Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Lazy Days

Is this not the cutest thing you have seen all day... my heart literally jumps when I see this picture... I love the concentration!
Linus shirt I found at Target, its a 4t and he is oh going to be 2 in two weeks... its perfect because Brian and I have taken to calling him Linus:D

Ladies since Brian has started this new work schedule I have been less likely to be at home on his day off, and really he has been amazing. Within the last week or so he has really shown me a different side of himself. Which is amazing because these last few weeks have been Topsy turvey. We have had stress with school and some family stress, and the news which my sister Annie and I have long since suspected that I have PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrom) SO it has been a little overwhelming, but not bad since we have been able to see a silver lining and all the family stuff worked out!

Brian and I haven't really spent a whole lot of time together, I have been busy helping Hope move to Denton to start grad school and when I am not doing that he is at work. So tonight we decided to get some time together and so we stayed in tonight and watched the last of the Pirates movies (which didn't used to play on our old DVD player) and enjoyed a papa john's pizza, I only include the food because we ordered a large and we ATE THE WHOLE THING:D Also this is the pizza we were eating over 2 years ago when I decided to take the pregnancy test to see if I was just being overly emotional or in fact pregnant. And the same pizza which Brian began throwing up when I told him it was positive... poor guy, married at 20 and baby by 21 must have been stressful! It made me laugh and I almost said something to him tonight about the memory... but I remembered just how touchy his stomach is and because he ate most of the pizza I decided I had better not remind him of that just yet! Leland ate 4 crusts (he HATES cheese... so weird) and we enjoyed the movie... yes I let him watch bits and pieces of the movie... he more played with me more than watched. Anyway I had to blog this whole long story because we paused it half way through to do bed time (and Leland has all the sudden decided that he does not need naps... uhmmm that's really not going to work for me but I digress) so at 7 we had prayers and I sang his two songs and I blew him kisses and he stood up and started whacking me I said nope we don't hit we hug, I know you are frustrated but you need to get some sleep because tomorrow we get to see Eli and Aunt Amy, he then pulled me in real tight... and then giggled, laid down and closed his eyes... I think someone has been missing his buddy Eli! So I am thankful the flu has passed from their house so we can go and play!

Brian has been super supportive of me, even when I made some pretty stupid mistakes, and lost control of myself. He reminded me how grateful I am to have a man who holds the priesthood. Which made me forever grateful to my sister Amy and her family for being the example I refused to be. Sorry this post really has no flow but all these things are in my head, and I am just trying to get them written down before I forget them or lose site of them.

And over the last few days I have become aware that things could be so much worse than what I have happening in my life. A friend who I have never actually met (I found her through blogs and Jen:D) faces some hard medical tests and her friend faces some even harder facts with grace that I would not be able to muster I am sure if I were in her position. Jules wrote her words and linked over to her friends page from her blog but I will include the link for her blog as well entitled Bucket list. These two women are amazing to me. I am glad to have stumbled across Jules and from there to have been introduced to Allie's blog. I hope that neither of them mind me sharing their blogs, and I hope that if you do read their blogs you will offer a prayer on their behalf, be forewarned that they are crying blogs, I sat and blubbered my way through them.

Other than that nothing else is really new with us. Leland is growing by leaps and bounds, I can't believe how different he looks from just a few months ago... I was going to try posting side by side here, but it won't let me perhaps another day....


Jules said...

The pictures of Leland are sooo stinkin' cute! What a sweetheart!

Allie, you seriously are too kind. I am seriously not amazing. Just a big baby worried that my situation will be Allie's reality. She is the inspiring one.

BTW PCOS is definitely one of the better conditions to have. BCP, Glucophage and Clomid usually work really well.

Erin Lafleur said...

So much to think about...I can tell you have a lot on your mind. I am glad in and amidst it all you are feeling blessed, for you truly are and if you ever don't feel that way just look into that little boys eyes and you will know it. *HUGS*