Sunday, March 30, 2008

What have I done!

A little hispanic family moved in next door. They all adore the baby but especially the littlest girl, who came over unnoted by her parents and stayed for a bit, I left the door open because I didn't want them to think i was trying to kidnap or do anything to their daughter, but anyway i ended up giving her some candy to go home and share with her sibilings. She gladly did. Today I am ripping apart my house because I cannot find my phone and I do not have the car, and since I have gotten a cell phone I don't know anyones numbers..... and I don't have a land line:) SO I am stuck at home with no phone, no real way of communicating with anyone and its Caleb's birthday but that isn't the point... there is a knock at the door and I think it is the women who is buying my wedding dress (she was supposed to come yesterday but I forgot I had plans so she came today) only I open the door and there with cute pigtails and a red dress is the little girl from next door... all she says is candy???? Crap... its a good thing I have a candy box and I wanted to get rid of its contents without eating it, so I give her three things and tell her to go share with her brother and sister. She is off, then the lady for the wedding dress comes, and the whole time there is this little knock knock knock at the door.... AUGH! She knows I am home so I can't not answer it. This time its Baby... okay she wants to see the baby and her brother is with her, so i invite both of them into my disaster and she goes straight over to the baby and starts playing, then wisely looks around, the door is still open so by this time her older sister has also found us, and starts asking for candy again! I gave her some candy and her sister said it was time to go! Anywho in the stress of not being able to find my phone the baby was screaming at me, and so I tossed him an oreo... yes I know I am teaching him to be an emotional eater, i promise to do better, but I did grab some pictures of the Lelands first oreo....

To start with...................

All finished two oreos later I have a happy camper who pooped in the bath.... YUCK

Saturday, March 29, 2008


The perspective that i have on life changes as my life changes and it evolves as I realize more and more that my heart resides with that cute little chub that has so many nicknames. I never knew how much I could love someone that can't even talk yet. I mean I have loved them before, I helped take care of Cienna, and there was a definite love there, I loved rocking her to sleep and then watching her sleep after being bogged down by everything that a senior in high school deals with she was so clean, and I believe she loved me back. I have that special love for Porter and Maddy who I was blessed to watch come into this life, what a fantastic experience and thanks to Emma for being willing to let me partake with her and Zack and mom in such a sacred event. I of course have the love for my 5 beautiful nephews here, and each one holds a special place in my heart. But the love i have for Leland is stronger, and it took a while for me to recognize it, but here I sit blogging, and I don't hear his little snore in the "sun room" he is staying over at Mimi's and Poppy's tonight so Brian and I could go on a date, and I was surprised when I got home and was cleaning his toys off my bed at how much I missed him. Brian thinks I am a dork, but it is different when he isn't here. Anywho it is amazing to me how fast it can change.


Unsuccessful! But dang cute:)
Successful and dang cute

Hope and I spent the day together today and we tried two separate times to get his teethies, with some luck we have succeeded but I haven't gotten them from her yet. I will come back and re post the pictures but I wanted to share how fun and amusing it was to get the pictures! She has patients I can only hope to have some day in the distant future!

Hope and I laughed for like a good solid 20 minutes at this one:)

Possible TMI:)

How long did you date? I think 11 or the full year, neither of us really know, and tonight at dinner we discovered that neither of us remember the first "real" date we had....
How old is he? 21
How old are you? 25
Who eats more sweets? That would be me!
Who said I love you first? Brian, great story really he said something that irritated me, so I said something back and added my line ah I still love ya though, which I say to almost all of my friends, and he said wow really? I love you too... it was a little awkward at first:)
Who is taller? Brian
Who can sing better? Have you heard Brian? Okay well that wasn't nice, but even though I am nasily (SP) I still sound better than him!
Who is smarter? He says I am, although I think its about equal
Who does the laundry? Me and I put it away! And I complain about it:)
Who does the dishes? Me again
Guilty pleasures? Online games, but the mindless ones, Brian's would have to be hero clixs or D&D or Row.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me but I used to sleep on the left, we moved the bed though....
Who mows the lawn? What lawn?
Who cooks dinner? That would be me, he always pretends he doesn't know how to use the microwave
Who is more stubborn? He would say me and I would say him, but really i am sure it is me.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me, first night it was a dare
.Who asked who out first? Again I can't even remember the first date so I have no clue, I would hope it was him
.Who proposed? He did. Although I went with him two nights before (Hope came too!) to find it, I just said lets go look, but we found it:)
Who has more siblings? Equal, although his are mostly half siblings
Who wears the pants? Yes, the man is the head, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants. (must be said with a nice Greek accent) I will stick with this but really it would be me:) I think its because I am more bossy! Don't worry dad I am remembering the respect and kindness rule.... still trying to get it down but I remember it:)!
What is your favorite thing about him? His crooked smile, which has temporarily been ruined by incompetent oral surgeons. But we know it will come back.
I tag Annie or Emily or both!

Friday, March 28, 2008

One more to catch you up!

Brian Me and Leland Feb 21, 2008

My Parents flew in from California for the occasion! Always fun to be with them!

Brian and I recently got sealed to each other and little Leland was sealed to us as well! It was a fabulous day and we had a wonderful time and we are so thankful to our families for making that day special for us! It meant so much to have them close! Leland acted like he knew everyone was there for him and loved every minute of it, giving everyone looks that seemed to be saying hey thanks for coming! He also sealed the deal and our hands with a sneeze! And Amy thought it appropriate to seal it in blood:) JK she didn't realize I was in the middle of taking a straight pin off of my dress when she hugged me and she had to pull it back out, it hurt pretty bad for such a small pin! She was more grossed out by it than me though because she pulled it out and could feel it "go through the layers" as she described it!

Amy lives here (but had to get a sitter) Annie flew in from N.C. and Emily from C.A. I am so glad they came! It was fantastic to have them there!

The Green Family (Lisa is Brians Mom) came from Anna

The Hamiltons (Brians Dad) came from Carrollton

It was so great of everyone to come just for pictures! Too bad it was FREEZING! We love ya'll!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Falling Apart!

While Brian's mouth is falling apart, I recently got the Depo shot(TMI perhaps sorry:)) , which is supposed to cause joint pain, it did although the pain in my right Knee never subsided! So I went to my old place of employment to have them check it out for me ( for free of course!) and they found that my knee cap is no longer tracking. Not sure what that means in the long run but we are taping it to see if we can retrain the knee cap to track. Meanwhile my knee is not doing so well and it makes simple things like just sitting with it bent painful because it gets terribly stiff. I can't get down on the floor if I am home alone, because sometimes it hurts to much to put pressure on it, and to kneel on it is not an option. Although it has gotten a lot more sore now that they have worked on it, so maybe it is the type of thing that has to get worse before it gets better! Who knows but heres of picture of how pretty the tape is! They use a spray adhesive to stick the white part on, which holds tighter to everything including lint! YUCK!

Wisdom Teeth

So Brian had his wisdom teeth out the other day, it was over all a traumatic experience for both of us! I got to watch, I say got to because they seemed intent on me going back into the room with him, and once he was in there he was so nervous that I stayed with them. Tricky dental assistants! Anyway the dental assistant was HORRIBLE she touched everything after she had her gloves on! I asked her to change them after I saw her using her phone and she got irritated with me and did it only after I asked her again. She had writing all over her hands and wasn't the least bit good at her job, half the time Brian was gagging on the yuck that she was supposed to be suctioning out! Anywho he opted to not go out (he HATES IV'S) I think its safe to say after this experience that won't so much be the case. The "oral surgeon" kept saying your just feeling pressure right its not pain, but sometimes you mistake it for pain because you were nervous. I had to ask him a couple of times to stop because he could feel it. This lead to the 8 million shots of lidocine, and he lower left lip is still numb and it was almost a week ago. In fact his whole mouth hurts and as of tomorrow it will have been a whole week! Oh we know now not to cut corners when our health is involved! Oh and I couldn't get any pictures he would have deleted them anyway!

They Grow So Fast

I don't know about some of you mothers out there, but it took me a really long time to find my groove! I found it at about 3 months and feel like I still don't have it down quite yet! Luckily I have a sister here who can keep me plugging along, and she reminds me what is important in this little guys life. Is just that he knows I am there. We often sit and play after naps (which may be why I still don't have a clean house) and laugh together, him being a social laugh er and all is pretty fun. But I can't believe he is growing up so quickly. I went out with some friends of mine who also have baby's and the boys are all roughly 3 months apart, there is Luke who is 9 months and belongs to Brittany, and Quinten who is 3 months and belongs to Ashli, and then there is Tank, I mean Leland (oh right I have decided to call Brian the III Leland, because he just doesn't feel like a Brian to me yet, maybe when he is older!) who is 6 months and bigger than them all! We had a good time talking about our babies, but I fear that I dominated the conversation because my little ( I say that with a smile) guy is the light of my life. You know you can have a bad day and then he smiles or laughs and it seems like its okay again! At his last Doctors appointment he weighed in at 24 lbs. Yeah he is a pretty heavy little guy! His height is pretty good for a 6 month old, he is 28 3/4 tall which is off the charts for his age range although his noggin is off the charts as well, that would be the lamoreaux blood he has in him it measured in at 19 cm and yes the nurse took it 4 or 5 times before she accepted that fact. He recently got 2 new teeth and when he decides he is not interested in taking off part of my finger when I try to get a picture I will post one on here! But really why I wanted to post this was that his Mimi Hamilton found this most fantastic bouncer at a kids store and bought it for him, since she watches him for me so I can get out once a week and make some money working at the book store. But he loves it! Its a little rain forest jumper/ walker type thing, and I can actually, (well sometimes) leave the room while he is playing in it. We used it a ton while I was up at Amy's after Caleb had his surgery and he would bounce for hours! I had Brian take some video of it, he talks in the middle of it, but its still pretty dang cute! Sometimes Leland gets some serious air! Couldn't figure out how to edit it with anything else, and the original is much to lengthy to put on here! It is much cuter without the add in the middle of it... But I don't have money for video editing!

Tonight however we noticed that the noises had stopped, (when he jumps or plays with something the music starts up again) and I went to the bedroom to check on him, and he was out cold in his bouncer.

Notice the little scowl on his face! He was not happy about being left to sleep in the bouncer!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So I decided to start this because I hate journals and mainly because I have some memories that I want to keep handy! Here's a little background info. I got married in 2006 to Brian Hamilton.... a common last name, and while I do miss Lamoreaux, I don't miss having to spell my last name 800 times when having people fill out my information. We had our first baby in September of 07, and well since we are going for common, we named him after his dad and grandpa, although I think we will call him Leland, so that we don't forgo the confusion of having 3 Brian's in the family, all living in a 5 mile radius! Anywho... this is where it all starts right. I think I will do some catch up notes here so be ready for random.

* While I was pregnant with Brian the III we tagged along with my in laws to see a friends baby dedicated to God. I was probably only 6 months along and decided to wear a maternity skirt that was still a little big but stayed up without much fuss, and it would look great with my top that I had just gotten, so I wore it. Those of you who live where it rains and by rains I mean pours will note that Texas has some fantastic storms. Well that Sunday happened to be one of those storms, and there was no parking next to this mega church, so we parked and ran... NOT GOOD, I couldn't figure out why my stride had shortened until I looked down and noted that my skirt was around my ankles, thank the Lord my mother taught me about slips... otherwise the whole parking lot (which in all honesty due to the rain was probably oblivious) would have noticed my unders.... which were not a conservative color:)

* another great story is when I told my husband we were pregnant.... the toilet didn't so much enjoy the news, and I am sure our neighbors were wondering why I was singing I can't hear this I can't hear this as my husband proceeded to puke up half or more of the large pizza we had shared that evening.

* so most brides feel beautiful on their wedding day and I am sure that I would have, but I some how didn't. You know you plan and you plan to look perfect and it just doesn't match up with what you actually look like. Anyway this lead to my mom asking me if I was okay, and telling me it would be okay to back out, even though it was only a few minutes to my wedding. She was concerned but seemed even more concerned when I told her, I know he is the right guy mom I just feel ugly. So I seemed to forget it after my little niece Cienna saw me and her eyes lit up, she told me I looked like a princess, and gave me a huge hug. Then you have my nephew Zeke who I have a close bond with who was my ring bearer (thanks to my roommate Phoebe, who gave me probably the best bridal shower gift ever, she bought his plane ticket to California) who decided instead of bearing the rings he wanted to hold the end of my dress and was distraught when we sent him through the door with only the ring pillow:) Then you have my two bestest friends in the world, who ran to the store to get me Mt. Dew and tried to think of ways to sneak it in so my mom wouldn't be mad, and my brave dad who just brought it to me in the regular bottle! Anyway, my parents made the day the best ever, and having my siblings there made it even better. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, and to be honest by the end of it, I actually felt pretty.