Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brutal Tag:D

This is a Picture Tag, you have to answer 10 items with pictures. The only rule is that there is NO CLEANING before the pictures are taken. Mean, huh? Not that I would drop everything to clean for a post. =) See below to see whose been tagged!

1) Dream Vacation>>With kids....Probably a disney cruiseWith brian probably here in Tahiti...or alone:) 2)Self Portrait>>Uhmmm don't know when this was taken:)Ok I do know when it was taken 4th of July... ain't it pretty?
3)What are the kids/pets doing right now>>...Uhmm he was doing this....but then I woke him up and put him in his giant play pen... he loves it can you tell! Ok well he was screaming till the camera came out then he was a little bit of a posing maniac
4) CLOSET>>Welcome to my closet! I am just glad that it wasn't a picture of my room! That would have been scary! Oh and Brian and I don't seperate our clothes currently but don't have the room.
5) FAVORITE ROOM>> Is the one that is clean, right now that would be the baby's bedroom/ play pen! Thanks to hope for helping make is so fun!

6) FAVORITE SHOES >> I have 3 pair that are my favorite but many that would fit that, however since no one really wants to see them all, I will stick with my 3 favorite!

7)LAUNDRY ROOM>>...Ours isn't a room its across from the bathroom in a little well large closet. Its messy:)
8) BATHROOM>> Uhm yes this is horrible,and I did clean it after I took the picture, the zip lock bags are left from our vacation that ended a month ago! YIKES!
9) SINK>>... I had just done the dishes when I found out I had been tagged! I was more than glad to take this picture!
10) FRIDGE>>...Its way hot here. and I really need to clean out my fridge... guess I should have done it sooner!


Em said...

Love your tag! Miss you!

Jen said...

LOVE IT! I tagged Emma and then it got to you! It's fun following it around! :)

Adam and Ann Watkins said...

fun!!! I need to do it now...but I'm claiming sick at the moment. Haven't really been out of bed today and it is already 2:26pm. So sad...