Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gene and Leland

Its not really just Gene Leland also LOVES his Aunty Quynh (did I spell that right) Leland preferred them over me, and I am not going to lie it was FABULOUS! Gene and Leland played outside after church on Sunday and it made me wish they were closer to us! Gene followed Leland around on a scooter, pushing the bike Leland couldn't yet pedal they played with wiffel balls, and Leland learned the phrase I got it. Sunday's at Mom's are so nice, we go to church then come home have an easy lunch and then get to play with the cousins. Majel is such a good helper, and she loves littler kids, she followed Leland around and wanted to be there helping whenever I had anything to do with Leland. Cienna and I made those bead things that you melt with an Iron.. I cannot believe how grown up she is. She amazes me! Ethan actually warmed up to me this time, the last time he wouldn't come close to me! Gene's kids are all so much fun we really did have a nice time playing together and hanging out. I am going to miss them tons and tons and I hope they write! I had to take my mom to the airport the following day as she was flying to Texas to help Amy on her road trip to California, which meant I got to see some great friends from high school (Christina and Laura) and then I headed up to Emma's house. Her little Preston is a DOLL! I could just hold that baby all day!


Lindsey said...

Glad you are back and had fun!!!!!

Jen said...

Such a FUN trip!! I love all the cute pictures!