Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update on Sickness

So we went into see Doctor G. on Monday he was semi shocked that they gave me the diagnosis of RSV but didn't take a chest x-ray so he figures that its more of a bronchitis, so that is better than what we though, but the poor kid has such sticky snot when he is trying to eat Cheerios they get stuck to the snot, I will have to get a picture of that sometime! Its pretty cute! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Oh and I am either suffering from allergies or the same thing as the baby! YA for me! Woot!

Where's Tank????

So Leland is moving and grooving it is fun to watch him go and sometimes hard to find him once he has gone! It is pretty fun though. See if you can find him in this one!:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thanks Ame

So I had a fabulous dinner tonight thanks to Amy, once again she has come to the rescue! Thanks! We love you!

Sick again!

Little Leland has RSV we are lucky to have caught it so quick and get it resolved, we are still working on getting him to sound better, but he is getting better with every day! He hates the breathing treatments and I could tell why, who wants to wear a mask forever! NOT ME! But its a cute little mask!

Not a great picture but it was taken on my phone and then sent to the computer! Anyway I was a little bit afraid I was over reacting because he had just gotten the high fever that day and so when I took him in I tried calling everyone just to make sure I wasn't being a spastic new mom. Turns out I was justified! Anywho I have been covered in puke a few times and can honestly say that although he is super cuddly when he is sick, I cannot wait for this to pass, the mucus is to much for him, and I have to admit that when I am wearing it its too much for me!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


You Are Megara!
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Charming and witty. You are always the first person to come up with a wisecrack. Sure, you have an attitude, but that's why people love you. You keep them on their toes. Sometimes you can be misleading, but always end up doing the right thing for the people you love.

Which Disney Princess Are You?
Huh not sure how much I believe it but charming none the less!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wild Flowers

Shortly after I got home from California, Hope and I took some pictures with some wild flowers! Texas sure has some beautiful ones! Here are some of our favorites!
Mom its getting me!

9 Months Check up

So Leland and I went to the doctors today to get him all checked out! Overall it was a great appointment, it took them forever to call us back, doesn't help that we had gotten there like 30 minutes early, we left to early I thought it was later:( and then we got to wait in a room full of kids some sick some not but yeah, then we get called back and go through all the normal stuff, He is back on the charts in everything but his head size... Yes he has quite the noggin! Only 97% on height and 95% on weight... Brian's comment was so there are fatter babies out there??? I tend to think of him as fantastically chubby that's all I have to say! The skinny ones are a tad bit scary! At least when you hold Leland you KNOW you won't break him! Anyway I totally spaced it when he told me I had to stay for a shot and tried to check out, I am sure everyone up there is wondering what drugs I am on! OH WELL can't win them all right!


I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted! I know that since my camera has been broken it hasn't been as fun to even THINK about posting, I need to call on that tomorrow and just see where it is at. While we were on Vacation the view finder thing went totally black so I couldn't even see what I was taking pictures of and there is no normal eye holey thing:) any who they had called to say that it was being shipped back to me but I still haven't seen it! I think that when the four years is up (that is all I have on warranty) I will send it into best buys recycling program and see if I can even get $20 dollars for it to put towards something else. In the year we have owned it, it died right after we had the baby (like the day after, so irritating) and then on Vacation, needless to say I will never buy fujifilm camera's again, its back to cannon for me! I love that brand! I only switched brands because the best buy guy told me how great the camera was etc etc... never again! Anywho that it is the story and I am sticking to it!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Frustrating MUCH?

So I set out to make some fathers day gifts, I thought sure I have watched Amy numerous times pull off fantastic gifts, I am sure I could make some! Well the T shirt would have turned out ok had I just used more heat, and the Tie that I totally screwed up is well horrible, sorry dad lamoreaux your fathers day tie will be late as I totally ruined it! Genius I know, in my rush to buy the transfers I bought ones that work on "light" clothes not dark clothes, but I am a little tired and not feeling 100% so one tie totally ruined! YAY more money to spend! Luckily the ties aren't too expensive but still! Anywho I stink at being creative I have decided to abandon all hope and go lay down by the baby in totally frustration....
Oh and I can't take any pictures of these fantastic happenings because my camera is still in the shop... piece of junk!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mothering Type

Your type is: enfp —The “Kids R Fun” Mother
“Whatever I enjoy—playing tag or singing in the car—I can do it with kids around. And it’s totally legitimate!”
Playful and energetic, the ENFP mother finds her children to be good company and enjoys being with them. In fact, she says being with children justifies her own “being a kid again.” And children say she’s fun to be with — spontaneous, hearty, and imaginative.
Naturally drawn to introducing her children to the joys of life, the ENFP is something of a free spirit. She is less concerned with rules, routines, and schedules, and more inclined to give her children plenty of free time to play, explore on their own or with her, and have fun together.
Tuned in to her children, the ENFP mother enthusiastically encourages each one’s individuality and unique potential through a great variety of experiences. She is also quick to identify with others’ feelings and thoughts, making her an empathetic supporter of her children, not to mention her mate and many, many friends.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MY MOM by Leland

My mom is the best beacuse, she is fun to play with, she likes to laugh, and she is sassy! She is the best.


Smart Cookie

Leland and I were laying down this afternoon to take a little nap, well I was just trying to get him to go to sleep then I was going to do the dishes, so I reached for the pound of See's candies I brought home, mind you there were only 5 left in it, and I picked one out... Leland watched carefully his little mouth shot open as I brought the treat to my mouth so I shared a little with him and he gladly ate most of it:) He is such a cute beggar! Anyway, I left and he fell asleep, not my brightest moment as he scoots backward, something y'all should be familiar with if you read Jen's blog, and he fell off Amy's bed the other day:) (that was her fault I wasn't even at her house:)) Oh he has had worse so its okay! Anyway about an hour and a half went by and this is an unusually long nap for Leland, and Robert suggested that I wake him up so he isn't up all hours of the night, I said sure sure, i just wanted to finish the grocery ads I was reading. I went into the bedroom and the first thing I notice is that he is going to fall off the bed if he scoots back any further and so I climb on the bed and go to pick him up when i realize in his pudgy little hand that there is a chewed See's candy wrapper, and then I look for the box which is missing... he pulled the box down onto the floor trying to get some candies! All I have to say is he is one smart cookie for knowing that in that box if he could just get it and be quiet about it he could have some great treats... I don't know if he got any but I would assume not because he wasn't covered in chocolate! Oh and the white bubble paper was stuck to his nakey tummie! Pretty dang cute, just wish my camera was working so I could have documented it!

A thankful heart!

Leland and I got back from Vacation this last Thursday and Brian came home almost a week before us, but we would be entirely ungrateful if we didn't express how thankful we are to those who made our stay so enjoyable and memorable! First is Mom and Dad! You guys are awesome and thanks for letting us come and crash when you are in the beginning of the stressful remodel! We know it isn't easy to only have one bathroom but we made it work! I know little Leland misses you guys a great deal, and I think I miss you more! I loved spending time with you and just being able to sit and hang out! Dad thanks so much for taking time off of work to go and play at the beach with us and then treating us to lunch. Thank you for the wonderful blessing and the extra help for the way home! You are truly the best dad and girl could ever have! Mom thanks for staying with me while I sorted through all of my junk that i have stock piled over the years and for the laughs about old love letters and funny pictures! Thanks for all of your support and love and of course your willingness to make sure that every need was met even when you were worn out you still kept going! Someday I hope to be just like you, I can safely say that I am failing miserably right now! Em and Gene and families, thanks for being so willing to come and hang out at Mom's house! We loved seeing you guys and spending time with your little families was GREAT! You guys have some sassy girls between the two of you! Em it was fun to watch you squeeze Leland's guts and have him giggle at you, and fun to watch Haven sit patiently with him while he was screaming, and of course when she tried every baby toy she could find she was just fantastic! Porter has grown so much its just amazing, I remember what he looked like right after birth! Handsome kid! Maddy is a crack up but anyone who knows her could tell you that! And of course Zack is always a favorite! Gene you were fantastic it was fun to watch you and Leland together! He seemed to feel right at home with you, especially since you let him pull your goatee! Cienna is a beautiful little girl who is smart and sassy and just as fun as ever! Majel wrote me some pretty sweet notes, okay they were to Leland but still it just shows how sweet she is! And Ethan, holy cow is he a crack up! And of course it was awesome to see Quynh and get to spend some time with her! And it was a blast to watch her hold Leland, there is a picture I wish we had gotten! Thanks so much to y'all you made our trip so fun and memorable! I love you all! And miss you tons!

Both of them are sleeping! So cute!

Zoo with Emma and Mom and kids

So we did another Zoo trip with Emma and her Kids, as it is always so much fun to have everyone there! We had a blast and got some great pictures!

I seem to remember more! Like on the Lion statue and stuff, but they must not have turned out! SAD! Thanks Em for coming to see us! It made us feel pretty dang good! And thanks to Mom for putting up with us for a long period of time!:)

Beach Trip

SO While in California we got the opportunity to go to the beach, i was a little worried it wouldn't happen because Dad was SO busy at work, since it was the week before his forced shut down at work. I am so glad and thankful that Mom kept bugging him and that he was able to make time for us! It is always so special to go to the beach and it is made more special when the man himself takes you! Mom and I discussed that the Zoo is Mom's thing, it just isn't the same without her! and the Beach is Dad's thing! There is truth in that! We went and it was pretty chilly but it was still beautiful! The tide was going out but it was still pretty high so we didn't get to see to much

Mom did enjoy kicking up the sea foam so that it got me:) and there was tons of it! It looked like Jello in the wind!

We also tried his feets in the sand... and just like with the snow it didn't seem to bother him! He just looked at me like what are ya doing mom???

Then of course as is tradition we went to Upper Crust Pizza in Santa Cruz! The baby enjoyed the menu while we enjoyed a square Hawaiian pizza!

Here's Mom and Dad

and me and Brian

We had a blast! Thanks so much Dad for taking off work to spend some time with us! We enjoyed it TONS!