Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Leland was pretty much sick for the month of February, and it was a ROUGH month for me. One weekend in particular was super hard... starting with Wednesday and going through to Sunday Leland had a fever that was usually over 101.8 since he doesn't normally run fevers I knew my baby was pretty sick... although he still had the energy to be pretty dang active... totally sending mixed messages. But he had his moments where all he wanted was to be held. On a Friday we took him in I think that is when this picture is from... you can tell he isn't feeling well. He wasn't sleeping in his room so I propped a very sleepy baby into the rocker and locked it in place while I did some research on line.
The doctor told us it was all virus related and that we would need to do breathing treatments for the next two months. Most days we had to hold him down screaming and it is SUPER hard to do when you just have one person at home. When Brian was home in the evening it was much easier. But he is just so strong that trying to immobilize him is a feat let alone trying to hold a mask over his mouth. Every once in a while there would be a total fluke where he sat super still and all by himself... but those are few in far between, in fact I had to take a picture to immortalize the fact that he could sit still if he wanted to!
It has been a long haul and we are still doing breathing treatments but holy am I glad to be done with the actual sickness.

It should be noted that after a few days of being in the house we were so cooped up we decided to run to old navy (yes it had been 24 hours since his last fever) and he was fabulous in Old Navy... guess I should have called it quits but NO I saw a sale add in the Carters window across the parking lot... and he totally YAKKED on their carpet( his coughing fits usually lead to this behavior so no I was not sharing the flu)... and all they had for me to clean with was super thin paper towels... I am only slight embarrassed that I cleaned it the best I could and left it... You could still totally see it when I left. I have been a little tempted to go back by and see if they got it out or if they too left it... maybe I will wait a little longer:D

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