Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some things

I just don't want to forget are how cute it is that every time I fold my arms Leland does to and he waits for me to pray.... we pray over a lot of things now including snack... its also darling when you start to pray and he starts mumbling the words along with you. He says AMY for AMEN... and whenever he sees Amy pull into our driveway the excitement is hard to be contained. Its fun to watch him with her. He also adores Mike which makes me laugh because I don't know how Mike feels about him.... but its cute to watch.
Some of the phrases he has now: I love you, I want chips, I want ki ki (candy...derived from Kit Kats) I want a binkie (he only gets them when he is in his crib) and I want my blankie or Ba..... Its hot and my favorite... I wanna tuby... ok its dang cute when he says I love you too.
He has a lot more but those are just some of my faves. He really is starting to talk a lot... won't be long till I can't get him to sit quietly.

Leland loves to be outside... and Saturday he decided it looked warm enough to go out and let himself out the back door. I must not have locked it but he has never taken the wood out to open it before (it wedges in really well) so that was a little amusing till I saw him covered in muck... wish I had thought to take a picture... I think he was happy to get in a bath to warm up after that little outing.

Leland also likes to tell people where their eyes are by sticking his finger in them while he tells you what they are. He knows nose and we are working on mouth and ears. I have been told he does both of those last two but I have never seen them so I don't know for sure if its true.... but its a pretty credible source so I will take their words for it!

Today we had Eli over for a play date in the morning... and Leland dumped out two smallish things of Sunny D on my carpet... I of course yelled... a lot and swatted his bum twice... this is not a new thing for him... he does it all the time.... and its getting really really old... so today I kind of decided (which really stands for I was so mad.....) that it was time to drive it home... this IS NOT something we do in our household (mainly because I am worried he will do it at someone elses house) anyway after I got done telling Leland rather loudly that we don't dump out our drinks... Eli spoke up real quietly from behind and said "I love you Allie?" I am sure he thought he was in trouble too... poor kid. But it made me laugh so hard I forgot I was angry... and we played some more. (Leland was headed for his crib)

We had Kinsington... (did I spell that right Lauren?) over yesterday to play with us and Leland was pretty fascinated by her. He thinks she is pretty awesome... and he loved all the gear she came with:D

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Jen said...

I love when Brennon folds his arms for prayer as well. It's gotta be the cutest thing! Sheesh, I so need to write these things down as well! You're doing awesome documenting this all!