Saturday, May 10, 2008

Long Night

We are in for a long night, I just got Leland down to sleep again after he puked up 8 ozs of milk... i of course bathed him and changed his crib, but it looks like Mom won't get a whole lot of sleep, we don't have a monitor so it makes me nervous to go to bed with him out here and me back in the bed room, so i will likely have a long sleepless night, checking on him every so often, and I still have to figure out what plug to plug the humidifier in so that it will work! UGH!


Lindsey said...

I so wish I lived closer to help you out my friend. Well, I will pray for sleep for youe household! Does that help?

embly said...

Ah Man, I know what you mean! I'll be praying for you!

But possibly a silver lining, can't Robert get up with Leland? hee hee, j/k.

I'm thinking of you as we're in for a similar Mother's day. We'll celebrate your b-day when you come out! LOVE YOU!

Mike'n'Amy said...

Hey, was he gagging on the goobers? If so, try that triaminic. It seriously helped Lij. Only threw up that one time when we hadn't given him any.

How did your night go? Do you need help today? We already have the cold, so I would be really happy to help with Lee for a bit so you can get some rest or just enjoy the day a bit.

Let me know!

Jen said...

So sorry to hear your little one is sick. I hope your hubby and Amy can help you out so you can rest a bit. I hope Leland gets better soon. Happy Mother's Day :)

Adam and Ann Watkins said...

I want a new post. NEW POST! I love tank!!!! and you too!!!! Thanks for talking to me tonight!