Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuckered out

This last week has been a tough one. Mostly due to the loss of our dear Arlene. She was a most amazing women, and she will be sorely missed. She was the mom of my mom's best friend from college so we have known her for some time. She was a second mom to my mom and a kindred spirit to Amy. Arlene and Amy have been close since Amy was 14. My fondest memories of Arlene are when she would hide her favorite chocolates in their food room, hoping that no one would find them. And of course when Brian and I road tripped before we were even engaged to California we stopped in Bountiful to visit, she took him in the other room and interviewed him, made sure he was good enough, and tried to scare the socks off him... She was a wonderful friend to all and will surely be missed. I am like Amy glad to know about the plan of salvation and that we will get to see Arlene again!

Amy got to go to Utah to the funeral, and I am so thankful she trusted me enough with her kids to go:D I had a fairly uneventful week, but I did get a glimpse of what life holds for me and Amy when our almost twins are teenagers! They had been missing for ten minutes and I was starting to get nervous so I ran upstairs looking for them, couldn't find them, heard some splashing and ran back downstairs to the master bathroom and this is what I found!

they had filled the tub, put everything in it they could and then Eli grabbed soaking wet clothes out of the tub and would throw them at Leland who would then erupt in laughter and throw it back at Eli. The giggle fest was cut short by me yelling I am SO ticked! Both doe eyed boys looked at me like seriously, this is the most fun we have had all morning! Brian came in and started laughing, and so since no one was hurt I suppose I can see the situation in a different light. We got both boys changed out of their wet clothes and I cleaned up the bathroom.
Thankfully that was as exciting as the three days got. We did a lot of outside time and had a LOT of laughs and I found that I am much more productive with multiple children:D But maybe not 6! Amy got home safe and sound and those kids have been so glad to have their mom back! We sure are thankful to live so close to help out when we are needed.

I wish I had written down the quotes through the week... Although the other day I do remember taking Eli and Zeke to a pet store that has dogs, just so we could look at them and be out of the house. Zeke put his head up against the glass and one of the dogs came over and started licking his head through the glass. Zeke looked up at me and said... well lets get him out we got to take him home.. I was like uhmmm no, your mama is allergic. He was insistent and said well than we will send him with you. Uhmmm no uncle Brian would NOT be happy with me. So he got all upset and said "but Allie, he chose me, he needs to come home with us" it was pretty dang sweet, and I feel bad that we had to leave him!


Mike'n'Amy said...

Thanks, Al, for taking this crew on. I hope the haircut still looks cute dry...

Erin Lafleur said...

Your dear Arlene looks like such a blessed sweet woman. The gospel brings such amazing peace doesn't it?
Glad you were able to enjoy a week with extra kids. :) Sometimes it is nice to have another one around for the little one to play with.

Jen said...

Seeing that picture just brought me to tears. They are the most wonderful family! It saddens me to see her go. Like you said, it's so great to have a knowledge of the plan of salvation!

On another note, the bathroom scene had me rolling! Seriously, that is hilarious! I can just envision the throwing of the wet clothes and the sound they would make as the smacked against each other and then the giggles that would erupt. CLASSIC! That is video worthy!

Glad you survived and blessings to you for helping Amy out so she could attend the funeral.

Jules said...

You are so lucky to have had a strong woman like her in your life! We need more of them!

The bathtub picture is definitely one for the scrapbooks! I laughed out loud and miss those days. Savor, savor this time. :)