Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holy Crow

So I am overly emotional right, and thats due to my crazy hormones that have decided they are done being normally abnormal... but it seems to make everything ten times harder. So I had an okay day, I mean I was stuck at home and in an effort to reduce our electric bill I turned the air up so before it kicks in it gets to 78 degrees which may not sound hot but people I am not a skinny mini! SO this afternoon I decided it was over due to get in the kitchen and do the dishes, as I was getting it done, I managed to clog the sink with a box of cooked mac and cheese that never got eaten... I decided I would wait until Leland went down tonight to get it taken care of which is a BAD idea when you live on the first floor of an apartment. I noticed the water going up and was a little nervous but ignored it thinkin it was my imagination... Then when I went to drain the water out of the U pipe I noticed that the sinks were almost full so in a panic I got as many bins under the sink as I could and just started loosening the joints and then I heard it... my upstairs neighbor turned on their garbage disposal... and the sink started bubbling.... and then overflowing a little bit, and ya know what... I threw down some towels and ran up stairs in my PJ'S and asked them to PLEASE stop using their sink while I get mine taken care of... she seemed to understand but then she wanted to chat about it... REALLY! I have a huge mess at home! I need to get home and clean it.... So its been a heck of a night.... just thought I would share!

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Rhia Jean said...

this one time i had to go upstairs to ask if they were doing anything in the bathroom cause there was a leak in my bathroom and they just stared at me like i was nuts. really? i'm nuts? right.