Thursday, May 15, 2008

Zoo, Zoo, Zoo how about you you you:)

We got a late start today:) Due to my ignorance and stalling on taking care of myself I had to go to urgent care, luckily it was just a bladder infection. But that meant we got a late start to the Zoo... We didn't leave until about 1:30, but the beautiful thing about that was that when we got there we watched the last school group leaving! So we had a Zoo with only like 50 people in it to roam! We had a blast! We started in the African part of it all, and found this bird sunning its wings, it looks awfully painful!
Then we found the giraffe who looked as mom called it a teenager, we took the photo op as a family:) He was having fun riding in the strollerHere is the gorilla that was ignoring us until we got our chips out for a snack then he came over to check us out
And this is the baby giraffe... So cute!we then crossed paths with a peacock who Brian scared and it scared Mom and me with the noise it made....
we watched the penguins being fed, he loved that, he tracked them all over the place! That was fun!
Then we headed to see the baby Tigers. They were so precious! There was one laying right up against the window! How fun to be close! The Mama tiger let them bug her by crawling all over her and she just laid there. Two were particularly playful!

He loves things that are small and furry and I think if he could have he would have squeezed them! But thankfully there was glass involved:) SO no tiger attacks today! He got to ride on dad shoulders which in general made him a happy little camper.

and around 4pm we went and watched the giraffes get some foods, here is the evidence.

Then as is customary, we got him a sucker, he was a sticky little guy when we got home.

and like all the other kids on the other trips, he followed suit and fell asleep, although dad wouldn't let him hold his own sucker:)


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Jen said...

SO FUN!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time! Once again, I'm jealous!! Have fun in Cali! :)

Adam and Ann Watkins said...

So jealous!