Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just some catch up!

We spent Memorial day at our home this year, and we even bought a little 15$ grill at Wal Mart. Thanks to my Father in Law Jim I learned that if you marinate the chicken in Italian Dressing then grill it and when its almost done put the BBQ sauce on it, the chicken is MUCH more Yummy! Apparently most everyone else already knows this, I must be behind on the marinating wagon! Anywho the Greens came over to eat with us, and Brian and I didn't realize we needed a connector for the grill to the gas so we ended up broiling the chicken. Dad Green (Jim) still put the grill together for us and he had a little helper along the way. Leland likes to be helpful, which I am hoping he will hold on to for a while at least!We had a great time chatting and cooking together and really enjoyed the day it was a nice day!
Lelands favorite part was getting the chips away from me... chicken.. Nope he likes the chips and Chicken Little the movie , just like his dad.

The rest of the evening we played with Trains, his newest Love. He finds them all at bed time and takes them into sleep with him! Its pretty dang cute if I do say so myself!

Thanks Amy for sharing with us! Leland loves to play and now usually carries some part of his trains with him around the house!


Momba said...

I want more!

Jen said...

I love his curls! Makes me miss my Brennon's curls!! Brennon LOVES trains as well, but I can't bring myself to fork out the money for the tracks, etc. ESPECIALLY the Thomas ones at the store. I may just have to get the no-name brand (like the kid can tell right?) for his b-day this year!