Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ouray Colorado

We went and spent some time at my Uncle Jim's Cabin in Ouray Colorado, and that is some beautiful country. We did one short hike (which I was pretty sure would have killed me at that altitude but I managed it.) The hike itself was memorable as it was to Box Canon falls, The hike down to the falls wasn't that bad, it was fairly short and all down hill, until the way back, it had probably 6 flights of stairs, which winded me but it was really cool down there so I survived, then we decided to hike up to the top, so we could look down on where were just were. I should have known when I had to go up 6 or 7 MORE flights of stairs that this hike was not great for someone who didn't work out a whole lot. Brian Jr teased me the entire time, which made me even more thankful for my in laws Brian Sr and Cindy who seemed to be a little more aware that this was something that was hard for me to do. Anywho we made it to the top, with my face beet red, and enjoyed the view and my personal favorite the nice breeze that was blowing through the canyon. One of the days there we went to Silverado, and enjoyed a mine tour, which was nice and cool, and it was interesting to see how they mine hard rock, its different from coal mining, well not that i know anything about coal mining, but the tour guide did share some of the differences. It was pretty awesome and if I do say so myself Leland made one dang cute miner!
We went over to Telluride because they had a free gondola ride and we wanted to see what it would be life if The Hamiltons wanted to go back that way to ski sometime. It was a gorgeous ride, but I am not much for heights so Brian jr. again teased the whole time, and may have had his life threatened a few times. Leland loved it, he especially liked to be sitting on his own bum, we tried to get him to stand up so he could see better but it looks like he may have some of his mom in him as he refused to do so.

Brian Jr took advantage of some free rock climbing, I mean it wasn't very impressive seeing as it was for little kids but he did an excellent job climbing, the getting down was a little harder:D
Other than that we just hung out around the cabin, Brian Sr took Brian Jr fly fishing for one of the days, they had a guide and everything so it was a fun experience. Cindy and I shopped and enjoyed a "scrap" cookie from Chocolate Mouse Bakery (they take all their leftovers from truffles and candies and bake them into a cookie, we got one that had TONS of Carmel and it was DELICIOUS!) We enjoyed watching for Shelly the deer that came and laid off to the side of the patio and the breath taking views from around the cabin! It was super secluded and really really nice! We couldn't have had a better time!


Alison said...

Girl, I can't keep up with you! You've been all over the country. :) It looks beautiful there. I'm jealous!

Momba said...

Allie, you have the waterfall turned on it's side. See how the trees and shrubs are growing up to the left? Beautiful pics!

Jules said...

How amazing! I would love a vacation like this!