Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where'd it go?

So last night we went to play at Hopes for a while! It was a blast and we enjoyed hanging out. Leland went to sleep around 8 which is late for him but it was an easy process that way! I have a port a crib at Hopes which makes life really convenient. Anywho when it came time to go, Hope went and got him up and I folded up the crib, by the time I was done he was a little fit to be tied, long story short Hope helped us out to the car, and I strapped him into his seat, at which point I handed him a bottle, knowing that when he is tired he will forget he has a binky in and get REALLY frustrated when he isn't getting any milk I pulled the binky out right after I handed him the milk, but he didn't seem to register it and grabbed at the invisible binky two or three times before he seemed to realize it was missing. Poor little tired baby!

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