Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just For Mom:D

I talked to my mom today and she told me I didn't have enough pictures on here, well I have been saving them up on my camera, but I don't really know what to post them with so I will post a few anyway with some random stories that have nothing to do with the pictures:D

This right here is we got a new garbage can, that locks (because he was throwing everything away, and then pulling the things he wanted back out) so when he is determined to put something away he goes over to the garbage can grabs the lid and whines until I come over to help him. He is just too dang cute... You can see our hand mixer on the carpet in the back ground, that is because Leland likes to mimic his dad when his dad irons his shirt. He has tried to use the real iron, but I got it from him and gave him this substitute, which he is perfectly happy with:D

This is what Leland wore to church the other day, he was super happy to be at church and we met his nursery leader patsy, we couldn't stay for all of church because Brian had to get to work, and by the time I took him and dropped him off and came back there would only be about 20 minutes of church left. However Patsy did offer to give me a ride to church or home so that takes a burden off the shoulders, I hate asking for rides!

I LOVE it when he sits like this! it is so cute, I bet he has a kink in his neck though! He watches the shorts video from Pixar and loves each little skit:D Its very cute to watch, granted he only sits through the first two or three, then wanders around till another one catches his eye.

Today Leland figured out how to open doors, now normally this wouldn't be a big deal, you put some of the horrible child proof door knobs on and vola your problem is fixed... Not so much, you see Leland pulls on them when he wants to get into a room badly enough and off they pop... Mom suggested that I duct tape them on, which if it happens again, I may just try

Second first for today, Leland brought me his bowl for more chips, I told him they were all gone and to go play (He likes the sun chips salsa flavor... odd for a kid, but I digress) He wondered off while mumbling some form of language I am sure, and the next thing I heard was a clunk... he had put his empty bowl in the sink! How cute is that. Neither Brian or I have ever taught him that, and I am sure this is one place that we FAIL in the example part!


Manda Ramble said...

Yay! First comment :D Your son is so adorable! I love Leland, and you!

Jen said...

I love that you're posting all these cute pictures and stories. It's what blogging is all about! Way to capture the memories. Oh and the bowl in the sink is super adorable!