Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cute Toot

So today I went grocery shopping with Amy, and on the fun side I got lots of fun things:) She made me a mothers day present.... Which I love! I will have to figure out a good way to display it!
and she got me my birthday presents and they came early (while I was there) so I got to open them early! She said the 3rd is on the way! So I am just thrilled! She is too good to me! They are really fun to read out loud! Em do you want me to bring them to read to your kids:) Hee hee get your own:) Just kidding, I think hope wants to borrow them! Anywho they are super fun!
As an added plus Brian let me extend my vacation out to Cali by almost a full week, and mom and dad agreed to have me infringing on their home! I am so excited! Thanks to everyone!


Mike'n'Amy said...

Happy happy mother's day, Allie dear.
Sleepless nights will come to you all year.
Poop and pee and puke is what you'll see
No matter what I wish to the contrary.


Ann said...

HA! How long is your stay now? I'm way jealous!!! Love you, Annie

embly said...

I'm glad Amy's gifts are early as my gift will be late. =) Know that it is here waiting for you! You have to come to Turlock to claim it! =)

Jen said...

How fun Allie. Is that top picture a tile board/card or what? It's adorable! Once again, I'm amazed at all Amy accomplishes, she's simply incredible!!! Have a lot of fun in Cali and tell everyone hi for me. I'm super jealous of you :)

BTW- I totally honestly do not remembering doing the bugger thing to your friend. How gross!! I'm a weirdo!!

embly said...

I want to read more from yoU!

Hey did you help Amy pick out my picture for my board?? Hilarious!