Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good News

Okay sorry to leave everyone hanging, this week has been a hard one for those of us Lamoreaux's in Texas, but we survived.... Gallbladder if fine as I suspected, it is possibly because i am fat:D YAY thats exciting, the doc also said i could have passed the stone, but there is no real way to tell, so he encouraged me to continue to try and eat healthy and start a work out program of some sorts, and see if the pain lets up, although he said he hasn't heard of someone my size having that kind of pain from being overweight. SO we move on to the OB and we have some good news on that front, although it does mean more waiting I have a healthy follicle... Now mind you I am not 100% sure what this means, but I didn't want to ask cause when I looked at the tech quizzically she said I had ovulated! YAY! And when I told Annie I had a healthy follicle, she was pretty dang excited so this must be good. I am mid- cycle, and although I probably won't shed my lining this time, the next time I should. So really all good news, our money stays in our pockets a little longer! WOOT WOOT!


Jen said...

EXCELLENT. . YAY!!!! I hope they're able to find the source of your pain though and then it will be YAY YAY! ;) Alright, I'm a dork, but we all knew that right? :D

Alison said...

Yay!!!!! :)

Jules said...

That is good news! BTW what if the pain was the body working on that follicle? :)

Also my daughter's ultrasound was negative for gallbladder stones. When they removed it, the pediatric surgeon said it was the most diseased one she'd seen.

Glad things are looking up in the follicle department. :)

Em said...

Yeah, SO glad!!! Hooray for healthy folicles!