Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best Day Of April

April 30th started out like any other day, I was hugely annoyed at Brian and I had a headache:D But I was annoyed at Brian because like a dope he had told me he had a surprise for me. I do NOT like surprises I do NOT like to be out of the loop, so naturally the night before when I looked at our call logs online, since Brian deleted his, I noticed that I was truly out of the loop, Brian had been calling Amy. Now this wouldn't have bothered me, if he had not told me he had screwed up.. you see I was going to a CAKE concert that night... WOOT! So of course my day was going to start out rough:D A few weeks back Brian and I had talked about how we needed to do things together even if the other one didn't enjoy it as much i.e. play chess (that's one I would hate:D) or the Dallas museum of Art (that is one Brian would hate:D) so that we could learn and grow as a couple... So Brian and Amy had concocted something and hadn't filled me in.... rude. So we took Leland up to Amy's and dropped him off, and headed off on my surprise. We got lost, something we do well in down town, and I finally told him, you are going to have to tell me where we are going if you want my help.... so he decided to give in and told me we were going to the DMA! YAY for me! I love to look at art! And they have the coolest exhibit right now on King Tut! So we found it once we both knew where we were going, and were robbed at the parking garage... $15 to park my friends! Holy COW. Anyway, we got in, went and watched our 3D movie on the exhibit (which is where Brian is SURE he picked up the double pink eye, since they just wiped the glasses down with Lysol wipes so they could be more Eco friendly...ewww) anyway.. The movie was highly informative and the exhibit was put together nicely. It is insane how ornately they did things! But it was fun to learn new things! Thanks AMY and BRIAN for my totally fabulous birthday present. (Amy has already assured me that Brian will still be doing something on the actual day, since I hate it when it doesn't even get acknowledged! oh and that is huge for big B as he normally just lets it slide:D) So the morning/afternoon was fabulous! We had fun with the King Tut and I had a blast trying to explain to Brian why I like Jackson Pollock..Lavender Mist is the image below, not the one the DMA has but still..

I tried to explain that it was really his life that fascinated me, but I don't know that he even understood that, why would I like his paintings if it was his life that fascinated me I am sure Brian was wondering. Well Jackson Pollock was Pretty messed up, and so this form of painting the dripping it on the canvas probably was soothing and I am sure he had no intentions of becoming a famous Artist, however I have never done much research on him.. I suppose I should start...

Anywho so after walking the Museum and having a lovely lunch out, I was dropped off at my friends house Amanda and Amber because we were going to Cake. Cake is a band for those of you that don't know who I am talking about, and I must say that most of Dallas has no clue who Cake is (although the concert was packed!) It was fabulous! And since this was my first concert besides Warped Tour I was going to buy a shirt but Amanda bought one for me as a birthday present! Thanks Manda! Anyway I had a blast and the whole day was fabulous! I am still recovering from the day however as my throat is still pretty sore and my tootsies are dang sore!

See... I am really excited about my t shirt:D


Alison said...

Who are these people in Dallas that don't know who Cake is? Cause everyone I grew up with here in Dallas knew and loved Cake. They were played at church dances of all places. I think you've just run into a bunch of musically-stunted individuals. Glad you had fun! I heart concerts. :)

Manda Ramble said...

Haha, you are so cute! I'm glad you had a good non-birthday birthday! Cake was awesome and I had massive amounts of fun. Loves!

Kelly Moore said...

I envy you. ;) I love Cake! But it sounds like you had a blast... out here in Havre there aren't concerts... or museums... oh wait there is a museum, it's got a buffalo skelton. :) I miss civilization!