Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Oh yes it needs to be in all CAPS! It was a blast! Thank you so very much Amber and Amanda for planning such a wonderful birthday surprise for me... and for knowing me well enough to give me a little warning even if it seemed lame at the time. It really helped my anxiety I was sure everyone was talking behind my back!

My faves of this trip were
one being on the Beach... You know how much I miss it! It was so wonderful to be back and feel a little connection to home... even if the scary homeless guy did ask me for Coke... and clarified that he wanted Coca Cola when I looked at him like he was a nut job.
Second.. The long wait at Rain Forrest Cafe... that allowed us to watch all the girls trying to dress up way too old for their age for prom... and of course the Icees YUM and of course all the pictures!
third... almost dying by seagulls and spotting dolphins... ok we didn't really almost die but it was a close call! And of course me swearing that if we saw any dolphins I would be quiet so as not to draw attention to ourselves so we could enjoy them all by ourselves... then of course when I saw one totally freaking out and swating at Amanda to turn around she was missing it!
fourth... our late night talks in the hot tub. Its so nice to know you aren't alone on certain things. And to break the rules a bit. We certainly checked into the right hotel... and the front desk guy was great to tell us hey the pool isn't open but keep it down... SO FUN
fifth the drive down... I mean who wouldn't enjoy that. Lots of time to talk.. Jam out to songs we would all like to admit we don't know... and of course Buck-ees.
sixth... Souvenir shopping.... nuff said!
Seventh... the whole trip rocked! Thanks so much! Words cannot express how wonderful it was for me to take a little break for me, and to have such good company was wonderful! Thanks Ladies! I can't wait to see the pictures!

This is the only picture I have that relates~ this is the souvenir I brought home for Leland. Its a 6T... can't tell can you... yeah he isn't even 3 yet.... YIPES!


Binkzerella said...

Oh yes... it was tons of fun! I miss it already. I think we're going to upload the pics this weekend when we got to mom's. We'll post on FB so you can steal em all!

Jen said...

LOL! I bought Brennon a 5T shirt a few days ago at Target and it barely fits. It was supposed to be for summer. *Sigh* We both have tanks!

Manda Ramble said...

I just read this again and realized I never commented, because I am lame. I loved the trip too! We need to have an entire photo album from that trip : D