Friday, March 13, 2009


Leland LOVES the water... all forms, the pool, lake, tub, shower, hose etc. He adores it, so recently I have been putting him in the shower alone, normally he showers with one of us.. but since he now asks for showers in the middle of the day, no one is really interested in going through that process again! Anywho as long as he has some ice a shower can last forever, and he gets very angry when you take him out before all the ice is gone. I was hanging laundry in my closet which is right outside the bathroom door, and he started screaming I thought he had fallen and really hurt himself.. But no, he had spilled his ice over the side of the tub and was SO angry about it.


Mike'n'Amy said...

Ummmm...what's the black thing in with the ice?

Jules said...

Okay the fact that he showers with ice is sooooooooo funny! I am glad you are documenting this because you'll love reading about this when he gets older and you've forgotten all about it!