Monday, May 19, 2008

Great America

Great America is an amusement park out here in California, located in Santa Clara, we went with Gene and Quynh and their three kids Cienna Majel and Ethan,Que Quynh's mom, and Gram and Pops it was a warm day but we had a blast. Gene didn't put sunscreen on and you will see why that is bad when you see his picture:) But Gram, Quyhn and Que took the 3 littlest ones to kiddie land, and Gene Pops Brian and me along with the tallest of the kids Cienna, went off to conquer the bigger coasters! We went on the Vortex, not as fun as I remember:) although it was still fun because Cienna screamed at take off and the lurch to get us back into the loading place. Then we road the Demon, we did this one twice because Cienna thought it was pretty cool! Poor Pops had a black out though on it so we only did it twice.... Then we did Invertigo, I screamed pretty much the whole way and felt pretty dumb cause Gene was facing me cracking up that I was screaming... thankfully he had me to make fun of instead of poor Cienna, I think it scared her more but I could be wrong... She screamed louder. With good reason, this coaster pulls you up to the top and then drops you through a whole bunch of different twists and turns and upside downs up to the other side, and then it drops you back through! Those of you that went to this park back in the day it is a much better version of the Wave. We also did the survivor ride, which was pretty relaxing and it created a nice breeze... Poor Pops gave me his hat, I tend to turn purple when I get to hot, I have since I was a baby, Gram said they used to bring me to her from nursery and say uhmm she is turning purple... Poor Gram always had to have me with her:) Anyway poor Pops bald spot got a sunburn because he gave up his hat to shade his color changing daughter, I have to admit it helped! THANKS POPS! Overall we had a great day! Our last ride was the log ride.... Brian Cienna Que and me all rode in one, Que was scared so she got in the back, and I told her I wouldn't duck... but I did and she got pretty wet... I felt slightly bad... but she seemed all right with it! I only took a picture of Gene and Leland at the park but Quynh actually took him on a ride and got some pictures so I will have to get those from her and add them to the post! We had a blast! Thanks Gene and Quynh!


Jen said...

Oh I LOVE Great America!! I wish we had one close to us. I wish we had anything of that nature close to us. Lagoon just doesn't quit cut it!

Adam and Ann Watkins said...

I LOVE IT TOO!!!! You are mean to duck and get Que all wet. Mean, mean, mean, =)