Sunday, May 6, 2012

Holy 30 Batman

I turn 30 on Friday... I am mostly ok with this.  I hear 30 is great and it's when you really get comfy in your skin...  But it is mostly made ok by my sweet boys.  Leland heard Hope and I talking about my Birthday and when questioned what he was going to get for me (Hope asked) he said he had to think about it.  That was the end of that subject or so I guessed.  The next day I ran Max to the doctor thinking he had an ear infection, but really he is just getting all 4 of his front teeth on the top ( poor kid) and when we got home Leland came to the door to announce he had a surprise for me.   I blew the poor kid off, trying to get the groceries and Max inside and when he finally got my attention I didn't realize what he was showing me (a lego bag filled with his toys) until later in the day after Brian had gone to work, he held it up again and said "you didn't even look in your present.  I added more.  I am just like Santa.  Do you like it Mom?  Happy Birthday!"  

It's official I have the cutest kid ever.  I win.  Sorry that you all lose. 

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Binkzerella said...

Soooo sad i didnt see this before. i havent logged on in forever but i totally agree! you have the cutest kids ever. Lee has an amazing personality and i feel blessed to know him and be apart of yalls life... when i'm back home that is :)