Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Its always fun when Grandma and Grandpa Come!

My Parents came in April! I LOVE it when they come. It is always so fun. Gramps made sure his laptop had lots of fun cartoons for the boys to enjoy! They often swarmed him when he brought it down even if he needed to get some work done :D
We went to the movies and saw How to Tame Your Dragon with all the kids, I LOVED that and then we also did Gatti Town, they have a train that goes around the parking lot and we rode it with the two littlest a least a million times.

They loved it! The best part since I hurt my back was the trampoline getting put together. YAY! It has been so much fun! Its starting to get real warm here so this last week we have used it less but believe me we usually jump once or twice a day! Its pure joy for Leland! I absolutely love spending time with lots of my family! Thanks so much for coming out mom and dad! I love you to bits!
Z and I barely workin :D

Leland loved getting some one on one time with his Gramps while I visited with my Mom and Brian they watched Monsters Inc on his Iphone...
We also did a girls night out, where Amy and Mom surprised me with an early birthday celebration. There was so much laughter shared and a lot of delicious desserts shared. I am so glad to know you ladies! We need to do that again! This time in June when Emma comes. That will be a good time! I loved laughing so hard I cried multiple times! Amazing! Thanks to Amy and Hope for orchestrating it and Mom for paying for the treats! Loves to all!

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