Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just some thoughts

We are still waiting to close on our house. Its been a super stressful week for me, and yet I know that the Lord is watching out for me. I know this because both my husband and child are still with us, and I love them to pieces. But I feel like I haven't updated in a LONG time so here goes.

Brian's surgery was a success! YAY! We didn't waste money. He still claims that his nose gets clogged up, but he is sleeping so much better, I know because he usually wakes me up when he doesn't (or maybe I am just so tired that I am not waking up.) Its still tender and healing but we are well on the way to recovery. He got an amazing blessing from my brother in law Mike, and again I am so thankful to be close to family. Its just not the same without them:D
Leland is doing great. He is so so handsome and for the first time the other day I realized he got my eyes not his dads his eyes are clearly green in this pic... whereas we thought they were blue looks like the Hazel gene won! He has been freaking out at night. I am still up because of it. It freaks me out to wake up to him screaming. I usually go in and sit and sing when it happens (cause they all say to let him stay in bed) but lately he is so shaken up I pick him up and just rock him and tell him I am here. I think the stress is affecting him but I am not sure we have had some major behavioral issues lately as well. So I think that is the safest guess. That and things are slowly getting packed up and I think that kids can sense when things are going to change and since most kids need a routine it freaks them out. 2 things I want to make sure I note are how much he loves looking at lights. We drove around for family night last night and he will yell from the back seat MAMA and then his gibberish. Its pretty dang darling! and 2 is that he has learned that Hi is a great greeting... and that it is also a "good" way to get out of trouble. It started when he had stripped in his crib, jammies diaper everything came off I walked in to get him and he knew I was ticked when he saw my face so he tilted his head and said HI I am glad to report that I am getting better at NOT giving into his darling Hi but it will be a while before I can ignore it.

Me well I am surviving.... like I said the house hasn't closed yet, its not for lack of funding the money is sitting at the title company its the fact that the title company didn't send all the documents and the bank (its a foreclosure) won't sign the papers without having everything in front of them. Tonight ended their 72 hours..... so hopefully it will close out tomorrow and we can start painting and getting things taken care of. Its super stressful to me as its hard for me to motivate when there is a possibility that this house is going to take longer than I am prepared for. Luckily we have lots of helpers so hopefully we will be able to get it done and move and it will all go smoothly. The house is still a disaster but we will make it I think. I have lots of help coming soon so that is good. I keep telling myself that.
I am increasingly thankful for the tender reminders that my first priority is my family, and I am grateful to have them... we got lucky with Leland and our fertility saga continues. SO we will put it in the Lords hands and hope there is another one for us some time. Its been an interesting process... I have been tested that is for sure. I am sure it also doesn't help to be pumped full of hormones while we are trying to move... eh survival is the key! Keep us in your prayers!

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