Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am now a firm believer in dates! We went out yesterday and had a great time! Thanks to Amy who was so willing to take Leland in. We had originally planned to go to a movie but decided on lunch instead because we had a bunch to talk about, and some big decisions to make about our current situation:) So we headed to Pei Wei. Now we don't go out much but I think both of us had forgotten how expensive it is to eat for two and not share, and since I like sweet and Brian likes spicy our meal ended up somewhere in the 20$ range! YIKES! But it turned out OK because Brian's food came out like 10 minutes before mine and so they gave us a gift card for $10 dollars. So now we can have a cheaper date night and eat at a place we enjoy. Anyway we got back from that and Amy apparently thought that we didn't spend enough time together so she sent us off again to see a movie, this activity was free, as we still have some gift cards from last Christmas. So that was fun! We saw the Mummy and I was irritated that it wasn't the same girl until I found out why (she apparently did want to be known as the wife of the mummy guy) so she opted out, so I didn't care much after that. But it was funny because we were supposed to get out early enough to go and get the kids from school and our movie went longer than we thought it would and so they had to walk home. So the first thing Michael says to me is is Allie its okay you didn't make it to pick us up. Don't worry. Thanks for the reassurance! I have some pretty awesome little nephews!


Em said...

Duh! =) if the dates dwindle the marriage dwindles and quickly. be sure you take time to do that! Zack and I have gone to Wendy's before for dinner to save some $$ but still get out together. Lately all our dates have been consumed with house hunting, which is not the same as a date I am finding, but it is nice to get out with just him.

Keep it up!

Ann said...

Dates are awesome - especially after marriage. =) Anyway...I concur with Em....keep it up! Lately our date nights have been watching movies at our house to save some dough, but we still date. Loves!