in to tell Brian (yes he had to be up at 4 that morning... but he'll live right) I think he is thrilled that I will am getting to go so he doesn't have to listen to me complain about missing my parents and sister and brother who are out there.

It should be noted that I did also call my mom the next day to make sure I wasn't dreaming... and she said I must have been because she doesn't remember that conversation...then she started laughing... Only my mom...


Monday, August 2, 2010

Stole this Idea:D

My I wants ....

A vacation
To meet Charlie ( My newest nephew)
To suddenly drop 30 pounds I gained while taking hormones
An organized house
A helper with Laundry that does not involve unfolding everything I have just folded (looking at you Leland)
And an extra car;)
And of course to be pregnant

What I got...

An adorable 2 year old (who turns 3 in September)
A hard working Husband ( who keeps a roof over our heads and food on the table, and thankfully clothes on our backs)
A good Family
A car that works
and for now my health!

Trying to be grateful for what you have is hard till even when you realize there are so many people that would love to have what you have. So its something I will have to work on for life it seems to be happy with what I have. God provides for us and maybe if I can let go of my illusion of control I will be grateful for what I have:D