Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forgot to mention some of California:D

As I use this as my journal I forgot to mention the fun times to be had. We did the Zoo twice (I love the San Fran Zoo) there is something about it that is so wonderful, maybe its just that I am with family when I go. We went to the beach twice once was to meet up with my Uncle Bob and his family the first time, which is when we discovered that Leland hates sand... if you need proof... this is at the Zoo though not the beach, but it is the same reaction where ever we go with sand. I discovered that it may not just be sand but when the ground moves too much, because the gravel at the park in Ridgeway Colorado, also caught him off guard. We had a talent show on Sunday and Maddy's coin trick was probably my fave, she had us all close our eyes and then we heard ping, she had tossed the coin and it bounced off the tile and when she had us open our eyes she said Ta da... and dad stepped on the dime that had landed in front of him so it would be a good surprise still. She is a crack up. Eli's was also a fave when he sand "tell me the stories of Jesus" and ended it with tell me the stories of Eli... pretty dang cute kids if you ask me. We went for a drive up to castle rock, but didn't get out as there were too many other visitors and no parking for us. Although we stopped a little way down to let some of the kids out to stretch their legs.

We discovered while at the zoo that Preston makes a beautiful butterfly
and Eli makes an intimidating spider and Uncle Adam is a seriously good sport, here he is being the leaf man at the SF Zoo.

Leland has no fear of the animals

would make an awesome cowboy....

And that Leland missed his daddy a little too.Before the rest of the gang got to the house, Emma came down with her family and we hung out Maddy wanted to put on a puppet show and soon the whole gang was involved I don't know how thrilled she was about it though, take a look at her face....Poor Porter had the full tea kettle fall on his foot, he was a trooper through it all though.

And I am convinced that Mom had this sink put in just so she could keep bathing her grandbabies in the kitchen sink! It is a great bath tub even for Tank's bum!

We had a bounce house one day, and I never realized how fun those were, we had to spray it down with water because the blue parts of it would burn ya if you landed on them. I jumped with Eli and Leland and Maddy who told me where to go and what to do, sadly I didn't get any pictures of the bounce house but I am sure Annie did, she is an excellent picture taker. On that day we also did sno cones and that was super fun we had Tamera over for those. And of course there was swimming and laughing and bonding between the cousins and their parents. It was so great to get to see everyone and spend time with the family, we truly are blessed to have such a great one!

On a side note, Amy has this fabulous game of charades of types where everyone writes down three names and you fold them up and put them in a bowl, the first round you can say/ act out whatever you want, the second round is the one word round where you have to describe them in one word or less, and the third round is all actions. We had played this at her house over this last new years and we all have mom's beloved actions for Tiger Woods down (rwar) but this time around we had Mr. Bean and I seriously could not think of one word so I said Lentil, Amy and Mom just looked at me like I had just given them the worst clue ever, and I will admit it stunk, but Emma would have gotten it if she was on my team. This then lead to our discussion of Fiddler on the Roof because Amy was sure that there was a daughter named that, mom of course corrected her, and we all had a good laugh. Later that night I got a text from Annie and all it said was Lentil, its a good thing I can laugh at myself!


Maginot said...

so sad :-( we never got together to have our boys play and so we could catch up on life. hopefully next time you come you'll have more time.

Momba said...

I love mr. cool in the sink-tub! Also, my tea kettle has a permanent dent in it. Poor Porter! That must have hurt like the dickens!
Thanks for posting all the fun pictures of our reunion. It's fun to relive it again through pictures.