Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mark the Moose

A few years back Sandra (my mom's best friend from college, and my name sake, yes I realize that my name isn't Sandra, but her middle name is also Dee, which is where mine comes from, and her Dads name is Dee) anyway she sent all the married couples with kids this little moose, when I got married and needed some decorations, Amy offered me this noisey guy, he has been loved at our house thus far as you can see, although he was dropped and I am not sure if he is working quite right anymore, this makes Leland sad, and I will have to investigate it more at a later date when I am not singing I'm mark the moose and i'm spreading christmas joy, over and over again in my head!


Jen said...

Alright, now that is cute! Brennon keeps making me watch it over and over again. Funny thing. He's in the same PJ's as Leland :)

Jules said...

That is so cute he loves it! I have a love/hate relationship with the Christmas Moose. My kids love him!