Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Because Amy loves Leland and me she put our names on her Zoo membership so that we could come and enjoy the zoo free:D We usually go with Amy to the Zoo and we usually have a BLAST. Lately we have been taking Camden ( the one with the pigtails) along for the ride. Leland absolutely adores being out with his Amy and Eli... and he even seems to be warming up to Camden! Well anywho here are some pictures...

These are just some of the metal statues that they have around the zoo... we have yet to enter the children's zoo without stopping for the 3 yahoos to climb up...

This is Patrick... the silver back... the incredibly thoughtful silver back... yes he may be on the other side of the glass but when you get close enough to him to realize how BIG he is you kind of panic when he shifts his weight. A few times ago when they had the girl gorillas on this side of the exhibit they would run up to the windows and pound on them... we thought it was because of all the school kids that were tapping on the glass (which I don't think you are supposed to do) but this time around we were told by someone in their research center that they like the reaction we give when they do it... they think they are playing with us and not to be afraid... right I don't know if you have ever seen a 200-300 pound animal run at a window and start pounding but its scary! I put my hand up on the glass to see if he would look at it but pulled it away when he started to move. He held his hand out like he was examining it... or showing me what his looked like. It was a pretty neat experience... one that Amy and I enjoyed although the kids were ready do be done!
Amy went ahead and upgraded her membership so we could get unlimited carousel rides and monorail rides... its a pretty sweet deal and this last time we rode twice (which normally costs $12 dollars) for free... and the monorail for free... yes I know she paid when she upgraded but our next trip to the zoo should be pretty fun as it really will be for free... as we made sure it paid for itself last visit!
The three of them at the entrance to the children's zoo... every time we go they seem to get on the same ones so as not to mess up the order it works well as Camden is the oldest and Leland is the youngest!
Brian Leland and I got this cool new wagon from the Hamilton's for Christmas... and the three of them love it... which is only a probably because the 3 of them can't all fit at the same time. I love that it has cup holders... Yes I am a HUGE fan of cup holders!
More posing on metal statues... some of the kids were worried that they might be real... we assured them that they weren't and they seemed ok with them then but still nervous.
I think going to the Zoo is something our mom instilled in us as a blast because we love going. I miss the San Francisco Zoo though mainly because I really love the lemurs and they have tons of them while the Dallas Zoo only has like 4 or 5. Although we are getting a safari part of the zoo soon and they are going to have a lot more animals then... a whole pride of lions (which I asked about it and turns out to be some lion cubs... but I guess once its more than 3 you can call it a pride) So Mom you had better come visit once it opens so we can see if its any good!
Another fun fact... the elephants at the zoo are named Jenni and Gypsy. Amy and I like them because Jenni is Amy's age and Gypsy is mine... and every time we tell the kiddos that... its sort of amusing. While I think Amy's favorite are the turtles I think I like the otters the best or the Tiger.... or the tiny little monkeys... Ok I love them all:D

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Jen said...

Love the last pic of Amy! She looks thrilled :D You are awesome! You've done tons of posts! I need to follow your example and get my posts caught up! I love all these pictures.