Sunday, December 6, 2009

Guilty as charged

I have been struggling to maintain my sanity these last few days. And with help from my wonderful in laws and my amazing sister I have managed to NOT lose it. However it still may happen and at which point I may not be able to recover;)
Brian had surgery this last Friday, and it was nerve racking for both of us, we teased back and forth about how smart it was of me to raise his life insurance this last month to 3 years worth of his salary. But when all was said and done, he is pretty priceless to me. They gave him a Valium once they called him back and he became super happy. Except when they did the IV she was an amazing stick, got it without having to try again and super quick! Brian begs to differ but I was watching so I know:D I sat out in the waiting room while he went under the knife and got to finish the last book of The Lord of the Rings series I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The Doc came out and told me he was glad we went ahead with the surgery as his septum was SERIOUSLY crooked, I wish I could show you all how big his eyes got when he said that, but I digress, apparently the bone spur was what was causing the nose bleeds and the closed off sinus' was what was causing the mucus build up. So to get all of that fixed Brian should see a vast improvement. I only really started to get nervous a hour after that, since the Doc had come out at 9 to tell me all went well and that I should get to see him in about 30 minutes which turned into almost 2 hours. So I was ready to see him when they finally called me back. They told me turn left and left, so what did I do... turn right and go the the nurses station.... yeah I don't like NOT knowing what I am doing, so one of the nurses pointed me in the right direction and just told me to go find him. So in I went to a room filled with curtained off recovery spaces to find Brian. I passed two or three "rooms" when I found one that was sort of open, so I looked and it was some SUPER HAPPY guy... he smiled at me and asked if I was lost... I was sort of but I knew Brian had to be in there somewhere, and this guy wasn't going to be able to help me he had just had his ACL fixed or something like that. So I smiled and said just trying to find my recovering guy who happened to be right next to him, but he had and ice pack on his eyes so all I could see was his goatee.... I am glad I found the right guy though. He seemed to know I was there the minute I walked in and held out his hand. I find that he is a LOT more lovey dovey (like serious lovey dovey not his normal mocking crap) when he is on pain killers..... but anyway that was when I noticed that his feet were crossed... you can't really tell but they are and it made me smile cause Leland if sitting down ALWAYS has his feet crossed. I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.....

Anyway I found out that Leland had a fever and I wasn't supposed to expose my husband to anyone with a fever and so I flipped out for a bit and called Amy who was happy to take him even though she would risk her 5 boys getting sick. But luckily my lovely in laws kept him, not only did they keep him for all of Friday but also all of Saturday and into Sunday morning so I could get rest when Brian rested. I think they may have been a little bit sad to see him go home with us tonight. I however was so GLAD to have my bebob back. He changed so much in just those few days I couldn't stop looking at him. He is however totally irritated that his dad can't pick him up, he is pretty fond of his Dad and loves to spend time chilling with him.

Anywho I am extremely grateful to know that I have such wonderful family so close to help and listen when I feel like I am losing it completely. This week is going to be a rough go. But hopefully we will close on our house Monday or Tuesday and move by this weekend. Course we may try to move the weekend before Christmas if I can't get it all together!


Kelly Moore said...

Wow, Allie, you are pretty brave, and it sounds like you are keeping it together pretty well, but I am still sending happy energy your way... (or as Hudson would say "blowing you a rainbow"... what are they teaching him at this preschool???)

Keep smiling and Happy Holidays! :)

Lindsey Phillips said...

Let me know if you need anything!!!!! Love Ya!