Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zekies Party

So we had a birthday party the other day that was a blast! We celebrated Zeke turning foy...aka four. He had quite a list of friends come, and we had a good time just hanging out with everyone. There was of course Zeke!And this is Ginger playing the fishing gameAnd this is Kayden (I think...sp???) he was a little shy of being with the kids so we spent most of the party together so he would stay at the party, I can't say if he enjoyed it.:)This is most of the gang... (from left to right)Caleb, Matthew, Claire, Eli, Zack,Chloe, Ginger, Zeke, Michael, Kayden and Avin.. and yes that is me looking ever so rolly...

This is right before we played pin the fish on the fish hook. Amy draws all of her own pins the whatever on, this isn't a great picture of it but she did an excellent job!
Then we played hot potatoes with fish and sang the happy birthday song like 12 times! You can see Leland wanted to play.... more or less just to chew on them, you can kind of see how big he is next Eli and why everyone thinks they are twins:)

This was Eli's favorite!Hope gave Leland a sucker and when I suggested that Brian take him into the tub so it didn't get sticky everywhere Hope said NO then he won't associate it with me:) You can see we kept them busy, (I say we but really it was Amy) They decorated hats

Fished for frogs and ocean animalsopened presents, I think Amy was surprised too!:)and had dirt and worms... apparently most everyone else there had never seen it done in cups! I have because back in the day where you could bring your "homemade" snack for your birthdays I always chose this one! Thanks mom for being so willing to always make them all! Yet another way you are the best! Chloe wouldn't get close to anyone unless they were Amy or someone close to her Nanny Lauren (hopes little sister) so while she was holding Leland, Chloe felt it safe to give kisses! She is only 2 can you believe how tall she is! Her dad is apparently 6'2... Impressive!
Leland is sitting behind me fake coughing I think he is ready for mom to feed him......:)

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Adam and Ann Watkins said...

Looks like an absolute blast! I love all the pictures. It was pretty fun to look through and read.