Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Awesomest Parents Ever!

I have the greatest parents on Earth!

I get to go to California at the end of August because they love me!
(or maybe they love Leland the most....)
At any rate I am super excited!

They called me at midnight (Amy assured them I would be up... and she of course was right) to get some info from me. I was pretty stoked and went right in to tell Brian (yes he had to be up at 4 that morning... but he'll live right) I think he is thrilled that I will am getting to go so he doesn't have to listen to me complain about missing my parents and sister and brother who are out there.

It should be noted that I did also call my mom the next day to make sure I wasn't dreaming... and she said I must have been because she doesn't remember that conversation...then she started laughing... Only my mom...



Binkzerella said...

That is awesome! Just means we need do hang out a few times before you head off... how long are you gonna be gone?

Ann said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally love MOM! That is hilarious that she said that to you. hahahaha Glad you get to go. Wish I were going with you. :)