Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas to me:D

Let me preface this with this statement, I left my camera in Anna, its about an hour drive north of where we live, I left it at my Mother in laws, so I will have to upload the pictures later!

With that said, the one fantastic thing that happened last week.... My Elliptical came:D YAY the sad fact though is that it said you needed two people to put it together, I had been asking Brian to help me, and he kept saying that is a you and Hope thing, so finally I got fed up and put it together myself, its a lot longer process when just one person is working on it and you have tiny hands that think they need to help:D So I am still waiting to put it all the way together, but today when Leland goes down for a nap I will finish it up, I just have to put the base on and the place where you put your feets:D I am so excited....

For those of you that don't know, I got on the scale the other day and realized I had hit 250 ish, I am not sharing ALL the details, and I realized its time to take action, not to look hot for Brian, or to make other people happy with my appearance, but if I want to be healthy for my kids, to run and play with them, I have got to drop at least 80 pounds. So I thought of a solution, there was no way I would be able to save the cash fast enough, so I emailed my Pops, and told him all about the payment plan I had worked out. He emailed back with his payment plan, I lose weight and keep it off for six months, so the deal is 50 pounds have to come off and stay off for six months or I pay him back the money in unlost weight! I am first and foremost grateful for a Dad who loves me enough, and can see my desire to get healthy and shed some pounds, and be willing to make it happen. Secondly I am just grateful that the Lord gave me such a wonderful Dad, and the love that he has for me no matter what size or weight I tip the scales at! Thanks Dad for an amazing gift I can tell you it will be well used! I will post pictures of the Elliptical later, granted I will not post them of me using it!:D


greg.stacey.jonas said...

that is so great. good for you.

I love eliptical machines. super good workout.

Jules said...

I completely understand! This summer while visiting Jen.. it was my HS reunion time (not attending it for many reasons). I kept seeing people that were in town for it and I wouldn't even say hi. I was sick being 60 lbs heavier than when they saw me last. That's kind of all it took for me. It wasn't because of them.. it was because I didn't like me. I hadn't felt good in years .. inside or outside. It was the realization that I needed to take care of me.

I've been working since then using weight watchers and am down 35 lbs with more to go... with zero.. yes ZERO exercise. I bet if you exercise you will be even more successful! You can do it!

Jules said...

Anna! Wow, hearing that makes me homesick! Our friend started a dental practice there right before we left.. Anna Dental. That's where the kids had their last check up.

Erin Lafleur said...

Yeah, I had one of those moments the other day when I was watching with biggest loser. Seriously when you feel like you would be an ideal candidate for that show it is not at good thing. I am donating all candy to a classroom after the holidays and not letting anymore in my house and am going to work my butt off on the Wii fit.
You'll have to keep us updated with your progess.