Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just a quick thought

I have been reading this blog here, yes I started because the name is Dancing with Frogs... and it is charming. She lives in Australia and has friends that have fallen victim to the brush fires that are or were burning out of control. Anyway she is doing a book drive for her friends son, and although its probably going to be expensive, I am sending a book along. So if you just want a good read check her out, or if you want updates on how those that are affected are fairing she does an excellent job! She is also quite hilarious! A good read for sure! I don't know how to do the fancy links but here it is.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

little "habits"

that may have me wearing clothes stained with ink and who knows what else. So tell me what do you notice here around the diaper region....

yeah you see an over full diaper, I see

two Binky's that have been stored ever so carefully for later.

I have been finding pens in my wash load and have been yelling at poor Brian to make sure the pens are out of his Painter pockets, you know the ones on the side of the legs I was certain it was him who was leaving them in there even after I told him, I don't check those pockets, just all the others! Well yesterday I had just about had it when another load came out and only a few items were covered in green ink.... Brian pointed out that it must have been in my pocket because he is only allowed to use blue or black at work NOT green, so he wouldn't be toting around a green pen. When I found the culprit (meaning the pen,) I realized that Leland had had that pen before bedtime a few nights ago... and I had thought he had dropped in in the pantry, I went and checked the pantry, no green pen... the pieces are coming together! I went and checked the jammies I had taken off of him the other day and found a chocolate chip cookie in one foot and my favorite gel pen in the other. It would appear that he thinks of the future and what he may want with him, which would explain why many mornings when I go in to get him, his jammies are unzipped down to his knees and he is wearing a sly smirk.... This has been further confirmed by the first time I reached into his onesie today to take the one Binky out, he growled at me, took the Binky and left the room, then he came to find me working on further unpacking in the bathroom and found a Binky on the floor that he tried to casually sneak into his onesie. I can just imagine the messes I will have when he is older!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just around...

I have been saving up pictures to post on my blog, and I am finally getting around to it. It could be because I have reached my ultimate goal on WoW and made a level 80 character... yeah I realize my life is sad... but I now have time to upload some pictures of the kiddo as he is learning new things... I have given into letting him feed himself, since we have carpet where his high chair is I have been putting this off, poor kid is going to get made fun of if he doesn't pick up this "skill" anywho he ended up finger painting everything within reach.. and giving me the "look" when I got too close with the camera. He is a good sharer, as I found out this morning a little too good, he had been doing the every other with kix (the cereal) and gotten to the last one, put it in his mouth and then realized I might want some, and since I was reading I wasn't paying too much attention, and I got a wet kix in my mouth! GROSS! I spit it out, to which he took offense and he took and stuck it in his mouth with a whatever mom, I was just being NICE!

He is really good with a spoon as long as the end is covered in peanut butter, he is a peanut butter fiend and it cracks me up. Every once in a while I will stick a chocolate chip under the peanut butter just to watch his face get all happy. SO CUTE! I will get a picture of this sometime.

He of late has been loving the space we now have, it is AWESOME, yes we are still in a renting situation ( I would say apartment but its a condo really) but Leland just takes off the minute his clothes are off and is doing laps or dancing like a maniac in the living room! Again SO CUTE..

We have also made the switch to sippy cups during the day. I don't have the heart to take away his morning bottle or his evening bottle. But next week we get rid of the morning bottle and the week after that the evening bottle. SO far it has gone smoothly....

His new found love is either drawing(which consists of a capped pen or marker on a piece of paper.) or reading to himself, which is about the sweetest thing and I can't describe it but this morning I was sitting on the couch reading "The Hobbit" and he grabbed a book, and came up next to me, he thought he needed my glasses to read his book, but once he was assured he would be fine without them, he opened his book and started jabbering away. I guess he gets that from listening (ok he never listens but his dad better be) to me read the scriptures out load in the morning while we are getting ready. Its just cute! I love to read, and I hope to pass that on to him, again, I can be labeled as a nerd! Here he is enjoying some of the books we just got from Gram (thanks Mom!)

He is also starting to recognize sentences which is fun for me. So far he knows or pretends to know:D "Lets get a bottle""Want to go see Eli(he also knows go, and check the mail)""let's go find dada(we use this one most mornings.. Brian is not so fond of it)""Lets go to the crib"(which he always does obediently and then panics when I come in behind him:D) So its been so fun to watch him grow up, and start to learn things and then I realize he isn't going to be my "baby" much longer, sure I will still call him that, but in another 7 months my baby will enter the terrible 2's. Oh one more thing since I use this as my journal.. we were sitting in the car playing waiting for Brian to get off of work, and when he saw him coming towards us he threw his hands out the window and squeaked Dada! It was again the cutest thing ever. Granted he has been saying mama since he was like 10 months, he says it when hes angry.. or sad, or everything in between...

Are you ready for this..........

So my friends if you remember reading the last post you will remember that we went to the zoo and had an incident, well other than that the Zoo was fun! We met up with Hope and her nanny kiddos Claire and Matthew and they just love Toby aka Leland, its a long story..... Anywho we had a good time. Claire was a good sport and took Leland through the underground tunnels, he got brave enough to go by himself towards the end, but I loved how crazy he looked in this picture

Before the underground we did the birds.... yeah where I was a good mom, yeah that activity.. and Hopes purse got inspected by this bird....

and then Leland got semi close to the bird on Brian, but he mostly preferred the water that had gathered on the rocks... ugh!

This is at the petting zoo part, Hopies kids are super adorable!

Anywho to round out the trip Claire was super excited as she was telling me she could climb on one of the BIG elephants by herself, I was impressed, because I said I am not that nimble.

I did get a good chuckle out of her and Hope when I said look Claire I can get on this one.... Don't mind the chub just giggle at the joke....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frustrating much!

Ok well yesterday let me just start off with Brian and I went to the Zoo, and while looking/feeding the birds Brian and I stopped keeping an eye on Leland only to discover that he was drinking some water off of a rock, yes my friends water full of bacteria and bird poop, I don't think Brian will ever let me live that down. So I asked the dumb question of do I need to worry about him. They just told me to keep an eye on him, if he starts acting weird to worry, but all of their birds are healthy and checked regularly, so not to stress it too much. SO with that said we are good. The rest of my day went great, as Brian helped with Leland so I could have a break. But this morning is just frustrating! I am dealing with medical stuff... never fun, and I called my OB's office because I still haven't started and after feeling like I am going to start for a week now, I am tired and emotional and just plain done, nothing is happening! NOTHING! Oh but me being in pain and grumpy that is happening! So I called them this morning, and I just said we are on 12 days now since the last hormone pill was taken and he told me it would happen in about 5-7 days she said No it can take up the 3 weeks! WELL WHAT THE FLIP! Why doesn't the flippin doctor tell me that, so I can just remain calm for the 3 weeks instead of being crazy and calling and feeling stupid because I don't know, I just know what I am told. So me being dumb, I ask the nurse this! WHY doesn't he give the longest period of time, so the patient doesn't have to feel like an idiot when they call in and GET the longer period of time. She was sweet but it doesn't mean I don't want to throttle her! "Oh he's been doing this forever, so he just assumes it will happen fast" really really, so I get to feel like I am losing it, when I call in and get to feel dumb when I get told that it can take longer, really??? Okay so maybe I am just overly tired of cramping and having issues with my bowels and lower back pain, and being a butt... but then I started crying on the phone, i am sure this nurse thinks I am crazy. I still have to call aetna and figure out MORE billing issues and I am JUST not sure I can deal with it today but since one of the lovely doctors sent me to collections for bills I didn't get and a procedure that happened on 8/22/07 yeah I think I have to! FLIP FLIP FLIP... i feel a little better, thanks for letting me whine......

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cause we are mature

Brian showed Leland how to blow raspberries on my tummy this morning, normally I would not let this type of shenanigans occur, however Leland took to it like a fish to water, and it was too stinkin cute to say no to. But I thought I would worn those of you out there that are a little tummy shy, he may try this on you.... we will try to teach him better next time. Oh but he does make cute little toot noises:D

Too Fast

Brian has to work today so we went out last night and has our Valentines dinner, I don't mind the holiday but I also don't think that it needs as much pomp either. I teased Brian on the way to dinner, asking him where my gifts and cards were each time eliciting the nervous look he does so well! But on the way home I realized that my "baby boy" is a year and a half well in a few days (thanks Brian... jerk) and then he of course continued with yep 2 in 7 more months... again thanks! As if I didn't already feel like he was growing up to fast! The cute things Leland has done lately are hard to number in order, but since we got our new place he really enjoys running, and there is more space for him to "hide." Yesterday morning I went looking for him, only to get him dressed not because I expected to find him with anything he shouldn't have and as I rounded the dark corner to the bedrooms something growled at me... as my eyes adjusted I realized that it was indeed my 1 year old who was sucking on a purell bottle... REALLY purell, dude I would totally pick something else to have my mom make off limits but thats just me. So I fought with him to get it away and we moved on with our day. Amy came over (which was really nice! We now have enough space so that neither of us feel claustrophobic when she is over with her kids) and as she insisted on helping me fold laundry, hey I am not going to complain, Leland found yet another bottle of purell.. I swear to you I don't have that many, and I thought they were all put up but no such luck. With his new bottle of purell he goes behind the door and starts with the teeth trying to get it open, he giggles a little, meaning it is open and then I rip it out of his hands and put it up high. Then he finds a medicine bottle, what does he do runs behind the door again and more giggles. So I go and get it from him because it is one that he could probably actually open.... and he starts throwing his fit, I looked at Amy and said, man you take away his alcohol and his drugs and this is what you get... She giggle, however I found myself hilarious which is why I have repeated the line over 5 times since it happened:D Anywho he is adorable, even though he is a hand full, he is a calm kid, I find him often with a pencil or pen, trying to color on pieces of paper (maybe I will get him some of those crayola ones that are easy to grip) he likes to read to himself, which consists of sitting with an open board book in his lap and talking his gibberish. And he still knows the sweet sounds of the candy wrapper. I just helped myself to a few peanut butter M&M's and he came running, he got some of course! Who could refuse such a sweet baby! Anyway I have decided its going to fast!

Monday, February 9, 2009

All Done!

Folks I finished painting it tonight! YAY now I can put the stuff up I have a few cabinets and stuff to get up, and those will go in tomorrow, but for now it is done:D The color turned out a little lighter but that is how it goes sometimes:D I think it will grow on me!

A little humbler

I have realized something sad about myself I tend to get so absorbed in whats going on with me, I rarely check in with my friends and then I realize whoa my issues are no where as bad, wallpaper, hormones and extreme moodiness do not compare to what some are going to, and I know you can't compare but I need to remember to look outside myself before I throw a pity party and think why me. So a new goal was born last night as I finished scraping away all that paper, instead of being so selfish I am going to look outside myself when that happens, and get a read on who is dealing with what and if I can help them in any way, because charity never fails:D Oh and Jen Thanks so much for your help and the fun chat last night! I love what you did and I can't wait to see what you will come up with when you actually have the "good" program

Sunday, February 8, 2009

hummmm... extreme wordiness

People... Let me just tell you the last few days have been exhausting! I am emotionally tired, which means I am just mean, and I am physically tired. LAME. I haven't even done much. I finished my round of hormones 3 days ago, and there is still no action:D Meaning in 4 days, which I realize is a lot of time, I could be starting another round, I think Brian may be cowering in the corner if that is the case. The dang wallpaper in the bathroom refuses to budge, and when I do get it going well, I find that Leland has found something squeezable that he can open, and has covered himself, the carpet and anything near by in it (today for instance, conditioner all over him, toothpaste everywhere else) once that mess was cleaned up, I took him outside, it was either that or snap... so a walk was taken. We met a lovely lady named Patty in apartment 252 and she let us see her puppies, well dogs, they were cute, but not very friendly, HUGE let down for Leland! But lets back track a little....

Yesterday, was just a LONG day, I was tired, which means I am never at my nicest see teh above paragraph for the rest of the day, yes Leland did it yesterday and today, he is an overachiever, and his mother who well didn't pick the stuff up is an idiot! Anyway I digress... Leland likes to gag himself, yes I realize that is gross, but he does, and he has figured out that if he does it when he gets put down I will make sure he didn't actually puke and he usually has a 50/50 chance of being cute enough to get out of bed. Well yesterday I didn't check, because I wanted to have some sit on my bum time all alone, and when I went to get him up there was puke down two sides of the crib, what a considerate child, Mom must not have enough to do so I will hit up two spots instead of just one. Did I mention that puke is the WORST and bugs me more than anything? There was a nice spot, Rachael (an old roommate) invited me to hang out and that was great fun! But then Brian got home, and he likes to do this little thing called dumping when he can see I am stressed already, so what he does is he stresses me out, then keeps adding to it, like oh this happened at work, it wasn't a good thing, and this happened and this happened. And all these happenings are usually going to effect us in the not so great of ways. So that was last night, until 9pm, then the printer broke, which means I couldn't print Brian's resumes or letters of intent (some supervisor positions opened up, and he is putting in for all three of them, lets hope we see some action with at least one of them!) so we figured out that problem, then I went to peel wallpaper, and Brian sat on his bum and played WoW, now mind you normally I wouldn't mind, but I have been complaining to him about how I would love help with the bathroom.... oh well guess it didn't sink in, that is until Midnight when he came to bed and I was still working in the bathroom, I was kneeling on the counter and my knees kept popping which grosses him out, so he had me get down and he pulled like 3 little strips off. He went to bed, I kept working, after all I had sprayed the stuff I couldn't waste it, so around 12:30 I showered because I just felt gross, and when I hopped out of the shower Leland was up screaming.... HELLO! So I am feeling uber sick to my stomach and try to wake Brian to get help with Leland.... this never works... are you ready for a flashback....
So I had just done 20 hours of labor and then a c- section, my mom and sister Amy had headed home to Amy's home and left me and Brian and Leland at the hospital. Fast forward a few hours, when I wake up in so much pain I am having trouble breathing... Brian I scream... nothing, Brian again nothing, profanity, then again Brian, this time he stirs, gets up walks over to my bed side, asks me whats wrong says oh honey I am so sorry, then goes and lays back down... REALLY! Thats it, no help nothing... I try to focus a little, clear my head and realize hey I have a nurse button (which in my mind the MAN should have been the one thinking clearly, and should have gone to get help.....) I call the nurse and she sends in Keith, with morphine, 30 minutes later I am still trying to breath through the pain... Keith comes back, and realizes the medicine that was supposed to be on auto drip through the night never got turned on, and goes to get me his favorite cocktail (he was the anethsiologist, and I adored him...) he stuck it in my epidural line and I was resting comfortably after that. Needless to say I texted Amy at 5 praying she would be up, and she was, the angel brought chocolate milk and doughnuts, all because she loves me. Brian was dismissed from over night hospital duty, and Mom was called to the position. Now back to the present:D

So Leland and I were up till around 3 I have no clue why he wouldn't sleep or why I couldn't comfort him, but he finally fell back asleep around 3 and my throat hurt from singing to him, I think at one point edilwiess was on repeat, but I am not sure. Then Leland woke up at 7 am my response to that was here is a bottle you may enjoy it in your crib because Mommy needs a rest. So today has been long, I should probably go check on him as he has been coughing pretty hard and make sure that there is no puke. Jen you will be getting an email, because I tried to change my background on my own, this is NEVER a good thing, and agian I messed it up, I will send you the two finalists and you can pick which one gets put on!

One the up side, I have a great husband who told me he would get the empty boxes out tonight, and a cute cute kid... but you decide:D

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wallpaper is of the Devil:D

Folks I am taking a break while my enzyme crap I bought to help me remove the wallpaper in the master bath soaks in I have 10 more minutes to wait, so I figured I would relieve some frustration, and I am sure it will take another coat so really I have time to sit and blog, although I should finish unpacking the last few boxes while I wait, but I digress! So remember how I posted about how easy the wall paper came off, yeah I lied, it left the backing up (thanks Hope for pointing it out, even though this has been the BIGGEST pain:D) and so I went to Wal Mart came back with my two new wallpaper removin tools and set off to realize that I wasn't merely removing 1 layer of backing but another layer of wallpaper, wait whats this, there was yet another layer of wallpaper under that! Holy Crow! This stinks, so now I am standing in my little cube of a bathroom, breathing chemicals so I can paint it the pretty sage green I found in the opps paint at Home Depot. And I have to finish this so I can put up the shelves I bought for my bathroom linens and my medicine cabinets. So I have lots of displaced stuff around in boxes waiting for these tasks to be finished! But whats this

it looks like termites to me, fine dust pours out when I peel it away, and its nasty:D But I keep peeling away because I want to know what I am dealing with. Granted it will be Patty's job to fix and I hope she is just glad I un earthed it. Truth be told I think they will have a better chance at selling this place when I move out. Lets face it those who like wallpaper and you know who you are like to torture condo/home buyers every where, but what you don't realize is that I have now taken the oath that unless I really really love a home, if it has wall paper in it, its a no go, unless of course I really really love it, then I will set up a little savings account and pay people to remove it for me!

Other than the bathroom this place has come together nicely, thanks to Hope and Amy who have helped with either Leland or screwing... things into the wall that is! Or have done both! Thanks to Amy for taking Leland today so I can work for the day, you are the best, and thanks to Hope for being willing to be at my text and call when I need advice at Home Depot or how to do a project!

Whats sad is I kinda liked the paisley stuff:D It was orange and green and had a fun vibe to it, however since it had been ripped up in some places it too had to go!