Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow plops and flakes

We had snow here in Texas... not our light dusting but full on snow... I woke up and my world was blanketed in snow... Poor Brian had to work in it... which wouldn't be so bad if he had a job where he was inside! But nope he works outside supervising the gas station... I got pictures in the wee hours of the morning looking at a white Costco parking lot! I was so excited because usually when it snows in Texas its just a light dusting and it is gone later in the day. But this time it SNOWED all day... I know nothing like what the East coasters are having or the Midwest but still its fun for us once in a while to get snow.
Leland is NOT a fan of walking in the snow... he just isn't a fan of walking in anything that moves under his feet really so Brian and I forced him too... I know we are GREAT parents. I held his hand at least.... (and yes I am aware of how bad I look in that picture... apparently Brian missed the how not to take a horribly unflattering photo of your wife class) This was the beginning of our snow plop... which is what we called it because it looked nothing like a snowman by the time we were done.... We couldn't get the middle to firm up enough to hold together so it kept falling apart!
This is Leland not being very impressed with it:D
He was gathering snow to try and help us make it stand a little firmer....

This is the first picture we took out in the snow... I am a super awesome mom because I didn't realize that the red dots all over Leland's face were a staph infection... we got it all under control now but it was stressful for a bit!

Overall I am going to say he loved it... this was his face almost the whole time... Darling!

Dad was even a good sport and came out to play... I had let him nap right after work and went to wake him up to come out and play but he wouldn't so I may have thrown some snowballs at our bedroom wall to help him get up:D It worked... he came out and was happy to play for a bit! I know that looks like he is going to chuck it at Leland but he threw it at me and because I was taking pictures he actually hit me....
You can tell in this picture that it has the follow through to come my way! At least there weren't any rocks in it!!

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Jen said...

HA HA HA!! The last picture cracked me up! It's too funny that you all had snow there and we were dry here.