Thursday, March 31, 2011

I know I said I wouldn't play catch up....

But these are first day of school pictures for Leland.
He was so excited his first day, couldn't believe he was lucky enough to ride a bus! We got him all ready then waited patiently for the bus to come. We kept look out in our front room. Once he saw that bus he was gone! So excited he ran the whole way there.
Ms. Chris and Ms. Georgie are his bus driver/ helper. We adore them. They are patient with him, since the novelty of the bus has worn off some days are really challenging to get him on the bus if we can get him on it at all.
And his seat on the bus even comes with a seat belt. He was pretty stoked to be on a bus!
Since then things are going well he has speech a couple times a week. He is making great progress. Talking a lot more and in sentences instead of just demands. I couldn't be prouder of my smart kiddo. Love him to bits!


Binkzerella said...
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Binkzerella said...

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SOOOO CUTE! He's such a little man!