Sunday, January 3, 2010

Learning by Example

So I just have to post this because I think its darling. And it proves a very valid point that you never put too much thought to (well I never did) till this happened. I was getting Leland ready for a bath (he was having an allergic reaction to a puppy) and Brian came in to use the facilities. I had just striped the kid down to his birthday suit and was dosing him with Benedryl when I went to go get a towel while the bath was running. I came back to this.

Leland was just trying to be like his Daddy after observing him for a few moments. It made me smile and then wonder what else I needed to do differently with such little honest eyes watching!
I will post more about Christmas and New Years and the house in a bit, I still need to gather all the pictures as we had misplaced our camera in the mess.....

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Erin Lafleur said...

Love this photo!Leland will probably hate it when he gets older but oh well. Its so true you have to be careful when little eyes are watching. They are such little sponges and there is no way to put on a filter so they only pick up the good stuff. Good luck!